Fool Me Thrice

Memento Mori

A month ago I wrote about how I was getting unwelcome 2008 vibes this summer, what with the trifecta of the Batman movie, the Olympics and the Election.

I spent a good deal of that summer of 2008 not only dealing with some truly weird high weirdness, but was trying to wean myself off a fearporn addiction, having become dependent on the adrenaline fix and trashcan gnosis of conspiracy media, which helped pass the time while I was alone in my office working.

I tried to put the blog on semi-hiatus in late August and posted only sporadically until early October when things started getting weird with the Election. Then I was sucked right back in.

2008 was a much different year than 2012-- there was a "Synchromystic" scene, very much like the early Hardcore scene in Boston. A small, fairly tight-knit group of bloggers who corresponded and collaborated. Rik Clay was becoming a part of the scene before he dropped out suddenly and fell out of communication with us. Rik and I had been talking about doing some posts together since we were both fascinated by the Olympics, though I didn't realize at the time that Rik's work was unfortunately influenced by a third party whose agenda was definitely not what it seemed.

I still haven't seen the Dark Knight movie-- the last one just doesn't sit right with me. Even now. Of course that film corresponded with the death of Killing Joke bassist Paul Raven, which formed the basis of a lot of posts since the Joker character was clearly modeled on KJ singer Jaz Coleman's appearance and the Alan Moore Batman graphic novel, The Killing Joke, was cited as an influence by the late Heath Ledger, whose death whipped up a publicity cyclone that made the film a blockbuster (the first in the series was only a modest hit in relation to cost and expectation).

Ledger's death is open to interpretation but the synchronicity with Paul Raven (whose own death via prolonged substance abuse was neither unexplainable nor unexpected) is testament to the power of how these archetypes can unleash forces and events in the real world that we never anticipate. The more loaded and potent the archetypes and symbols are the more deadly the results can often be.

This is a phenomenon I take for granted but with the rise of the Internet, a lot of people- particularly those who have been indoctrinated in fundamentalist religions- immediately chalk it all up to witchcraft and immediately get the pitchforks out. Stupidity and cowardice make a toxic mix, especially with so many little sleazebuckets eager to exploit that formula for a buck.

This Dark Knight saw the horrific massacre in Aurora, an event shrouded in mystery and enigma. The shooter attended a college campus funded by the Anschutz family, one of the founding families of modern Christian Fundamentalism (and who were also deeply involved in the Kony farce), and the case was given to a judge and DA who both have intimate ties to the Republican Party.

Aurora was also the kickoff of a series of shootings that were centered in historically Democratic congressional districts. The shooting in College Station, TX* was committed by a fringe right winger, who just happened to gun down a passing Democratic activist who was 100 yards away. That's some stray bullet. A magic stray bullet.

The most recent of which involved a weightlifting Nietzsche-obsessing skinhead named Floyd Lee Corkins from Virginia (Lee is traditionally a tribute to Confederate General Robert E. Lee), who attended the "Grace Brethren Christian School" for primary and secondary school and walked into the Colorado-based Family Research Council's DC office, waving a Chik-Fil-A bag and shot a black security guard.

And yet no one questions any of this, preferring to find comfort in harmless conspiracy theories about imaginary gungrabs and Manchurian Candidates. Some theorists have cited Operation Gladio, conveniently omitting this was a conspiracy of the far right against "Socialism."

You see, no one really fears those "jack-booted thugs." Fulminating against the "government" is costless, since it's such a nebulous target. Obama's done nothing about guns, and liberals don't really care about guns now that urban crime rates have been drastically lowered. It's just an issue to act morally superior to other (rural, conservative) whites about.

Complain about corporations and you risk being seen as a troublemaker at work and no one will hire you. Cause too much trouble for a company like Xe or Goldman Sachs and run the risk of having a dirty tricks squad sent after you (if you're lucky). But happily, many of your friends and contemporaries understand who "Federal Reserve" and "government" are codewords for, so attacking them won't get you into much trouble.

The Global Elite will love it since they hate government more than you ever could. It's the last obstacle in their way.

I'll be addressing the Election soon, since I fear we're going to see the deliberate aggravation of racial tensions in the weeks leading up to it. But by far the most personally irritating event in light of all this was the Olympics, which I recently blogged on.

