Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Real Jane's Addiction Reunite

I can't believe I didn't hear about this- the REAL Jane's Addiction, that being the lineup with Eric Avery, reunited for a short set at the NME USA Awards. We should know by now that this is the prelude to a tour, so start saving your shekels now. I have a Jane's-oriented post in the queue- I'll finish it up and slap it up next week. I was distraught by the previous pseudo-Jane's reunions- they lacked the shamanic soul of the original lineup. And without that crucial X-factor, you're faced with a bunch of careerist weirdos who like to wear a lot of mascara and do bad game shows. Avery wrote the bass lines that the classic Jane's material was built around and provided the firm foundation that Perry's off-kilter melodicism and Dave's flash needed to really groove. So Jane's, STP, Killing Joke and the Mighty Zep back in action? Life is good.