Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ritual Androgyny: Island Girls

I don't think I need to remind most people reading this about the irony of having Jodie Foster's alter ego be not only a man, but a man played by the star of the supersoldier/social engineering/man-porn extravaganza 300. In addition to some of the blatant Freudian symbolism (Foster's character is afraid to be "out"), it almost seems as if there's a bit of conscious sexual engineering semitotics at work in that bit of casting. A suspicion which is hardly diminished by the quote from this Yahoo puff-piece:

FACT ONE: Alex Can Be a Boy's or a Girl's Name
Nim (Abigail Breslin) is a girl who lives on a secluded island with her father and lots of animals. When her dad goes missing, she reaches out to Alex Rover (Gerard Butler), the hero of her favorite adventure stories. But Alex is really Alexandra (Jodie Foster), a big city author who's too afraid to leave her apartment. So Alexandra must summon her courage to go help Nim, with her imaginary character inspiring her to brave the dangers of the island.- Yahoo Movies

Most folks in the Synchrosphere will tune in immediately on the Stargate resonation also at play here with Foster's previous role in Contact, and Abigail Breslin was in Little Miss Sunshine, another ritual androgyny touchstone. Again, we're seeing the Stargate connection being conjoined with ritual androgyny (exactly as in the film Stargate itself) and Dreaming Mind motifs. It's pretty astonishing to see all of this, having repeatedly stumbled upon on this motif throughout the past few weeks.

Now, what it all means is beyond my reckoning at the moment. But there seems to be more and more of this at play in the media lately.

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