A Future History of Light: Interlude

The fox returns at just the right time
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This has not been an easy series to write. 

I wasn't exactly sure why I was writing it or what I was trying to accomplish with it. The metaphor I've been using is that I'm lost in a forest and I'm looking for ways out.

But something started gnawing at me while working on the previous, rather epic series: I realized that no one really knew anything about what this emerging Lucifer archetype really is or where it really comes from.

There are two easy paths to take; the mainstream academic and the alt.research approaches. But they only lead you back into the forest. The path I'm looking for hasn't been found yet. Everything I've read usually starts somewhere in the middle. 

But I started to get that strange feeling in my sinuses I always get when there's a secret being kept somewhere. And I began to suspect that we know so little about Lucifer because I believe the information is hidden away, literally locked in a Raiders-type store-room somewhere.

And there has to be a reason for that.

A new member on the Secret Sun FB group asked me why I would bother with the Lucifer archetype at all, when there are easier alternatives (he mentioned Prometheus or Odin) with far less baggage.

My answer is that baggage is a tool, one that you fill with things you need

It's the baggage that actually makes this archetype so powerful. Lucifer is complicated, ambiguous and deeply misunderstood, which makes him the definitive archetype for these chaotic times. So it's incumbent on us to understand, don't you think?


But this is also a mystery. And I guess that's what I'm really after here. Looking for the key to a very ancient door.

Lucifer is not Satan but he's not exactly Prometheus either. Not anymore. Prometheus ultimately became a martyr archetype, put in chains by the state (Zeus) and technology (Hephaestus).  And part of my struggle has been trying to get to the bottom of the Prometheus story without much of a map.  

Given the importance the Greeks invested in Prometheus (creator of humankind, instructor, savior, patron) it's clear that he wasn't just another tribal hero, absorbed into the Mytharc as the Greeks went along, vacuuming up every nymph, sprite, dryad, Gorgon and giant they came across. He was obviously something much, much more.

It became clear to me that Prometheus was the supreme being of a powerful constituency in the formation of the Greek nation, and that the Titans weren't just some archaic, shamanic leftovers that the Greeks warmed up for their potluck pantheon, but in fact were themselves the gods of a people who the proto-Greeks warred with when they stormed down from the mountains of Eastern Europe.

You won't find a lot of academics who agree with this opinion but the fact is they have no real idea where the Titans really came from either. 

The Titans were said to be banished to Tartarus- Hell- by Zeus, except for all the ones that weren't, like Helios and Atlas and of course Prometheus himself. Those Titans were given pretty important gigs in the new Greek-god economy, which feels to me like the end result of negotiation. There's politics at work here. Another important clue.

This negotiation may have come at the end of the ancient world's apocalypse- the invasion of the Sea Peoples, a rolling disaster that brought the entire Mediterranean to its knees, and would wipe away entire empires before it was over.

Those pre-Greeks-- quite possibly the mysterious Pelasgians-- may have joined forces with the early Mycenaean Greeks to repel the invasion, a historical crisis that may have been rolled into myths of the Titanomachy. 

But there's something deeper here. As it so happens, the early Greeks worshipped Poseidon as their supreme being before adopting Zeus-- who evolved from an Indo-European storm god-- as the King of the Hill. Zeus is roughly the same character as Ba'al Hadad (recently in the news), the Ugaritic storm god absorbed into the Yahweh cult. 

And who's the storm god in the Egyptian pantheon?

So this conflict between Zeus and Prometheus- later passed down as the conflict between God and Lucifer- has deeper connotations. Things are definitely not what they seem.

But to make a long story short, I think I've pinpointed where that conflict began and why it began.
And I think it has everything to do with what is going on in the world today.

I wouldn't spend so much time writing about it if I didn't. 


The Fall myth speaks of human beings falling out of communion and I believe that was based on an actual historical event, a very well-known (and well-recorded) event to students of ancient history. I believe that that fall was then encoded into our Piscean mythologies and created a constant yearning for a world that many feel was taken from us. A world we deserve.

And it's something I didn't quite realize until I followed this archetype back in time.

