Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lucifer Rising on Untamed Dimensions

"Symphony for the Devil" illustration by 57 Design

It was a bit unexpected, but Adam Gorightly and I spent most of our talk on Untamed Dimensions discussing my piece printed in Classic Rock, "Symphony For the Devil," which featured interviews with Kenneth Anger and Jimmy Page and Bobby Beausoleil and dealt with their involvement with the legendary film Lucifer Rising. I haven't gone over the material in a while, so I flubbed a couple details (confusing David Hinckley and Mark David Chapman, for instance) but Adam and I really delved into the 60s occult scene, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, the Manson Family and the all the rest of it. We also discussed the Secret Sun philosophy on art and culture, comic book superheroes, and Jack Kirby's strange powers, to boot. I had a good time and I think we put some good information out there for you kids. So kudos and thanks to Adam and the Mighty Vyzygoth for setting it all up.

(UPDATED LINK) Check it out now!


  1. Have you seen a recent-ish film called Puritan? It has a wierd take on what look like Crowley and Parsons themes.

    If anyone's seen it & remembers the church name - can you post it here, I wanted to check up on if it existed really or was just made up.

    btw, one time I was up at Boleskine, and I saw an odd looking thing in the Loch, out of the corner of my eye! I suppose it could have been a large black fish at the surface.....but then I watched a documentary on the wildlife there (years later), & I'm sure it said the peat made the water uncondusive to most (any?) fish, especially large ones like pikes.

    I got the impression it was nice, whatever it may have been. It had a benevolent & friendly vibe.

  2. Really enjoyed the show and the topics covered Chris, as I'm a bit of a 60s psychedelia fan. Pity it all ended in tears with Manson and Altamont.

    Zupa, the church in 'Puritan' is one of Nicholas Hawksmoor's designs.
    Could be Christ Church, Spitalfields.

    Check 'em out -

    Peter Ackroyd's book about the man comes recommended as well.

  3. Was watching "The Doors" movie last night. Googled: "Jim Morrison" Synchromysticism. Found this post. Was going to listen to the podcast but it says `Page Not Found´. Any way for me to hear it?