Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Watch Out, People- Here Comes the Sun, Part 2

My post yesterday on the Solar imagery on my local megachurch's site prompted me to poke around seeing if other churches were following suit. I only spent a short time doing so, but even a hour or so poking around Google resulted in more than 100 church logos in which the Sun is featured prominently. I was astonished by how many conservative churches were using Solar imagery in place of traditional Christian imagery on their sites.

To be honest, I was hit by occasional flashes of fear seeing all of this unfold in front of my eyes. Corporate logos are one thing, but you don't expect to see such incredibly blatant symbolism used in what are supposed to be the last bastions of theological conservatism in this country. My usual disclaimer applies- I have no idea what is motivating these institutions to incorporate this imagery and I have no reason to believe to believe any of this is meant to promote Sun worship or subtly condition hundreds of millions of people to accept any rapidly approaching worldwide Solar regime.

That being said- are they f***ing kidding me?

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  1. Probably f*@#king not. Infiltration and plain ol' suckering of evangelidupes has been apace for decades. And the Catholics were lost a long time ago.


  2. Why assume that Sun worship and Son worship were ever any different in the past (regardless of what the congregations might have been led to believe)?

  3. It is striking and vivid, but hasn't it always been this way with Christianity?
    Jesus the Son of God, The Light of the World. Going to Church on Sunday, facing East while saying Amen(Ra)... (You know the score)
    Does this entrain with a push for a new solar King and religion? Sure..
    I say let them be. The sun in the end is the most realtime external representation of the divine (a pionter). Also, at the same time, its just a thing in space. This sun thing, in the end is the worship of the no-thing inside all of us. Vulgar, yes...

    "A fool who persists in his folly will become wise". If so, our species sure is persisting like gangbusters, maybe we have a chance.

    I just believe the universe is well aware of what it is doing. My noisy brain sometimes questions it's methods.


  4. I guess if it's too bright , avert the eyes. Perhaps temporaray blindness proves valuable in such bastions of permanent belief

  5. I just wanted to say to you guys that none of this troubles me on a theological level. It troubles me on a social engineering level. You've always had Solar imagery dance in and out of western religious practice, and you've always had the Masonic Solar groups (of which Freemasonry itself is just a small part) and then you've had the countercultural Solar tradition. But any first year Divinity student would know exactly the meaning of this blatant symbolism, and the fact that I could find so much of it after the most casual of googling suggests to me that this is the tip of the iceberg.

    I'll tell you guys a quick story- I was raised Christian, which I sort of balanced with my sort of Bohemian instincts until I sort of drifted away when I was 22 or so. A few years later I had the classic reawkening, started going to church and listening to Christian radio. However, as captivated by it as I was I realized one day that the radio preachers and talk show hosts used the classic techniques of cult mind control, techniques I read up on over the years after an encounter with the Scientologists in high school. Then I encountered some real militant fundie types when I started going online and it just turned me off again.

    The Solar stuff has ben a fascination for me since I worked on my Scifi manuscript. The funny thing is that I wasn't looking for it when I started, it was looking at scifi film from a gnostic viewpoint. There was nothing countercultural or liberal about the Solar cults- in fact they were very deeply authoritarian. We saw a nightmare world version of this in Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

    But then again, it could be the reverse of that- the Evangelical churches have been so immersed in hatred and darkness for so long, this might be an effort to ecumenicalize them and open them up to a more universalist viewpoint.

    It could go either way. I'm just here to show you the footprints of these invisible but impossibly powerful Solarist cults in our world today. Let's all hope for the best.

  6. Ultimately, it would matter very little if the current Christian church structure were to shift from teaching the worship of an incarnate human son to the worship of an astronomical sun.

    What would matter (and isn't likely to happen as long as the same kind of people control churches) is if they were to teach their congregants to find the only son/sun that matters: i.e., the ray of conscious energy streaming into their core that is their confluence with divinity.

    As long as dark purposes are served by holding humans in ignorance/bondage/trance, it's highly unlikely the communion plate of organized religion will ever offer anything but the same blue pill, disguised as a sacrament.