Monday, March 17, 2008

X Files 2 Trailer Redux

These things keep getting yanked off of YouTube- here's the full version at a higher quality. Watch it while it's still available.

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  1. Nice, cheers for this, hadn't seen that trailer. The movie comes out a couple of days after my bday here in the UK and a couple of days before in the US, so nice present for me :).

    Bit concerned with Xzibit being in it, he's hardly a serious actor... he'll probably be fine. Maybe he was chosen purely for his X resonance, having been triple X in xXx 2 and obviously the X in his name. Seems a strange choice anyway. Looks like hollywood are using him seriously now though, with him in Oliver Stone's American troops massacring Vietnamese flick 'Pinkville' and a racially profiling black people as drug dealers flick 'American Inquisition'.