Thinking back on 2008 I remembered not hearing back from Rik, I remembered getting emails from other people asking me if I'd heard from him and when it turned he had killed himself a lot of people got really paranoid. I never got the logic of the "Illuminati" (another codeword) having some obscure blogger killed for what he had revealed about the Olympics, given that a bunch of other people were posting the same exact information.

What's more, Rik's work here was taken from another source, who is alive, well, and extremely well-nourished. And none of it- not a single scrap of it- turned out to be based in truth. So if Rik was made to be afraid for his life - a state perhaps worsened by certain podcasters- about what he had "revealed," it was all for absolutely nothing.

The people who filled his head with terror won't suffer one bit- they'll continue to exploit the weak and gullible, scaring them with mirages rather than inspiring them to improve their lives through hard work, community effort and activism.

It has to stop. We have enough problems in the real world.

Listen, I get it- it's more fun to worry about these James Bond intrigues with mysterious global occult conspiracies with inscrutable motives than the almost insurmountable problems we face in our daily lives. But the time and energy wasted on imaginary problems could be spent dealing with real problems.

The other problem is that the radical right wing agenda that undergirds conspiracy culture is an impediment to solving those problems because the people who actually control huge chunks of conspiracy culture want the problems to continue forever and their dupes are terrified of ever having to take responsibility for the conduct of their lives.

So now we have sniveling shills recycling old counter-intelligence disinfo about countercultures at the same time they're trying to sell you their born-again Nazi shuck 'n' jive. And some uneducated dupes are dazzled by the empty buzzwords and pseudo-intellectualism of it all, not realizing these snakes in the grass always go out of their way to poison everyone's well but their own.

It's all a superhighway to Nowheresville. To being a bitter old crank, dying alone and unmourned. What a waste.

Tell you what, I have some ideas to submit for your approval instead;

• Work hard at a trade or craft and feel the empowerment and self-esteem that achievement provides. You may have talents that you may not know you ever had and they could support you for the rest of your life.

• Don't look for gods or gurus, look for ideas and inspiration. You'll never agree with everything someone has to say.

• Work toward self-sufficiency. Don't trust anyone to run your life for you.

• Commit yourself to a loving relationship and consider what a joy and blessing children are, whether biological or adoptive. Caring for someone besides yourself is a way to find power within yourself you never knew existed.

• Look to build bridges and find common cause with people outside your immediate circles. You have allies out there you never knew existed.

• Look at psychoactive compounds as tools of power and self-discovery, not escape and indulgence.

I have a feeling that if people spent half the time solving their problems as they did trying to find someone to blame them on, they'd find they didn't have so many problems. Maybe someday they'll give it a try.

* The McCain worker who faked a racial attack in 2008 was also from College Station.


  1. Excellent stuff, Chris. Words to the wise. I think a lot of people are caught halfway between a death-wish and complete self-maintained apathy. The desire for Doomsday scenarios, or conversely space-brothers coming to save us; both resonate closely with the death instinct, but in opposing ways.

    Maybe people are secretly hoping that if they avoid responsibility and creativity and insight, consciousness will finally collapse in on itself and relieve them of their troubles. But what if doomsday/apotheosis doesn't come? What if, like Jose Chung says in Millennium, we simply end up with another thousand years of the same old crap? That would be heavenly for the elites, wouldn't it? The groups that control this blue rock are absolutely terrified of all forms of genuine creativity and insight, so that's obviously exactly where we as a species need to be heading. I think ancient magics await us there.


  2. Thank you.

    I've been a reader since 2007, and never left a comment since I never had much to say about the topics.

    I wish you all the best.

  3. This is the most important post I've read here, (for me, maybe not for others)... I had to look up what fearporn was. I never knew there was a word for that!

    Although I am incredibly wary as seeing a psychoactive compound as a tool of power. Dangerous words.

  4. Thanks for this excellent post. Ourselves and our families and our communities deserve our best efforts. Spider and rat holes have gotten all the time they need to take from us indeed.

  5. Go see The Dark Knight Rises for your insights on the front line would be welcome. And frankly are needed. You can continue to work from a place of anger, if you wish to, but a mediated reading from an intellectual point of view from you would be useful. Thank you.

