Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sonshine on My Shoulders

Secret Sun reader 'Just Me' recommended a Google search on "sonshine" in yesterdays comments and I did just that. It's worth noting that most of this imagery is aimed at children. Now, let's be clear about this- there's no reason at all to think the little kiddies are being conditioned to accept this imagery in anticipation of some major new paradigm shift in the years to come. There's no reason to think that this is some sort of subliminal programming meant to make the eventual transition to some new global astrotheology all the smoother.

No reason at all.


  1. No reason at all to be alarmed, right Chris? ;) Ahhh the Atonists are at it again...I am sure Pharaoh Jesus is not amused. LOL

    Keep up the great work, I enjoy reading all your posts!

    Peace bro!

  2. They couldn't POSSIBLY be attempting to focus all thought upon the "Son/Sun" with a solar maximum coming up in 2011-2012, could they...*rolls eyes here*

  3. have you considered the possibility that it's all because christians can't resist a bad pun?

  4. It's worrying that anything other than obvious reference to solar system structure is required in order to teach anyone that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

    Definitely a bad pun on 'son' & 'sun' going on; sadly there's a lot of that going about. If you're English-language-only centered, it could be that it's easy for you to miss out that so much of those puns and the like are only possible in that one, very recent (~500 years of modern English), language.

    One I notice (just as a common example) that has considerable weight to it for some is 'god is dog backwards'. That doesn't even match in the nearest languages to English though.

  5. It's the symbolism those little brains are soaking up, Zupie. People lie with words all the time, not so much with symbols. We seem to assign a higher level of sacredness to symbols.

    If you look at the other posts, notice that the Sun is rising, it's coming to us. Which kind of makes me think that underneath it all is another sun....

  6. Actually, God is anti-symbol if you will. All through the bible God is asking the Jews to destroy all symbols of other gods and to make none that they would consider Him. Yes, there was the bronze serpent but that's an allusion to another who was lifted up; I'm sure you can guess who.

    Other than that, though, Israel was forbidden making symbols, idols, etc... why? Becuase they (and we) have a tendancy to worship what we can see and not one we can't.

    Why would 'christian' organizations begin having a fixation with sun images? I can't imagine but I'd suspect that they've forgotten what kind of trouble the Jews got into for using symbols.

  7. "Which kind of makes me think that underneath it all is another sun...."

    *whispers* a secret sun!

  8. Why our symbolic pre-occupation with the sun? Mere repetitive symbolism? Or, could there be a deeper reason? Something in our genes? Something in our atoms?

    More at Here's the gist:

    The Hypothesis:

    1. Stars constitute a genus of organism.
    2. The stellar life cycle includes a larval phase.
    3. Biological life constitutes the larval phase of the stellar life cycle.

    The widespread religious (not just Christian)use of solar symbolism, along with the placement of Heaven in the sky, the "illumination" of spiritual beings -- all express an intuition from the unconscious of our stellar calling, longing, and identity.

  9. The Sun is being worshipped through symbols because the serpent and the Red Lion are connected. We are aware of the changes , but for most, they are not aware of the secret programming. The revelation of the method on the darkside of Aquarius.

  10. Not everyone fares well in direct sunlight, but many folks descendants have lived for generations in misty clouded forests.

    I'm sure there are folks who'll misuse and misrepresent all kinds of anything, but the fact remains that the Sun is this integral part of life, the entire planet revolves around it and depends upon its rays reaching the surface in a specific amount +/- otherwise all life perishes.
    It's a big nuclear fusion reactor, and the atmosphere is able to focus the radiation into heat.
    The whole phenomenon of that, & the placement of this planet so as to have such an atmosphere, and waters, and the Moon controlling the tidal movement...before we even get to how DNA and proteins and so forth were ever able to form (or indeed, why such a design was selected and in what way was it put into here), is a whole knock-on-effect interconnected series of astronomical odds-against any of it happening as a one-off, yet here we are and it's all there busying away like it seems to have done for a long time.

    And we're able to discuss it, with invented languages.

    (just as an aside; all of these manifest things being 'normally' filtered out of many minds, and that ingestion of things like psychedelics inhibits or removes those filters, are the real reasons that drugs are illegal.)

  11. please tell me you saw the superbowl commercial...