Saturday, April 12, 2008


In case some of you guys weren't aware of this, Terry Melanson has written what looks to be the definitive history of the Bavarian Illuminati. I can't wait for this book myself and you can pre-order it here. It's about time a serious work was written on the topic, given all the hysterical nonsense out there.

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  1. Thanks for the plug. I can't wait for everyone to read it.

    Most people don't realize that a monograph on the Bavarian Illuminati hasn't been published in the English language for over 200 years. Vernon Stauffer [1918] doesn't count; he had one chapter devoted to the Illuminati, and the rest was dedicated to the hysteria caused by the very notion of the Order. And, it goes without saying, that the incalculable numbers of conspiracy theory books whose only contribution has been a few pages that have mythologized the Order - beyond the bounds of credulity - also don't count.

    Because the Original Writings of the Illuminati have remained in German (and a translated version in French), and since access to the archives in Europe have remained the sole domain of credentialed scholars in Germany or France, the state of research involving the real Illuminati (on this side of the pond) has become stagnant and relegated to fantasy and crank theorizing.

    The whole story of the Order was far from being known in the 1790s when contemporaries Barruel and Robison had published their bestsellers, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism (1798) and Proofs of a Conspiracy (1798). Back then (while 2000-3000 members were estimated to exist) there were a mere 80+ members identified beyond question; that is, with their real names, their aliases in the Order, and sparse biographical information. Today, thanks to academics in Europe (history professors, archivists, and Ph.D students), there are now 1200-1500 members definitively identified! In short, there has never been a better time to dedicate an entire volume on the history of the most feared secret society ever to have existed.