Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not-Quite-Human: The Footprints

Note: In The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel wrote of eyewitness accounts of the 'Men in Black.' Many witnesses described them as being "not quite human," and said that their behavior seemed "wrong" somehow, like they didn't know how real people were supposed to act. They also mentioned that the MIB's often had strange eyes. Keep all that in mind before watching this video. Never mind the voice and the language...

To prepare you for the real-time mythological drama we are going to soon be looking at, let's look at the footprints of Ms. Fraser on the Symbolic Realm.

In the last post we looked at the semiotic links between Elizabeth Fraser and The X-Files, which I'm sure a lot of you might find tenuous. However, you need to realize that when the Cocteau Twins first were heard, the first reaction I heard from everyone- myself included- was "she's not human." People used terms like 'ghost' or 'witch,' but by far the most common description of Ms. Fraser was 'alien.' Chris Carter is a big fan of Nature's great instrument- the female singing voice- and probably had much the same reaction that people like David Lynch and others like Prince and Brian Eno had when first hearing her sing, particularly if it were her crucial work from the '83-'86 period.

Seeing that Carter is a semiotic cryptographer of the first order, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Gibson Praise's name is indeed a nod to Elizabeth Fraser- he's quite clear that he uses encoded references in his writing. And he did sneak in a reference to This Mortal Coil when discussing the concept of 'walk-ins" the over-riding spiritual concept of The X-Files in 'Red Museum.' And the links get a lot less tenuous when we look at the last music video the Cocteau Twins made, which is riddled with an inexplicable, recurring circled 'X.'

Which is the same motif we see in the X-Files logo...

Thinking about The X-Files always makes me think of Millennium and Elizabeth Fraser sang with Peter Gabriel for his big Millennium Dome production, Ovo & The Millennium Show. This, of course, is where Led Zeppelin recently made their triumphant return, led by Cocteau Twins fan Robert Plant.

I can't think of the Millennium without thinking about 9/11, and here we get another semiotic hit- Elizabeth Fraser sang "Isengard Unleashed" on the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack, the theme leading to the unforgettable siege of Helm's Deep.

These are just cute little winks, sort of a semiotic breadcrumb trail. It's important to show how themes impact on the Symbolic Realm- I always say that where there's fire, there's smoke. But all of this is nothing compared to the synchronistic maelstrom that played out around Ms. Fraser over ten years ago...


  1. That made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Nice one. Some would say she's a Multiple.

  2. That's kind of what I was thinking.

    Stay tuned....