Friday, December 07, 2007

Nebet-Het Gish

Here is the piece that pulled the rug of consensus reality from beneath my feet when it came to mythological symbolism in pop culture- The X-Files' retelling of the Osiris Myth. The excruciating attention to detail in these stories continues to blow my mind, and I'll be adding more on the issue soon. X-Files Exec Frank Spotnitz had linked this piece on his own blog, adding what could be easily interpreted as a meticulously-written "non-denial denial." I'll be getting to him later- cheeky bastard.

When you are trying to solve a mystery, particularly one that is hiding in plain sight, it is essential that you pay very, very careful attention to detail. Facts are crucial; they leave breadcrumbs that can lead to incredible revelations.

"Revelation," in my mind, is a process that is eternal and ongoing. It's not some grand finale at the end of the world, it's expressing itself in every breath of wind. Waking up to this reality might be what saves us all.


  1. The Nebet-Het Gish / X-egesis page is down.

    I looked it up because I heard it discussed on a redice interview and it sounded interesting

    can it be put back up?


  2. The "X-egesis" has been archived (minus a few of the pictures) at, if anyone is still looking for it. And it's definitely worth reading if you're interested.