Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Song Became Alive

 While I'm preparing the second part of "Killing Joker," I think it's instructive to see this 1984 live performance by Killing Joke. Here we see an earlier variation on the new Joker makeup, but with the lipstick drawn across the cheek as we see in Dark Knight.

Sample lyrics:

I've seen a place - set in time
And pillars tall in my sight
Then I heard voices sing
Sweet in the air they fell through
Haunting you
And then the song became alive - song and dance

Ways we've lost come flooding back now
Then my ancestors awake
Then i forgot myself
And in our joy they take their joy
And in their skills we take our skills
Then all the lines between are gone

It's also important to note that while Jaz Coleman has the mouth and the makeup, the real chthonic power in the band are the non-Euclidean riffs of Kevin "Geordie" Walker, who looks like a GQ model and plays like Nylarhotep. Killing Joke has influenced literally thousands of bands either directly or indirectly, but no one has ever come close to channeling the atavistic carnage he invokes on his Gibson hollow-body.

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