Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jacques Vallee Interview

Here's an amazing interview with Jacques Vallee, the legendary UFO researcher, courtesy of the fine folks at Paracast. For the record, I don't think the modern UFO phenomenon - the sightings and the abduction reports- is necessarily related to the ancient astronaut scenario. I think we are looking at entirely separate events, entities and phenomena. That being said, I think Vallee's work is as good as it gets when it comes to this difficult and challenging field.

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  1. Maybe the cultural focus just changed? - in the past people were more religious and those themes were an everday part of their life, whereas these days they're more likely to interpret what happens to them from the point of view of sci-fi and of other paranormal events reported (calling them aliens or ETs instead of gods, angels, demons, elementals).

    Unless you mean the sources about the false-memory suggestions (screen memories & hypnosis) used to cover-up experiments, and that whole kind of area, which is different.
    Still though - even in those areas, if that is true there remain issues as to the advanced technology in use.
    And there's issues as to how so many people can be shut up about something (take the amount of folks that actually build the bases, and the kinds of tunneling machines they use, and the places that make those tunnelers too & whom they employ, etc) to that extent (no real proof, maybe excepting some implants removed) - whether they signed a secrecy order or not.
    All those secrecy orders take other orders to ensure they are kept - it's quite a chain of reigns for a small group to be holding on to.

    The only parallels I can see that work 100% of the time to that, are comparisons to humans having power over animals (farms, zoo's, circus, performing, and so on)! Which is achievable by people only due to the species difference (animals don't understand our languages enough, can't use doors the same way), and that people have clothes and tools.

    Arguements favoring the interdimensional-prison aspects of what's going on in this world would do well to approach things along that line of thinking; you know there's something restricting you, and it ain't natural....but can you see it, can you figure out how to disable it or get around it. What if what's containing you is also being contained by something it hasn't guessed at.

  2. You raise a lot of excellent points, Zuppie. Like I've said before I don't think this can be boiled down to a single narrative. Freeman said he thought the Grays were subterrenean humanoids, not ETs and I found that to be a very interesting thesis. The ancient texts say the AA's were human in appearance and the AA theory revolves around the fact that we are created in their image, so to speak.

  3. I knew someone that said that Masons (thesedays) would find, upon progressing up to 33rd degree or equivalent, that a grey alien was head of the lodges...

    I was thinking about masonic things earlier today, as all my personal outward (outward meaning, when you know they are in the masons) dealings with masons have been exceptionally odd. For instance I had a landlord who was a member, and he was completely off his head. Also a bit of a liar, as he had lied to me about the status of my rent, and it left me with two not great choices to pick from at that particular crossroads in my life.
    Another time I went to visit a lodge, and while the interior was very impressive historically (all the kinds of things I like to see), the man doing the tour was really weird and his focus seemed at odds with all the symbology. Say I'd ask him questions like, if they studied much in the way of the Kabbalah, and he'd be all 'no we don't do that' - yet at that moment we pass by a wall painting with Hebrew lettering on it.....

    and another time again, I was in Edinburgh and wanted to see if it was possible to view the lodge there, which from photos I'd seen showed a lot of very interesting architecture such as columns like the ones at Luxor. But the street it was meant to exist on - didn't exist. I'm not the kind of person that gets lost easily and can't read maps; quite the opposite. It just wasn't there, where the streetmap and other data I had said it would be. I felt like a Nazi in the UK during the war, with a map that didn't match the actuality it claimed to depict.