Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Watch Out, People- Here Comes the Sun

I've noticed recently that a remarkable number of logos for consumer goods and the like have taken on Solar imagery as of late, often that of a rising Sun. I'm not quite exactly sure why, but I am 100% sure that these changes are not made lightly or casually by any stretch of the imagination. Consultants and design firms are paid millions to re-brand products in this fashion, and corporate executives are extremely concerned with what messages their trademarks project into the world. But my familiarity with this type of symbolism puts it in a bit of a different light than it might for Joe or Jane Q Public.

Logos in the left column are the old, and those in the right are the new, sunnier revisions...

British Petroleum is a late-comer to Solar symbology in the petrochemical world, since companies like Shell, Sunoco, Mobil and Citgo have had Sun-themed logos for decades now.

Obama's is the most resonant, given how his candidacy has been widely embraced by movers and shakers in the power structure. Is this the man who will occupy the Oval Office for the Dawning of the Sixth Sun?

And let's not forget the most ubiquitous symbol in the world...

Again, I have no idea what these folks are trying to communicate to us. All I can say is that having delved deeply into the milieu of Sun worship and elite Solar cults throughout history, I will be keeping a very close eye on this new design trend.

More as they catch my attention...


  1. I can imagine a consorted effort by companies to push a solar agenda, no doubt. I can also imagine advertisers following a trend. Including and beyond all that, following Goro's work I imagine the Sun is waking up from its tomb (phoenix/mercury rising) and as our nearest star and parent we entrain with its cycles, naturally.
    I see human conspiracy but far more stimulating and elegantly I see an intelligent universe flowering all around us. Teaching us how it communicates through symbol and synchronicity.
    Great Post CK.

    Again, the real Sun can be viewed as metaphor. Thus the waking of our Sun as we head for 2012 is the symbolic awakening of consciousness on the 3rd rock from the Sun.

  2. Whatever is going on, it's big- these are some of the most prominent consumer products in the world. Thanks for that insightful comment, Jake- hopefully the Syncsphere will incorporate this into the mix.

  3. If we use Sepher Yetsira Tarot attributions we find that the K = The SUN card , has a value of 20, and is placed 11th.
    It has had me thinking of some kind of K2/2K Twin Sun event.
    Perhaps the Twin Suns = The Sun and the Intelligence/brightness of huMans.
    BRK - Barack is a Hebrew word meaning 'blessing', but it uses the Hebrew letters that enumerate 2s
    B=2,K=20,R=200, thus BRK = 222. This words uses all the letters dealing with containment , physical and universal structures, and we find this interpretation of 'blessing' as an wish for 'stability' - In Czech Barak = a house, flat, in English Barracks = where we store soldiers
    Via the Sepher Yetsira Tarot BRK = World/universe, Sun, Magus. An interesting triplicity.
    Blessings [ but the indeterminate kind]

  4. AFM- there's a lot more behind Barack than meets the eye. That sticker is the icing on the cake. Which makes him the Synchrosphere's favorite sun!

  5. related to Dick Cheney, his economic policy maker is a Skull & Bonesman. Whom ever we get saddled with you can count on it not being good.

    Beyond that...the Sun Signs are on everything. I am especially interested right now in Citi Group (the Umbrella)/Sun sigil. I hope to touch on their place in this soon.

  6. If we are going to get another puppethead, I'd rather it not be some tired old apparatchik like McCain or Clinton. I think the fix is in, so maybe Obama can get on the ticket and give the cod liver oil a dash of sugar. The knives are already out for him with all of the pundit class, alas.

  7. I get kind of frustrated when people can't seem to see that Obama is MEANT to be the 'better choice for a better future' and that this is no coincidence. Hilary is meant to seem like a bitch, Mccain is meant to look like he can be defeated by any Democrat, and the rest of the Republicans are meant to look very very dysfunctional. Ron Paul may (*may*) also be a part of this; to be the one that more aware people can flock to, yet no achieve anything substantial with.

    If Obama doesn't 'win' the election, I will be VERY surprised, as he seems like the perfect 2012 candidate.

  8. If you're really interested in logo evolution, you'll love this site, which has an awesome collection of all the major brands' logos, past and present:

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  10. They loaded fine for me- try refreshing.