Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Men Called Them the Overlords

Damn if that building doesn't look, uh, monolithic. From the 1953 paperback. Number 33.


  1. It looks like the UN to me. And geographically, it's in the right spot. Considering the UN has been behind plans to "rewild" and "depopulate" a la Agenda 21, I wouldn't put it past time travelling Arthur.

  2. From Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama (note the egyptian tip)...

    "The initial search program that detects Rama in the first two chapters of the book, Project Spaceguard, is a program to detect near-Earth objects on Earth-impact trajectories, initiated after a fictional disastrous asteroid strikes Italy on September 11, 2077, destroying Padua and Verona, and sinking Venice. A real Spaceguard project, named after the project in Rendezvous, was initiated some years later.

    "a fictional disastrous asteroid strikes Italy on September 11, 2077"

    The wires are showing Arthur...but then thats the point! :-)

  3. Oohh!

    Forgot to mention 'Venice' too...the old haunt of the 'oligarchs'.

    I once heard a rumour that Kubrick's lineage was out of Venice etc etc etc.

  4. In the MAD magazine parody of 2001, the question is asked about the monolith: ""What is it?"

    The reply: "It's the box the UN building came in."