Like I said, I'm just a poor slob lost in the woods here. But I know enough to realize that the so-called experts don't know much more about any of this than I do. So much of history is built on raw conjecture. Academics are like octopi- they squirt out a lot of ink when their vulnerabilities are exposed. Sure, it confuses a lot of people but it doesn't exactly solve their basic problems either.

That being said, I think I know where Lucifer really came from, and how he ended up as Prometheus and why he was later demonized (does the whole Venus thing really make any sense to you? Yeah, me neither). And it's making me see the world today in a whole new, um, light.


Gordon and I were discussing Prometheus and he borrowed an analogy from the TV series Supernatural; he said that Prometheus is a kind of spell built to contain Lucifer, or "Lucifer's Cage" in the show's mythos.

Prometheus is an archetype that represents a monopoly of the state on the dissemination of- indeed, the actual definition of- knowledge and technology, which is why CSICOP borrowed the name for its publishing arm.

But notice how the name was also used for the recent Alien prequel, itself a movie about mankind looking to return to a state of communion with the gods. I don't know if it goes any deeper than that, but even so you may want to re-read this post on the film.

I told Gordon I was trying to be methodical and trace Prometheus back to his most likely precedent. I could skip a bunch of steps and chalk it all up to Neolithic fire gods but it's that next step in the backwards voyage that tells us why Lucifer-- again, who is not Satan-- is rising on the world stage today (Satan's been here for a long time). 

But the crucial bit here is that there seems to be a huge hole in the story, a body of evidence removed from the record. That in itself is incredibly revealing. It's the missing minutes in the Nixon White House tapes writ large. This proto-Lucifer seems to be the object of a large-scale historical cover-up. We don't know much about him because we don't have access to the literature about him. 

How can I say such a thing? Because what we do have speaks to the immense power and importance of this figure, which seem to far outweigh the scanty bits of evidence in the public record. Something is clearly missing. And the question is why. I think the "why" has a lot more to do with just an emerging archetype, I think it has to do with contemporary struggles which are just very, very, very old grudge matches in disguise.

And to answer the group member's question, why "Lucifer" and why not Horus or Apollo or whomever, I'll borrow another analogy from Supernatural. In the episode "Hammer of the Gods", a coalition of old pagan, Hindu and Voodoo gods assemble in a remote motel to join forces against Lucifer (yeah, it's very much a riff on American Gods). 

They all bitch and whine about the onrushing Apocalypse and resolve to unite and destroy their common enemy. Lucifer then enters the hotel and annihilates them all without breaking a sweat.

Lucifer is obviously a demonic character in Supernatural, but there's still an important lesson here.

Gods have their time and place. Their power is provisional, and depends on the energy invested in them not only by people but by the Zeitgeist itself. It's no accident that Lucifer is associated with knowledge and technology, it's been that way for thousands of years now. And his own power comes from the fact that he's been locked away for so many years.

Like a said, this is a guy with a score to settle. A rebel with a cause. Literally, a torch in the darkness. Which is especially potent as this tenebrous Satanic/Setian/Saturnian energy smothers the earth like a shroud.

Sync Log: My Free Will horoscope for this week went up this morning: 
Author Courttia Newland quotes the pre-Socratic philosopher Meno: "How will you go about finding the thing the nature of which is totally unknown to you?" In response to this riddle, Newland riffs on what it means to him: "Even more important than the journey itself, is the venture into the unknowable. The ability to find comfort moving forwards without quite knowing where you are going." I nominate these to be your words to live by in the coming days, Cancerian. Have open-hearted fun as you go in search of mysterious and impossible secrets! I'm confident you will track them down -- especially if you're willing to be lost. 

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  1. Riffing: my mind goes to the Thera eruption as a mythic/historical axis, a possible origin for this mystery.

    "We still remember, we who dwell
    In this far land, beneath the trees,
    Thy starlight on the western seas."

    Who did the iron gods bind?
    ? --> Prometheus --> Isaac --> Empedocles --> Simon --> Faustus --> Hamlet --> Prospero --> Prometheus --> Abraham --> Sauron --> ?

    (Not that it's at all linear, as that might imply.) I imagine Lucifer is the one who is occluded/exiled/hidden/suppressed behind each of these state-approved faces, the grave young lord, the wonder-working mariner. He's seen it all and he's had it up to here.

