Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ritual Drama: John The Baptist in Space

In the Bible, the head of John the Baptist- by far the most important and popular Jewish preacher of his time- was given to appease Salome, the step-daughter of King Herod. Scholars are unsure whether this is the same Salome who was a follower of Jesus. But what is known as the Johannite tradition has been a major part of the esoteric counterculture within the West. It was of such a concern to the Vatican that as late as the mid-19th Century the Pope saw fit to preach against it. Funny, no one has ever seemed to accuse the Pope of being a conspiracy theorist when he claimed that the Freemasons were the inheritors of the Templar mantle and were seeking to finish the work the Knights began, all in the name of the Baptist. This tradition- still very much with us - doesn't see the Baptist as the "forerunner," but as the esoteric master, the True Christ.

"The Templars, like all other Secret Orders and Associations, had two doctrines, one concealed and reserved for the Masters, which was Johannism; the other public, which was the Roman Catholic. Thus they deceived the adversaries whom the sought to supplant. Hence Free-Masonry, vulgarly imagined to have begun with the Dionysian Architects or the German Stone-workers, adopted Saint John the Evangelist as one of its patrons, associating with him, in order not to arouse the suspicions of Rome, Saint John the Baptist, and thus covertly proclaiming itself the child of the Kabalah and Essenism together."

- Pope Pius IX

Bear all of this in mind when you remember that the founding moguls of Hollywood - Mayer, Zanuck and Warner- were first and foremost Scottish Rite Freemasons.

In Kubrick and Clarke's Masonic hymn, 2001: A Space Odyssey, we see this masterful image, as Bowman works to get back onto the Discovery One. Bowman, of course, was locked out of the ship by HAL 9000, who obviously saw Bowman as his "forerunner." Note how the seal of his spacesuit creates the image of a head on a platter.

The removal of the space helmet in pivotal scenes would be a key motif in the films that followed in 2001's wake. Here we see "Woody" sacrifice himself for the good of the mission in the Disney-NASA co-production Mission to Mars.

In this scene, the Baptist symbolism is even more explicit. Gary Sinise's character is himself baptized as he becomes one with the Martian technology. Did I mention that NASA was involved in this production, something they had never done before?

In this pivotal scene from the concurrent Red Planet, Val Kilmer's character removes his helmet and discovers he can breathe the air of Mars.

Here Kilmer's character is tagged with the mantle of the Martian Baptist. Of course, his role will develop along the eternal lines later in the film.

Here's a foreshadowing of that metamorphosis, when - completely appropos of nothing - Terrence Stamp's character creates the Masonic point in the circle icon as he dies. The point in the circle was associated with the Baptist, but with the Sun in earlier traditions.

In James Cameron and Steven Soderbergh's Solaris, we see Chris Kelvin remove his helmet when he decides to abandon his mission and become one with Solaris. There's that seal again.

In Star Trek: Nemesis, the Johannine symbolism seems clearer than ever before. Here Jean Luc ("John the Light") Picard is kidnapped by the Romulan warlord he is literally the genetic forerunner to. Notice the red collar creating the impression of a severed neck.

Here is the official synopsis for those of you who haven't seen the film.

Later on, Admiral Janeway orders Picard on a mission to Romulus. The new Praetor, a Reman named Shinzon, has requested a Federation envoy. On the way to Romulus, Data briefs the crew on the Remans, noting that due to high temperatures on one side of their home planet, they live on the dark side and avoid the sun. It is also noted that the Remans have a reputation as warriors — during the Dominion war, some of their troops were used as cannon fodder.

Once they arrive at the designated coordinates, the crew of the Enterprise is kept waiting for 17 hours.
17 hours. And of course, for our purposes Janeway essentially means "John's Way."

Here Data has his turn, as his forerunner B-4 is found on an alien planet. Importantly, the crew of the Enterprise (NCC- 1701) takes the shuttle Argo to find B-4. Argo is one of the names for Osiris.

Incidentally, the DVD of Nemesis includes 17 minutes of footage not seen in the theatrical version.

This is from the television production of Dune. Duke Leto Atreides skull is worshipped by the Fremen, just exactly as their real-life forerunners worshipped the head of the Baptist.

The Fremen's revenge on the House of Harkonnen for Leto's death couldn't possibly be clearer in its symbolism. This still comes from the Lynch version of Frank Herbert's legendary Templar parable.

But what of Salome? Well, this Scarlet Woman in this scene from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines certainly seems to fit the bill.

One of the functions of ritual drama seems to be to magically reverse an unhappy historical outcome. In Dagon, a brilliant parable of competing Piscean gods, the Salome character comes and intervenes while the hero is about to undergo a variation on the Baptist's death.

And lastly, no Secret Sun anything is complete without an X-Files reference, so here goes...