  6. Going to Skadattle to see King Tut and Imax Tut. On the question of all the gratis you receive for your word smithing, Chris you have helped craft a very special part of the synchromystic world. Those Winnipeg masters are siriously on their game but you have a soul as big as the sky. All, sun of an occulted nature community have enriched my life and mind's eye. I really hope you all shine forth by day! Dennis

  7. Great essay. Who was the third party influencing Rik?

  8. right on. Theres a lot of information out there, and it aint good. Your advice about what to do with this information is about the best Ive ever heard. Live your life, avoid the scams, and remain calm. But let's not delude ourselves that community activism is going to change jack-shit. The masses are totally gullible and thats why the only "revolutions" are those of the manufactured variety. Activism can be successful in local, NIMBY-type scenarios, but utterly fails in addressing larger, systemic problems. The problems are too big, and the slaves have to be at work on monday. The movements that do take activism to the next level strike me as spooks, like the occupy movement creating political leverage for something or other. I smell money behind most of the ones that get off the ground.

    I think thats why people are looking for apotheosis and doomsday as Raj points out. We're looking at a problem that has no solution, and our ego-desire to build a defense against this thing is stifled. The answer, if there is one, must be personal evil-lution, so called because the impetus for a radical transmutation is necessarily unpleasant. For what its worth, I think the apocalypse already happened, it did for me anyway.

    From that I glean that there may be some sort of breakdown of the control mechanisms of the collective subconscious, and I think that many people are having extreme paranormal experiences which cannot be denied by an honest observer. It may be an important trend or it may be a normal part of the valis tape-cycle.

    As far as new creative communities, good luck. In my experience, youre lucky to find a couple good collaborators willing to invest time and money. As you say everyone criticizes batman but they pay to see it, and usually fail to support or participate in original art. To me creativity is the ultimate drug, so its kind of sad that so few people want to play. I'm always open to collab, some of my best work comes from crossing the wires.

  9. @Chris
    "Who was the third party influencing Rik?"

    " Go see The Dark Knight Rises for your insights on the front line would be welcome."

    I agree with you Loren.
    I actually didn't mind all of the Batman films of Nolan's,to tell the truth.

  10. Hey Chris. Great post. I think one of the major lessons of the past few years must be that while there may be a small minority of elitists trying to tap esoteric energies for their own purposes, in the same way that the CIA were trying to tap the psychedelic gnosis in the 50s and 60s, the conspiracy is for the most part crude, literalistic, materialistic, and in our faces. In the era of the bank-bailouts, I'm not even sure it qualifies as a conspiracy anymore, in the sense of being even remotely hidden. Conspiracy culture was, and to some degree still can be, a useful tool for opening minds, but it has massively degenerated into a attentional switch and grab cultural narcotic scam, that engages people's energies with fantasies (which are for the most part massively overlaid with right -wing Christian projections, particularly regarding the beautiful pagan mystery traditions), while the main feature progresses uninterrupted; if you want to read about a tiny minority ruthlessly controlling and plundering the world, pick up a newspaper, not ats. The fantastic elements of conspiracy culture have gone into overdrive, in precise proportion to the degree to which the conspiracy itself has become more overt and explicit.

  11. "consider what a joy and blessing children are, whether biological or adoptive", I'm sorry, but that's a very romantic view of life.

  12. Fantastic post--something we should all take to heart.

  13. Thank you Brizdaz. I had a feeling that's who he was referring to.

  14. @T. Bermudez
    "I think that's why people are looking for apotheosis and doomsday as Raj points out. We're looking at a problem that has no solution, and our ego-desire to build a defense against this thing is stifled. The answer, if there is one, must be personal evil-lution, so called because the impetus for a radical transmutation is necessarily unpleasant. For what its worth, I think the apocalypse already happened, it did for me anyway."

    Well, that's a pretty good working definition of an outcome of apocalypse. IOW, it emotionally and analytically looks like there's no good way forward for humanity as a whole.

    Starting in 2009 I've been undergoing paranormal phenomena (before there were very infrequent subtle things - but now its more steady and in the face). I've become aware of it happening to lots of other folks via the Internet. In some cases my life has intersected with theirs resulting in outcomes I would not have accomplished left to myself (e.g., my intersection with Mary Sean Young and the two articles on Ridley Scott resulting from that).

    I hear plenty of ideas about what this so-called "awakening" thingy might mean.

    Chris in his own fashion explores this stuff several times a week in his blog; Mike Clelland and many many others do so too. The experiencers are all grappling to understand it and share it as best they can.

    I don't pretend by any means to know any definitive answer. However, in my gut I do not feel helpless and hopeless about things. That is all I can really say.

