Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hardcore Matinee: Johnny 2 Bad 4U

There's the phony multiculturalism manufactured by pressure groups and multinational corporations, and then there's the multiculturalism that happens on the street. The Bad Brains are a product of the real deal. Their story is legend- a Jazz fusion garage band from the DC projects latches on to Hardcore Punk, Rastafarianism and Napoleon Hill and then mutate into the greatest Punk Rock band this country ever produced. In between their blistering, triple-speed rants they throw in some tasty dub jams and help open up some skinhead minds in the process. As befits a band so possessed of undiluted shamanic power, their road has been filled with detours and pitfalls (including a long and fruitless diversion into Funk Metal) but the Beastie Boys got them back together and back on track with last year's epic Build A Nation comeback. I saw these guys in 1982 and it was a nearly-religious experience. As I said, I'm not real interested in their long Metal phase, but can't recommend their first two records enough.


  1. Cool, I know HR - the lead singer - from the Long Beach Dub Allstars.

    You gotta freaking love reality, cause he collaborated on a song with them called... "New Sun"

    A new sun
    for a new nation
    and a new day
    for the one - one love!
    love yes blessings
    for all nations (x3)

    to praise jah(bulon? :p)

  2. eh?? "Quickness" is a great album. They matured and wanted to do actual melodies and other boring stuff like that and I happen to think they were extremely successful. Youre right though it wasnt punk anymore but it wasnt really metal either. Metal was never that soulful. great choice though "I", that song makes me want to kill vampires. HR in his prime was so amazing I can forgive him for being a Ja-fake-ain with that accent. Its weird I have absolutely no use for religion but the best music always has that element. I guess it trancends the intellectual level where I deconstruct all that stuff and gets right to the soul emotion