Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clown Show 2008- The Biggest Clown of All

There's a myth that Bill Clinton represented some triumph for liberalism. The fact is that the Clinton Administration was a friggin' disaster for liberalism, the Democratic Party, civil liberties and working Americans, and a bonanza for the Republicans, the Religious Reich and asshats like Rush Oxycontin and Mann Coulter. The Clintons' true colors are coming out now that Obama is putting up a tough fight and everyone can see just how ugly that is.

Not that what I say matters to anyone at all but myself, but I'd rather have Obama win the nomination and lose the election than have the Clintons back in the White House. As to Obama's experience, that matters only to those individuals who are naive enough to believe that the President sets policy or makes any important decisions. I remember when Bill Clinton began his first term and bungled the Haiti situation and Jimmy Carter and Colin Powell- officials of the real Government - came in and cleaned up his mess. It was then I realized that the President is just a symbolic position. And I like the symbolism of Barack Obama a hell of a lot more than that of Billary Clinton.


  1. I absolutely agree with you. Obama, more than any of the other candidates, symbolizes hope of America moving forward in a positive direction as a unified nation. He is the symbol of setting aside racial and political divisions. It would be very nice to feel happy about America again and to enjoy listening to a presidential speech instead of feeling the gag reflex kicking in, which is what happens whenever I see a Bush or a Clinton.

  2. Absolutely. After the Bush Junta we need something radically new in this country to remind the world that we aren't all a bunch of war-mongering, fundamentalist, gluttonous mouth- breathers, like they all think we are.