Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Ancient Astronauts Are Coming Back... The Secret Sun! Every day this week (and beyond) we're going to look at The Theory That Refuses to Die, and put out some new information and insights on this complex and fascinating historical paradigm. We'll also be looking at Ancient Astronaut Theory in relation to Synchromysticism, the emerging Solar church, the symbolism we see at work in today's sci-fi epics and indeed, in consumer and corporate logos as well. It's a fascinating puzzle, and I promise you tomorrow's post is going to kick it all off with bang.

There's plenty more on tap here at the Sun as well- the usual ramblings on pop culture, news, music and art and a whole host of new features waiting to make their debut.

So many symbols, so little time...


  1. Sweeeet. Can't wait.

    Can you email me regarding ordering a copy of your book directly from you so you would get any commission?


  2. Hey Bill,

    Anyone interested in Our Gods Wear Spandex can order it directly from Joe's site for a reduced price. It comes with a bonus signed promo item

    Thanks for your interest!