Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Tracy Twyman on Bloodlines

For the better part of the past two decades, Tracy Twyman has been on the cutting edge of research into the Grail Mysteries. Her magazine Dagobert's Revenge remains a crucial cornerstone of modern esoteric research and she continues to explore these issues on her blog. I had the honor and privilege of appearing as guest on her Plus Ultra radio program/podcast and I recently had this fascinating email exchange with her concerning her work on the upcoming Bloodline film.

CK: I watched your little snippet of video on the Bloodlines and had a question for you- I personally ascribe the gods and the angels and the rest of it to ancient astronauts of some sort. Is that what you are referring to there, or do you see these beings as spiritual?

Tracy Twyman: I don't think these are necessarily separate concepts. Space and time, spirit and matter are all interconnected. Real long distance space travel requires interdimensional travel.

The planet Mars is at once both a rock floating through space, and an astral plane. Maybe there are Martians living on it that we can't physically see, but if we did an invocation of the powers of Mars, we could communicate with them.

If you read the Book of Enoch, and Genesis 6, and The Book of the Cave of Treasures, and all of the accounts of the Nephilim story, it certainly seems like they are talking about spiritual, or perhaps multidimensional beings that can take physical form of a sort in order to interact with humans. When they do they have blazing white skin, eyes like burning coals. They are able to mate sexually with human females, which indicates genetic compatibility, but their children are monstrously huge with enormous and perverse appetites. This is described as an aberration resulting from the mating of spirit with matter. Think of the djinn of Arab legend, fallen angels made of fire that mated with human females. They are the ones who followed Iblis (Satan) when he revolted in Heaven.

The Koran says that Iblis was cast out of Heaven because he refused god's order to bow down to Adam. He said, why should a being made from heavenly fire bow down to one made from clay? Obviously there was an elemental difference between angels and humans.

Fascinating, Tracy. I've been a proponent of what is commonly called "Ancient Astronaut" theory as far back as I can remember. But I think- as you say- that these beings were far more complex and "unearthly" than just a bunch of greys running around in spacesuits and jetting back and forth in flying saucers. I agree- there is absolutely an extradimensional aspect to this that confounds human understanding. I think a lot of researchers will look at certain aspects of this reality and try to boil it down, like it's a movie. The thinking seems to be that there can only be one plot line, one narrative, rather than a complex and interlocking chain of phenomena and events.

People tend to think it's frivolous to link together secret societies, "alien" phenomena and sacred places, etc.- but if you follow the threads back it all connects. That's what I was looking at with my (in-progress) book on film symbolism- I had no agenda as far as the historical themes were concerned, but I almost felt like these trail appeared while I was doing the research that always brought me back to the Shemsu Hor, whose main goal was to turn back the clock to the Zep Tepi- when the gods walked the earth. These weren't New Age wackos- they were (and are) the most deadly serious people you can imagine...

...and that's what the "Astronaut Theology" series is about. It's not about what you or I or Tracy might believe about these ancient stories, it's about what the people at the top of the power-pyramid believe. It's about how that belief influences the mass culture, and ultimately, the course of History.


  1. Hey CK. I REALLY like your comment in the last 'graph there about what people believe and how that shapes actions. It reminds me of the climax of Eco's Foucault's Pendulum -- the conspiracy theories mattered because people believed in them.

  2. Yeah, I studied the whole Ancient Astronaut thing for a very long time, but ultimately came to the conclusion that it-like Darwinism and Creationism- is unprovable and lost interest. But when it started showing up in the symbols that's when I realized all of that study was excellent preparation for analysis. With so much of my work I can only prove what others believe by how they express themselves, not whether those beliefs are correct.