    For over 30 years from time to time I've contemplated this tragedy that marked me in early adulthood:

    Where Soul Meets Body

    I trust in this gut feeling more than anything else - it's been the most consistent thing along the way. No matter what the perceived bleakness from time to time, it eventually brings me back to a level place. Am going to ride it to the very end. So no bullet list of wisdom nuggets - just an inner sense of things - it's enough for me.

    As an aside, I was just listening to Linda Moulton Howe's RedIce interview of Aug. 3. At 59 minutes into the second members-only interview, she delivers a soliloquy that is the same fundamental message that I decoded from Ridley Scott's Blade Runner film (and that was punctuated by my take on Prometheus). Me thinks there's a convergence of consciousness afoot. (And am not interested in any opinions about Linda Howe - or Ridley Scott and/or Mary Young - that's not what is relevant here.)

  15. The Rik Clay thing still bothers me because I see an important balancing act that was missed with his youthful zest being taken advantage of & misdirected while opening up to new information and perceptions.

    Self care, especially learning how to eat for health, with balance, and even naturally treat illness would be a much bigger advantage to many than using psychotropic substances.

    Strong bodies can withstand more stress and develop less disease with proper care. Natural states of stronger mental insight and wellness often result from going on the higher roads of self-care. Young people often rebel into drugs to escape the status quo and sociopathic tendencies exhibited by a hyper-authoritarian world.

    Simple meditation and deep breathing on a regular basis, developing good health habits that can influence a lifetime of energy and behavior. I would encourage people look into the eastern systems such as yoga and chi gung to tune up the spirituality & physical balance thats so desperately needed in the current atmosphere of conscienceless, psychopathic people who are making it harder on the other 95% who actually have souls.

  16. Chris, nice post. Keep up the good work. I have read some of your blog and other posts and I have been down some of the same roads when it comes to synchronicities. Sometimes when synchronistic events occur, you find yourself asking, did some person or group cause this coincidence? Or did something not quite of this world cause the event? When researching conspiracies you will often find yourself in this murky realm. So conspiracies become like the proverbial cat in a box experiment waiting for a concrete resolution.

    With conspiracies, for whatever reason, the public mostly does not want to understand what is in the box... I think people are genuinely afraid there may be a "Gladio" in the box. My own research leads me personally to believe there is indeed something in the box: a destabilization campaign focused on the USA that began in the early 90s. What I am not so clear on, is who exactly is behind it other than that whatever it is, appears to want to see the U.S.A burn. And there are a lot of suspects for that.

    Consider some of the stuff you mentioned in this post... the Aurora James Holmes shooting, the Floyd Lee Corkins shooting in DC, and the Sikh Temple shooting by Wade Michael Page. You have THREE recent shootings that tie back to Colorado. And two prior shootings(Columbine and the FRC 1994 shooting).

    The D.C. Family Research Council is a spinoff of Focus on the Family which is based out of Colorado. In 1994 in Colorado Springs, there was a shooting at a Focus on the Family location. Sikh Temple shooting suspect Wade Michael Page had gone to school near Littleton Colorado where the Columbine shooting occurred. And then there is the Aurora shooting. So three major shootings in a matter of weeks seems to have trails leading back to Colorado? I am not sure what is behind all of this but what I do think is becoming apparent is that these shooters were part of a milieu that has some of its common roots in Colorado. What is that milieu? Consider that Colorado is becoming the new domestic spying hub with NSA and CIA moving in. Then there is that big Colorado Norad 9/11 failure. Al-Qaeda Agent Provocateur Anwar al-Awlaki was in Colorado. And then if you go back to the 70s it was Colorado that was a hot spot for Cattle mutilations after the CIA was exposed for domestic abuses. Add this up and what do you get? A lot of convergences of the U.S. institutionalized FEAR FACTORY coming together in Colorado.

    Chris, always keep a sense of humor and light spirit about all of this if you can. And do not get yourself entangled with disinformationists who will try to steer your blog into a ditch. Run this blog however you want. Just try to be honest and grounded in your work and all will be good. Try to work to help people overcome their fear and wake the F up. Most I believe are honestly looking for the branch off of this current nightmare police state path we are barreling down... but I think people can't wake up because they literally cannot integrate into their minds the events going on with stubbornly ingrained beliefs and assumptions.

    So try to imagine this is your your dream too and try to keep on the path to wherever it is you see yourself going and try when possible to help others get on their road too.