This character is named Josepho and sees himself as the messenger of God. He kidnaps Mulder and Scully's son William in order to control the events of the coming alien invasion on December 23, 2012. He essentially wants to raise their alien/divine child as his own son.

I'll leave it to you guys to puzzle out the metaphor at work there.


  1. Great stuff
    Most recent and vivid severed head was Isis Liberty in "Cloverfield". Obvious parallels to this tradition seem to be the Masonic Third degree (and Templar flag thing) Skull and Bones (Hiram Abiff/Queen of Sheba(see Ralph Ellis: Solomon)) and Medusa.
    Another time travelling robotic head (Bender) is in the great Futurama Area 51 episode. Episode 2 of the new Terminator series (pretty dodgy show), same thing, time travelling robotic head (plus a mention of 911). This theme keeps bobbing in and out of my consciousness, thanks for vivifying.

  2. You're on fire, CK! Anyone who can find redeeming qualities in "Red Planet," "Mission to Mars," and "Star Trek: Nemesis" deserves thanks and praise! Seriously, though, I always found the John/Salome story strangely attractive, and I can remember as a child how often that imagery appeared in TV/films of an earlier era. I wonder if today's filmmakers have any conscious knowledge of how important that story and its symbols was to the earlier generations in Hollywood?

  3. Wow, that's truly awesome. Did you hear that Val Kilmer's the voice for KITT in that new Night Rider movie? How weird is that?

    Plutarch's association of Osiris and the Argo is no small detail, and rather fascinating. Highly relevant on many levels.

    Just thinking of "Toy Story" (a metaphor that you may agree comes up recently in various unexpected ways) with the relationship of astronaut Buzz Lightyear and cowboy Woody, a plastic/wood relationship or maybe soul/body. Or John/Jesus, especially if we look at Woody as a little scarecrow.

    DaVinci "John the Baptist with Attributes of Bacchus"

    I should watch Red Planet today, never seen it.

  4. Jake, when I was doing my film book I kept seeing the Baptist stuff come up in so many ways. I mean John Connor in Terminator, right?

    Then of course John takes to Oannes and Janus and that whole para-Osirian tradition.

    RDB- like I said, you have to remember that at its root, Hollywood was a Masonic project, so yes, there's no doubt in my mind that the symbolism was intentional.

    Adam- If you haven't, read Pickett and Prince's the Templar Revelation, there's a wealth of John information, including the Da Vinci connections.

    Happy to see your responses, boys!

  5. You should also remember that a WOMAN without a head is the VIRGIN GODDESS, since the stars making up the head of the constellation Virgo are so faint that she seems like a headless virgin in the night sky.

  6. There's also Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber slitting red necklaces and Eastern Promises starts off with a barber chair throat cutting.
    I wonder if the red-headed salome isn't a referral back to the evil-red Set of Egypt and the general mistrust of redheads, due to them not always having their parents colour of hair.
    The whole Tudor- elizabethan-Stewart headchopping festival and its concurrence with finally severing with Rome and Europe comes into mind . Lady Jane Greys anniversary was a few days ago

  7. Ferris, I think the red hair thing comes from the leftover Neanderthals, who we now know were red-haired. The gene probably migrated into Britain by way of the Basques, who are generally believed to be the genetic remnants of the Neanderthals.

    Thanks for the hint on the Virgin, JB!

  8. What about Ian Holm's vomiting, severed android head in 'Alien' (the dark animus of 'Star Wars')? I found that more disturbing than the famous 'virgin birth' scene - he also heralds the rapacious monster as a superior being to the bickering, sloppy crew.

    In retrospect, the robot can be read as a 'prophet' for the Thatcher/Reagan era that was emerging when the film came out... after all, the nameless 'company puts him on the ship to make sure the beast survives at the cost of the workers' welfare...

  9. Oooh, good call on the Alien shot! A bit different in context, but I'll be watching that again soon!

  10. What about Pierce Brosnan and Sarah Whatsername as decapitees in 'Mars Attacks'?

  11. I think with the decapitation motif, I generally look for messianic tendencies in the character. What the theme seems to be is that John was the true Christ, which some Gnostic sects believed.

    Well, if you believe the unedited Josephus the people of Israel seemed to think so as well.

  12. Spot 0n. Off with his head said the Queen of Hearts. John the Baptist, magic with water.What is the difference from John's solar worship and JC's? It appears to me Jesus took over John ministry when Herod imprisioned John for John's negative response to Herod's marriage. The matrilineal goddess religions were all but wiped out by the time of JB. Hail Isis. Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

  13. totally off topic but, on picard...isn't he doing the voice for chester cheetah now? anyone see their new ad campaign on youtube? it's called the orange underground.

  14. RE:

    this photograph:

    shown above.

