Sunday, January 13, 2008

Not-Quite-Human: The Eyes Have It


  1. I don't get an "alien" scary vibe from her...that could mean...
    1. I'm not alert enough
    2. alien presences are not harmful
    3. she's not strictly "alien" but just a representative of spontaneous human diversity.

    Perhaps a "sub-species" varital , as some have felt, or belonged to, laid claim:

    As a Note:
    1. Planet Earth is *already* in "outer space" therefore we are all from "outer space."
    2. "Outer" and "Inner" correlate to the experience of identifying with a physical body. cf: "Tripura Rahasya" (complete text available on the Net)
    3. Planet Earth is *embedded* in "Outer Space," which is exceedingly High, Deep, Wide and Long.

    cf: "Cosmic Enigmas" by Joseph Silk
    on the isotropic and homogeneous properties of the Universe.

    Therefore, it is likely resonances/fields experienced here, are also involved with "elsewhere."

    cf: work of Rupert Sheldrake

    RE: the "Lassie"'s state of mind

    Inovative, and extremely talented musicians often also have the streak of "mental illness;" which condition can be understood as a natural human variation, especially when it does not express fully pathologically:

    cf Albert Ayler
    creator of the "Free Jazz" form
    Check out his eyes

    Thinking also of
    Syd Barrett of "Pink Floyd"

    In the wiki entry on Elizabeth Fraser it is said she suffered from a "nervous breakdown," which is a polite way to say that psychosis presented.

    Most people have no clue about this stuff, since most are afraid to examine the eyes of so many of our homeless or / and are not keen to visit places where mental illness is treated. But if you do, you'll find many eyes like that - and I'm not sure all are aliens...though quite a few will perhap be in their "communication."

    Just suggesting my thoughts. I don't know. It's an educated conjecture. Yea and it *is* "Alien" in that it's a strongly defined human variety.
    (Chances of 2 "schizophrenic" having "schizophrenic" child...60%.)

    All the best,
    "Peggy Carter"

  2. Hi Peggy, no relation to Chris, are you? ;-)

    I love the fact that your name is the same as Captain America's girlfriend from WWII- ties nicely into the Secret Solar System here!

    Let me be clear- I don't think that Elizabeth Fraser is biologically alien, but neither do I think that she's schizophrenic either. But thank you for the wealth of information!