Thursday, April 17, 2008

What If They Put On a Clownshow...

...and no one voted?

The Blogosphere is on fire about last night's Democratic debate in Philadelphia and the smear tactics of ABC shill Charles Gibson. The UK Guardian went so far as to call last night's charade "The Dumbest Debate in America." The real story seems to be the piercing of Obama's balloon. Seems there's a glass jaw there after all. Think Gibson will do the same to McCain?

Yeah, me neither.

We're at a fascinating place in this election- it seems that none of the candidates are able to withstand the hyperactive scrutiny of the 2008 media cycle. They all entered this race like souped-up Maserati's and here we are seven months from the election and they all look like junked Yugo's, sitting up on cinder blocks in the backyard of a converted double wide.

We have a 71 year-old "maverick" who no one in his party loves, and whom very many loathe. We have the empty pant suit from Chicago/Little Rock/New York, whose illusion of inevitability was shattered the first time the people and not the media got a chance to vote, and we have a young firebrand who seems like the greatest candidate ever- greatest candidate for Vice President, that is. All three seem exhausted and shell-shocked. And McCain hasn't even faced the real gauntlet yet. We have hundreds of millions of dollars pumped into this box office bomb, and no one but the pundits paying much attention.

I said it before- 2008 is the year the masks come off. And this election is reminding me of that episode of the Twilight Zone where the greedy family waits for the rich father to die on New Year's Eve. The ghoul masks come off and the faces behind them are every bit as grotesque.

Here's a question for my US readers: any of you planning to vote for these clowns?

Yeah, same here.

The question I have- and I'm sure many of you do as well- is what's the real agenda here? FDR said nothing happens in politics by accident, so what are we to learn from this disaster? Is this the Capitol Hill Players doing Rollerball?


  1. Hey Chris! Nice write!

    I am planning on crossing off everyone on the ballot and writing in it's place:

    "Shove your NWO up your collective asses!"

    Ever since I saw Ron Paul give the "sign of Aton" to a crowd one night, I said "well, its all over folks".

    peace bro!

  2. It's the same way over here, the whole process is so false and such a put-on. It's all PR, soundbites, smear campaign adverts, and all the sides are sponsored by the same conglomerates and special interests.

    And the reporting on it......there's rarely ever questions asked that haven't been screened and 'sanitised' beforehand. Most politicians (of the ones you see on TV) don't know what to say, or where to look, when real people ask them about real issues and topics.
    It's mostly about addressing the lowest possible intelligence, and behaving as though everyone is either that dumb, or that they are "in on it" so they won't be angry that such things only address the very stupid.

    They're told what they can and can't say, they're told what they aren't allowed to talk about and address.

  3. At least Clowns can Act.
    Its like the NWO or who/whatever are just going- We don't even need to find a 'good' candidate, enough will vote , there'll be a 'change' [ technically] Press will stop slagging each other off and the Fed will quietly find a way to increase taxes while lowering them.
    Have u read PKDicks SOLAR LOTTERY?
    President's get voted in by lottery but the public is allowed to try and assassinate them
    Re: The Press - this kinda 'stuff'+ the increasing intelligent blogs may finally wipe the Esssstablishment Media of the airwaves.
    Tutankhamun's mummified body may well prove to be the WILDCARD candidate


  4. Hillary is running a campaign to lose just as Kerry did before her for many of the same reasons. Money. And tons of it. The Clinton worth has gone up 5600 percent.

    Gary "the Spaceman" Bell on his show on (Sat nites at 7 PM EST) called it a year ago. Obama will be assassinated. And who has recently been pushing this? the ISraeli media of course. The real rulers.