Monday, February 04, 2008

Secret Sun Picture Quiz!

Which pictures are Patriots QB Tom Brady and which are Killing Joke drummer Ben Calvert?


  1. The first Synchromystic Super Bowl?

    "It all depends on your intentions. If you associate with it, or use the name, it all depends on your intentions, what happens to you."

    LOSER: Tom Brady

    The guy was harassed all night and did deliver a late-game touchdown drive, but his body language and facial expressions throughout were anything but his old cool self. When the going got really tough in this game (aside from the aforementioned series), he couldn't find a way to make this offense move the football. For someone who always had been so great in the most tense of moments, this was an unexpected stumble.

    WINNER: "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

    The Fox show not only looks somewhat promising but also its in-game advertisements where the terminators arrived to beat up the Fox robot were something football fans have been waiting for all season. Since when does a robot need high knees to "warm up"? Plus, it has been trash talking all season. The beat down was long overdue. Of course, the robot returned, indestructible like a terminator, apparently.

  2. Did you notice the use of Danzig in the soundtrack commercial for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", I found that intriguing...

    My Eli post pretty much called it...

    This separated at birth quiz was bizarre!

  3. Congrats FN- I should have bet the farm on the Giants! This all lends to my theory that symbolic language is not only consistent but predictive.

    Not only that but it seems to respond when you hit upon specific themes...

  4. Sadly, anyone who attempted to bet the farm on the Giants got screwed yesterday. The last two hours before closing bets, cell phone connections and Vegas based websites all were crashing. I was at a local bar to watch the game, and it was total bizarre chaos...I personally know 5 people whose bets were rejected (on both the spread taking the Giants, and the under of 55 pts.) because of communication breakdowns.

    There does seem to be some logic at work in symbolic language. I agree.