Monday, December 03, 2007

How to Become an Obsessive

In addition to the parallels between the X-Files episode "Triangle" and the old Shadow comic I mentioned yesterday, Chris Carter adapted another Frank Robbins comic in an X-File episode he wrote and directed. The episode "Patience" has very interesting parallels to the story "Man Bat Over Vegas" from Detective Comics #429, both featuring a mated pair of human-bat hybrids. Even stranger, The X-Files did a story based on a teenaged version of the Flash, who Robbins wrote for in the 70's as well.

This is how this stuff works. This is how something as insignificant as a comic book story can enter the subconscious of a motivated creative and find its way into millions of households and from there into the subconscious of the audience. Robbins was wildly unpopular with fans in the 70's, but was a hell of a storyteller. And good stories are like catnip for the Collective Unconscious.

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