Exploring the Cinema of the Weird with Mike Clelland

Mike Clelland and I got down to it for a marathon, three-hour podcast on some of the mind-bending movies we've been digging into lately. From there the discussion travels down some very strange roads and covers some very weird ground.

Many people recognize the 1970s as the Golden Age of American Movies, but fewer realize that it was also a golden age for the cinema of the strange. The Internet has unearthed some long buried gems and Mike and I are there with our treasure map to help you discover some of these resonant, rewarding and downright magickal movies.

From Hidden Experience:
There is an almost forgotten genre of film-making that emerged in a narrow chapter of the early 1970's. Within this sub-set is a messy blending of creepy occult, ancient aliens and UFO abduction, and many of these were made for TV movies. Something weird emerged that seems quite evocative looking back on it now. 

We talk about The Stranger Within, The Cage (and lots of other Star Trek episodes), The Crimson Cult, Hangar 18, Night Slaves, Stephen King's Tommyknockers, Simon King of the Witches, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, In Search Of, the evangelical documentary Ancient Aliens De-Bunked, a series of 70's UFO documentaries with Rod Serling, the Stargate series, Mission from Mars, author Bruce Rux, the complicity of NASA in this weird mess, The Outer Limits, Night Slaves, Jeff Kripal, Jacques Vallee, remote viewing, Russel Targ, The Norrlis Tapes, The Invaders, Quinn Martin, The Mephisto Waltz, God Told Me To, Bedeviled with Louis Jourdan, Bill Cooper, Jack Webb's Project UFO and the genesis of the X-Files. (Whew!) 

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