Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Ka of Hathor, Continued

While looking at the Hathor and the Queen archetype she represents, it's worth nothing that a strong candidate for future Queen of England is Prince William's on-again, off-again consort Ka-Athyr-Ein/ Eloah-Isis-Beth Middleton, better known as Kate Middleton.

Which reminds us that Ka-Athyr-Ein/Eloah-Isis-Beth Blanchett played the Queen of England in two separate films. Here we see the lovely Aussie collecting her Ausur® for her portrayal of Ka-Athyr-Ein Hepburn in The Aviator. Blanchett-as-Hepburn sported an androgynous image in the film.

And Kate Hepburn's most celebrated role was in The African Queen, which of course Hathor herself is.

But it must be said that the only English queen I can get behind is Queen Adreena, fronted by the frighteningly psychotic Katie Jane Garside.


  1. Great connection of the "mannish" Hepburn with this. Kate Blanchett's champagne "offering" to her idol is fascinating to watch.

    Middleton - middle town - neither black or white?

    BTW, Prince Will I Am's other names are Arthur and Louis - the Sun King. Go figure.

  2. Osiris=Dionysus=The True Vine

    I let the androgyny thing sit out there- I'll be following up with that when Hathor Week continues here on the Secret Sun!