    In studying photgraphs ostensibly taken at 9/11 2001 NYC Twin Towers Event, on last Anniversary, the 6th, at a photojournalist's exhibit in the East Village I noticed :

    1.) An odd photograph of a severed hand - the hand's finger was pointing as in the picture above and appeared, to my eye, to have been staged. It was lying in the middle of the sidewalk a distance from any body. It's uncertain to me how it could've fallen off that way, even had the person it belonged to hit the ground, since there was no body near it and it was severed at the wrist.

    2.) A second photo from another angle of what appeared to be another hand, distinct from the one in the first photo, also pointing in the same wierd, staged-looking way.

    Looking same as the photo of the hand above in this post.

    It was like somebody really wanted that exact shot/photo. And they used two hands and staged them separately?

    3.) Another researcher mentioned to me that the hand of a man called Judge, who was a man many believe was murdered inside the lobby in some kind of ritual, was also staged, in a particular photo, with the same pointing finger effect.


    See my blog entry on "Black Sun," please. Not sure if others have pointed out this vid or if it has been commented on before. A My Space "friend" sent it around today as a vid he "loved."

    Hope it's not redundant to Synchromystical researchers. It seems to me someone recently mentioned the band, "Soundgarden" as one envoking a dream-like atmosphere. To me it's more hellish.

  15. For a discussion of the Sts. John, the point in a circle and the two columns on either side of it, by a Freemason (though a controversial discussion from a FM point of view) you should read the books of Lomas and Knight, particularly "Uriel's Machine."

  16. Peggy are you talking about Father Mychal Judge? I hadn't heard any rumors pertaining to his death. What have you heard?

    Uriels Machine- yes, I red Hiram Key and Second Messiah but didn't get a chance to read that.

    Patrick Stewart shilling for Cheetos? Man, the end IS near!

  17. That Patrick Stewart/Chester Cheetah thing is really weird, not just due to Orange alignment stuff, but for the purely Dionysian connotations of the Cheetah, now urging consumers to indulge in Cheetos like a secret organization, like a Wine Cult. This is maybe even stranger then Val Kilmer as KITT and the new Avis commercials with voice overs by Clancy Brown (Brother Justin Crow on Carnivale and the voice of Lex Luthor in the Bruce Timm Superman cartoons).

    The point in the circle symbol play is major. What an easy emblem to work in or elude to. The pointing finger of Terrence Stamp just makes me think of all those (always important) pointing fingers from Renaissance and Baroque paintings (i.e. almost any DaVinci painting).

    I watched Red Planet last night, such an uneven movie. Almost purposefully bad. Combining Trinity, the Saint and General Zod is interesting though. Zod (God) dies as soon as they land on Mars. Of course the robot always goes crazy, in this case HAL is made into a female 'big-cat' entity, a Maenad/Fury, clearly Dionysian (keeping in mind the important correlations between Dionysus and John). Decapitation reference also eludes to key Mystery Cult figure Orpheus, no mall matter.

  18. "There can be only one!"
    Scottish Rite of Freemasonry's "Higlander" series of pulling in the energy of your combatant to me is a reference to hierarchical structure. Isn't "John" a reference to branching? As in DNA ? Or merging? Like two species merging together.
    How many heads got guillotined in the secret society manipulated French revolution? Is this form of corporal punishment used to ensure the end of spiritual containment and transfer in a geneological line? Vampires are supposed to be killed with beheading. It reminds me of the alchemical reason for drinking from the skull because of the chemicals contained in the cranium from alchemical practice, like "swish whiskey", home-made using water in the discarded oak barrels.

    The "orange order" pertains to the giant orange star of Orion, Betelguise written into metaphor as the replaced head of the Hessian mercenary in the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow", a metaphor for ritual worship of the headless ( and legless - skull and cross ie. thigh bones of Orion ) worship of Orion, Aryan? Orion is the celestial nursery with more stars born there than any other constellation. Is that what human consciousness has been hijacked for? to birth stars? Are we collectively an experiment to end a war between species, mammal and reptile, and birth a new species with the coming Seyfert gamma ray vortex jet from galactic center?


  19. Hi Christopher,
    The research of Ray Ubinger is here:

    His section on Father Judge is here:

    Ubinger does a fairly complete analysis, in detail, of the Naudets Bros. moving picture sequences.

    (Note "Naudets" is an anagram for "Duane St." which is the place the fire house stood. "#1" firehouse, 2nd closest to the "Big Lie Hole" and not one firefighter from there died that day! Though ~500 + firefighters from other firehouses did.)

    The iconic photo of Judge shows his disembodied-looking hand, pointing down, which resembles the hand photos I saw at the Anniversary Photo Exhibit. Judge's hand is in the center foreground, to the right, in the photo:

    It's at a different angle than the disembodied hands shown on the sidewalks. And I only noticed it *after* I saw the other photos and thought they were strange. And noticed later how much Judge's called to mind the other hands.