    1. Well, there's a historical precedent for that story, as we'll soon see...

  2. A poor slob in the woods, I think not! To shine some light is key. Keep digging Chris, you too Raj. Shine forth brave souls. Respectfully, Dennis

    1. You and I know well what it means to be lost in the woods... eh, my old friend?

    2. You guys know each other? Any good stories to tell? We're all ears...

  3. I think another key element of this emerging energy is the deific feminine. It's been repressed and beaten down for so long, that it often manifests with a terrible vengeance - I'm thinking everything from the fierce female fighters in the Kurdish Peshmerga, to even pop culture depictions of Satan as a female; the film The Ninth Gate comes to mind. And this is an archetype that's clearly been under siege for a very long time. The human soul is depicted as female throughout the Gnostic gospels. A universe whose matter is the fallen energy of the aeon Sophia. The bit about Norea being spirited away when the Archons tried to rape her. And of course, Sophia herself is motive force that causes the Chief Archon to consume himself with violence in On the Origin of the World. Then there's that strange syzygy in Hinduism, Kali/Paravati. I feel very strongly that the old books are telling us that the repressed archetype is female.

    1. That's a different, parallel story. But not altogether unrelated. The Archons weren't made up out of whole cloth.

  4. As a teenager reading homeric narratives and mythological encyclopedias, I used to wonder why and how the greek gods, themselves representing human aspects (Justice, Wisdom, Harvest, Home etc), overthrew their ancestors, which seemed to encompass the Universe itself. How do you imprison Time? How do you cast the Firmament from the Heavens to Tartarus? After all, they are all still here, surrounding us, observing and guiding our every step, even if we choose to put them in the background.
    That said, I think I understand where the shamanic narrative of the Titans comes from if it means humanity throwing away an Animist worldview in favor of a Humanist one. Where the Prometheus archetype fits, as if coming to us with an old tome and saying "Remember your roots", only to be rejected and chained by those who lust for an orderly Cosmos, with themselves in the center of it all.
    Anyway, rambling aside, I'd really like to congratulate and thank you Chris for this epic series. It's been a blast and I can't stop hitting F5 waiting for a new post. Good luck bringing us some of that sacred spark!

    1. Thanks, Bruno. It's been a tough sled. This new installment most of all since there's so much information to wade through. I've got so much evidence for my theory that I can't keep it all straight right now.

  5. Let me hypothesize for a moment. Communion is a ritual communication. The fall cut the human race off from contact with the gods/aliens, possibly enforced by other gods/aliens. The symbolic communion of Lucifer is almost a call to the contact of the distant past, to the Annunaki. Then Annunaki were replaced by gods/aliens that decided to cut us off from communication with the wider galaxy. Perhaps Lucifer was not even an entity or archetype in the distant past, and more became one of the years. Perhaps Lucifer is quite literally an ancient communications device, hidden, hidden away for aeons by those that control the destiny of the world, perhaps in that room you spoke of. The archetype itself has come from the complexities of legend surrounding such communication.

    And perhaps not.

    1. Great! I think the Sun inspires us to flights of fantasy...imaginary wings don't melt...I can imagine that the detonation of the abomb created something that allowed Parsons to directly or indirectly create the Rosy Well...Out of which came transistors ...until, now, Niburu or whatever it is, passes by Earth, blasting it with the finest-tuned EMP that functions to precisely knock out all, I mean A.L.L., electronics...what happens next? Lucifer's Return?

    2. Well, you're not too far off the mark though I think there are different ways of interpreting all of this. You're in the right neighborhood at least.

  6. Around 2012 people in Reclaiming tradition witchcraft were also working with Lucifer (https://avalonspring.wordpress.com ). It strikes me that y'all are on the same trail, and I'm not sure what else came out the Reclaiming and Feri work with the archetype. Considering that the tradition does spirit possession maybe folks did try to tap into the Lucifer current and blogged or otherwise published something about the experience.

    1. Interesting. I'm not sure where they're getting their cosmology from but it shows that this archetype is breaking its chains.

