Saturday, May 24, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Heavenly Beam Explained?

Secret Sun reader Michael turned me onto this amazing concept- does the Heavenly Beam we've looked at actually represent a neutrino beam? Wired is on the case.
If you were a hyper advanced alien civilization, rather then mucking about with noisy electromagnetic waves, perhaps you would try to make contact with other intelligent life forms by sending your messages via neutrinos.

First detected in 1953, neutrinos pass easily through most matter making it possible for your signal to pass through the Milky Way without being blocked by stars and interstellar dust. They are also not subject to the "noise" of optical and radio waves traveling alongside them through space.

How frickin' cool would it be if the ancient astronauts were actually some weird insterstellar beam blasting our brains with cosmic super-intelligence? Screenwriters, get cracking!


  1. I wonder if the Tower of Babel/Etemenanki was a Neutrino telecommunications array used to talk directly to the "gods" in ancient times.

    The Freedom Tower might just be a way to get back into contact with our "heavenly creators".

  2. I think it's more they have tech / lifestyles where they don't make things difficult for themselves.

    'The Fall' being a split from the wholeness of being - so instead of having access to the body and soul, you only have body and the other part of reality doesn't seem to be there.

    If you stayed whole, but saw part of reality become what much of this is, you'd know that you would have to remain apart from it - or you'd fall in and forget everything too. Or, you might remember, but you wouldn't be able to do anything with it (except write fiction, or refer to it in some kind of fictional or alternative-academic manner).
    So, this is alien to them, in the sense that they're free and if you're in here then you aren't free (unless you sell your soul, in which case you'll be even less free, certainly in the long term).

    It's unimaginable to a healthy mind how this can exist.

    Sooooo getting back to original point of comment - agreed they likely have far better communications, but I'd say also they can travel distances in the same way anyway. It's just by intent, even though it can appear in all kinds of ways.
    What we call technology, they just imagine and it exists. It's an effortless existence where you don't have to spend any time working out how to get to doing something - you just figure out what it is you want to do, and there you go.

    It works because there's no being that needs or wants to compromise another being; you don't have to anyway, when you can do anything you want yourself.
    This world though, you can trace back what is wrong here to someone's freewill being compromised by another - and everything else that's wrong all stems from that imbalance. It's like that fractal timewave that McKenna talked of - and because there's an imbalance, each iteration gets more and more wrong, so it feeds into the next iteration with even more out-of-whack data.
    In that way, it doesn't become apparent there is a problem with here, until it begins to affect enough of this reality, because it starts off small and only affecting one person or a small handful of people.

    Anyway, I would say they have crafts / means of travelling that are instantaneous. Anything less is too limited, so you'd be talking about beings in the same overall state that people are. Just another race or species badly affected by that original breach of freewill.

    Maybe troubleshooting what went wrong with here - might be an idea not to let just anyone use that chair thing that plugs into the minds of everyone else. Maybe screen them a bit better, and watch what they're actually projecting into all the collective mind - and stop it, if they even get to the stage where they put anything wrong out there. Might help.
    Oh and bearing in mind anyone really bad, like who's caused this, they'd know to disable the minds of those who are meant to check they don't abuse the chair thing. So they don't notice what's gone wrong.

    Yeah, you need a rootkit remover.

  3. why separate yourself from the group-mind that much? It is not necessarily some alien being or some cthonic computer that is feeding these things to us, but the over-soul (as McKenna called it). We feed it with out very thoughts and it returns information to help us achieve the ends we think about. A rootkit remover would be a way of cutting yourself off from this. why cut yourself off when you can just feed it more hopeful information?

    Is the evil cabal threatening to control and enslave humanity just feedback from our own (false) feeling of powerlessness? And if not, does that even matter? Wouldn't the best reponse in either case be to start creating a good cabal threating to free humanity, or at least start believing in the existence of such a thing?

  4. I've just noticed this post having beeun reading January 19th's, "Mindbomb: And All Challengers Will Be Destroyed". Oddly enough, back in 2002 I used this argument against in online debates with anti-SETI adherents. I admit I took the piss, somewhat, at the time, but I still think that one day somebody will invent a true neutrino detector, and, when they turn it on and tune it in, there will most likely be found signals between ETs--probably not locals mind you, but you never know! The idea probably already existed in the SF literature, so I'm not actually claiming any credit! Actually, being a hard SF afficionado, I'm can't remember whether I have ever read of it . . . Anybody else know of any such SF reference?