    I'm not a complete expert on the Naudets footage, as is Ubinger, but I've studied sections of it.

    It's so upsetting to me, that I prefer not to watch it. Especially with the creepy soothing voice of, I believe Jules, in the "commentary."

    Question: what is the official reason for Father's Judge's death? He died in the lobby before the Tower disintegrated. Everyone shown around him was alive. How could a fire on the 80th floor, 1/4 of a mile away, kill you if you are on the ground? Of smoke inhalation? There isn't a mark on his body. Heart Attack? If you actually study the vid, I am told, it looks like they are killing him.

    We have photographs of the intact elevators - which are part of the Naudets footage itself. (People speculate that fire (from kerosine jet fuel?) flowed a fourth of a mile down into the Lobby?!).

    Anyway, the cause of Judge's death is not clear to me. Many believe the Naudets work is actually a snuff film. Because of the music and emotion, the logical mind doesn't have a chance to intervene and say, of what we are told and expected to believe, "that doesn't make sense?" Or are people just accustomed to a "suspension of disbelief" from watching too many TV shows and movies? So that their practical innocence translates to "non-fiction" moving images, giving real life murderous hoaxers an advantage?

    Does something called "Revelation of the Method" make sense in this case?

    The stupid evil psychopathic thing is done right in front of you, and if you go along, watch it and nod your head .... well, you then you are made, by default, to collude.

    You've given your tacit permission.

    And therefore your sub-conscious mind fights that much harder to deny the actual reality? Or is that a factor in "black magic?" - getting the victim(s) to collude?

    I've found that *some* people need no research, no discussion, no prompting and they *notice themself* that - at least for the Pentagon and Shanksville PA incidents - there are no planes. Just by what their own eyes showed them over the TV!

    Other peeps take from authority what they are told. And fill in the fuzziness and illogicalness, and mis-matched logic, by their own subtle will, to make it all make conform to what they *already* know. Group pressure, I think?

    I *do* know the famous "first hit" clip allegedly taken from Lispenard Street and Church by Naudets, does not match an image of anything close to what an actual common aircraft looks like.

    For years no one noticed this except for my friend "The Webfairy":

    Check it out for yourself, please.

    If this is too long to post here, let me know and I'll put it on one of my own blogs.

    You're substantial and lasting man. Thanks.

  20. Thanks, Peggy. One of those threads I've been talking about that's in the works is going to take what I think is a completely fresh look at 9/11. I'll try to expedite it!

    1d- interesting point about the guillotine. Wonder what the Jacobins did with all of those heads!

  21. Hi Chris!

    Is a link to an interview with Stewart Swerdlow concerning the history of Earth and the curious genetics to our DNA.

    The following link:

    is a more detailed explanation to a number of Templar ( template + pillar of light ) biblical metaphors. Arr those scurvy dogs of war the pirate Siriuns at the foot of Orion!

    Looking forward to your live interview on RedIce!


  22. Chris, speaking of reptiles, Cloverfield and art, here's a photo of the "monster" that might appear in the sequel:

    Sorry to let the cat out of the bag,


  23. Eliot Spitzer outed as a "john."

    "I have acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family and violates my or any sense of right or wrong."

    What's he refering to...9/11?
    The fact he covered it up?

    No, The guy who covered up 9/11 is
    embarrassed about having recreational sex, for money? With a consenting adult sex worker?

    He's embarrassed about HAVING SEX?

    It's a Dan Rather parallel. Rather got his start by mis-representing the Zapruder film to the TV audience after JFK killing in Dallas.

    Pinch me.

    And Rather was set-up over an *ALLEGED forgery of a document that was meaningly in the issue of the truth or falshood of the case. THE CASE OF BUSH'S DESERTION DURING THE VIETNAM WAR WAS ALLREADY SHOWN, KNOWN AND PROVED, in deatail, by among others, Greg Palast.

  24. The image of Bowman's "head on a platter" in "2001" is quite striking, considering that Richard Strauss also made "Salome" into an opera.

    I also saw the new X-Files movie. Without giving too much away, the John the Baptist allusions in that are subtle, but startling.

  25. Salome surrounded by monoliths! (See the end of this video.)


  26. hey chris,
    care to elaborate on the templar/dune connection?

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  29. Some interesting ideas that should be fleshed out or at least contextualized more clearly, but a good start nonetheless.

    I can't believe you wrote:"In this pivotal scene from (Red Planet)..."

  30. What necessary words... super, a brilliant idea

  31. "Noting that due to high temperatures on one side of their home planet, they live on the dark side and avoid the sun."

    Do you think 'the dark side of the moon' is a metaphor used by the esoterically-illuminated for either a literal physical space, a magical dimension or awareness, or perhaps a philosophical mode of living occulted to the 'unwashed masses'?

    Chris... I'll see you on the dark side of the moon! [or perhaps the dark side of the secret sun]...