  7. Your Raiders room has triggered a memory of one of my strange-feel dreams from 2011. I seemed to be a roving point consciousness and came upon this heavily guarded, over-engineered isolation chamber beneath an ordinary looking facility. There was nothing in the chamber save for a well-worn 1970's bipedestal desk and a single chair. Paradoxically, there were no survelliance systems present within the chamber, only outside. A single blast door (submarine style) opening onto a narrow (guarded) corridor was the only way in and out. The room was lit by a monochromatic light source - possibly green or deep red. On the desk lay a fairly thin document, typed in a reactive ink that responded to the light source. I presumed this arrangement made it impossible to sneak photos or take the document into the light. The document appeared to be the only one in existence, with no electronic copy anywhere. It was viewed only by men in well-tailored suits. I eventually floated over to the document to see what it might be. A sense of enormity hit me, as though a grand plan for all of humanity. A mix of rising anxiety and curiosity woke me before I managed to read any detail - I have often wondered whether I should go back into the chamber. I've been wondering whether to type this experience up here but those glowing green fox eyes, reminding me of that weird room light as they most certainly do, gave me the final nudge.

    1. Very cinematic. Actually very X-Files. Strikes a chord around these parts.

  8. I always viewed Lucifer as casting down a sort of mist over the cosmos. So what we see in this reality is "the light". It's needed. Not good nor evil. As our ego tends to navigate through the mist. Or our hearts. Or in your case, Truth.

    1. That's an interesting way of looking at it- a kind of Nietzschean approach, almost.

  9. As I stated in an earlier comment, the Prometheus story has always disturbed me a bit. Its interesting to note that in one version of the Prometheus saga, he was eventually freed from being chained and having his liver eaten every day as punishment for stealing fire by Hercules after Hercules kills Zeus'eagle with arrows dipped in the Hydra's blood, and then shatters his chains to release him from his rock.

    But then, in a twist--instead of running and hiding from the Olympians--Prometheus goes to Mt. Olympus and bargains with Zeus once more.

    In that bargain, Prometheus gets Zeus to agree to letting him off the hook for the whole "fire to mankind" wrap by telling Zeus the name of the person who will topple him in the end. Since Prometheus could see into the future, he got what he asked for and gave up the name of the woman (Thetis) who would have borne Zeus' son (Zeus had a problem keeping his Olympus in his tunic) who would eventually rise to overthrow him much in the way Zeus himself had overthrown his own father. This new Promethean bargain allowed Zeus the foreknowledge to back off his amorous attentions so as not to cause the his own death by his own vices. Thetis, as some might remember, was the mother of Achilles.

    Prometheus was always the friend and helper of mankind and argued and tricked the gods in various ways in order to protect human beings. Prometheus spent a great deal of time helping humans learn to take care of themselves by giving us things like language, mathematics, agriculture, architecture, etc. (does that sound familiar? Ring any bells?) All this during the time when the Olympian gods were at war with the Titans. It is thought that Prometheus switched sides (one of the Zeus' offers to the Titans if they helped him fight, he would spare them Tartarus and allow them to exist under his rule) in order to protect his "children"---us.

    So, by nurturing humans during a time when war in heaven threatened to end us, Prometheus emerges as a figure of help from on high. As a literal and figurative light bearer, he gives humankind the means to grow and thrive based on tools and technology that were gifted to us.

    The last bargain with Zeus finds Prometheus wandering out our of that story, free and no longer pursued by Zeus' justice. With his knowledge of the future, he creates a paradox by allowing Zeus to alter his course of actions and splintering off a new reality. Then, as the tricky Titan probably smirks quietly to himself--walks out of his story and somewhere into ours and loses himself in the mists of time.

    I think this bares up to what Chris is writing about here. That there is something clearly more to this story as we find remnants of it in many cultures and many variations of legends and heroes down through the ages.

    1. Well, as it happens Prometheus' prophecy about Thetis turns out to have been based in historical fact. My head is literally spinning over all this right now. I have no idea how to collate everything I've found into a blog post.

      All the pieces seem to fit. Why hasn't anyone put them together before?

  10. It's blessedly simple. A Lucifer is a divine king, as detailed in Robert Grave's "The white goddess", the male power in Nature that lives, and dies, and is reborn. Technology, war, and spook control are the essence of the patriarchy, and the whole cage and hall of mirrors is to keep the simple truth away from the ground.. the king must die, for the goddess is supreme. Enkidu lives, before the Battle of the Trees.