Thursday, December 20, 2007

Masonic Manhattan: The Grand Architect

Above our friend Mithras/Prometheus on the face of 30 Rock is none other than the GAOTU. The image seems inspired by Blake, though far more idealized.

The placement above the head of Mithras/Prometheus is not accidental either. We are seeing the universal heirarchy, according to the high esoteric tradition. It's fascinating that M/P overlooks an ice rink. There's certainly some kind of symbolism at work there as well.

Here's a site with more photos. Here are more. More still.

I went by this afternoon, it was absolutely packed with shoppers and revelers. The entire site creates such a festive atmosphere. Cities need these kinds of spaces and we need more meaningful public art. Every time I think of the abstract sculptures that started popping up in cities in the 60's and 70's I want to strangle someone.

This is fantastic- this frieze faces the front doors of St. Patrick's Cathedral. I love the defiance in the characters faces. It's like something from a Jim Morrison lyric, about being naked and unashamed.