Monday, February 11, 2008

Clown Show 2008- The Masks Come Off

Look at the big bogeymen of the last eight years- Bush, DeLay and Rove - reduced to simply being faces in the crowd of Beltway pundits yakking on about the elections. They can't seem to contain their glee at being able to drop the Darth Vader routines and yuk it up with the rest of the media elite. Looking at these guys you almost get the feeling that now they've really arrived. Wasn't this the vanguard of the new Dominionist totalitarianism, inveighing against the media that they now are beamingly-proud members of?

What about all the dumbass mega-preachers who came along for the ride and now find themselves dragged in front of Congress for playing by the rules dictated to them by the very same people who are now raking them over the coals? Will they slap knees with Tim Russert or will they soon be taking it where the Sun don't shine in the Graybar Hotel?

Stay tuned.

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