    It sounds like you have seen Synchronicity in your if they have been negative in your past as they have been from time to time in mine, try to find that proverbial place of calm within, hold out your hand to Synchronicity, let it get a sniff, drop your fears and try to let the synchronicities help to guide you down the road to better tomorrows.

    happy trails,
    Myth Breaker

  17. thanks for this post. i sincerely appreciate it.

  18. Here's a good pod-cast on the
    "Dark Knight Rises" by Jonathan Zapp
    for those that are interested;

    He refers a lot to Jeff Kripal's book
    "Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction, Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal"

  19. Very good advice Chris on lifestyle attitudes. You're right this stuff can be toxic to a persons mentality if they don't wake up to the "fearporn" aspect of it. I think the more astute person eventually realises that there is indeed something going on in the world but they also realise there's a lot of deliberate misinformation. It's an old intelligence methodology - poison the truth with a plethora of misinformation.

    The best way to deal with this is to look at whats actually going on on the ground, in the real world. That will likely lead you to more accurate analyses. However the masses don't want to do this. Many of them are astonishingly sure that their view of the world is correct even though it is actually naive nonsense. They really do believe everything they're fed by the mainstream media. It's frightening but you have to deal with these people calmly. You will make enemies if you don't.

    I believe there is a right wing agenda as you say but it's often dressed up in a left wing agenda. If you look at whats happening on the ground you can see the left being used to set up the chess board for the extreme right to come along. Mass immigration, multiculturalism, the undermining of moral standards, minority rights as a sledgehammer against majority rights are all promoted by the left and combined with economic collapse will prove deadly. The far right is on the rise throughout Europe. In France they were only 6% behind the eventual winners of the election. I can see the next ten years becoming deadly nasty. Interestingly, "fearporn" itself often has the effect of driving a persons views to the right as a reaction against it. So there are various forces at work with a tendency towards driving the individual to the right.

    Sadly reality may prove to be more worrisome than the "fearporn". Who's to blame? Perhaps the masses who refuse to think and particularly those on the left who refuse to question the wisdom of many left wing policies. They never ask real questions. But ignorance is not a strength.

  20. "...ideas to submit for your approval..."

    Outstanding! I wish more people would understand these simple principles/ideas... especially the last one.

    Well done post, Chris!

  21. There is a relatively new publication on Near Death Experience phenomena. Here is some info (links) and excerpts of an interview with the author here.

    However, given the tone of this particular blog posting by Chris and some of the sentiment expressed in the comments discussion that has followed, am reproducing some excerpts from the forward of this book (i.e., what is most important in life or how to live it):

    "Thus far, I have been regarding the materialism paradigm as on a par with other such paradigms that have been overturned in the course of the history of science, but I believe that there is something rather special and different about the present situation. There is a message hidden in all this research, and it is a message that successful academics do not wish to hear. The message is universal love. Every near-death experiencer is convinced that the purpose of life is to grow in our ability to give and receive love. And NDE researchers—as well as mediumship researchers—have themselves come to this same conclusion, but academic life is the opposite of loving."

    "Many academics would be horrified to learn what all near-death experiencers have learned. A successful life is not measured by fame, prestige, wealth, or number of publications; it is measured by how we treat one another, by our ability to live according to the golden rule, and by growth in our ability to feel compassion for others. But try mentioning this at any professional meeting and you will be laughed out of the conference room, and those with the most power and prestige will be laughing the hardest. One of the reasons this research is resisted with exceptional fierceness is because the message of this research — the message of universal love — is threatening to the power structures that govern science and academia."

    Carter, Chris (2010-08-23). Science and the Near-Death Experience: How Consciousness Survives Death (Kindle Locations 272-277 and 283-288). Inner Traditions Bear & Company.

  22. ignorance is not true bliss, despite what people say. true bliss requires acceptance and not denial, a deliberate turning away from truth.

    back on the prometheus track, truly elpis is hidden at the bottom of pandora's box, and perhaps that spirit is worth all the evils of this world... maybe

  23. Hey Chris, don't waste your time at RI unless you just find it good sport. It's fun to watch though, so don't stop on my account. But how many RI posts did it take for it to dawn on you that there might be a pattern to these events we are seeing in the news? Maybe 4 or 5 if that? The old timers at RI have been there many years. They don't see patterns. They don't connect dots. I'll let everyone fill in the blank on their own as to why they think that might be.

    For an interesting look at the phoniness that is RI, go check out this thread at RI called "RI "Bad" Guys: UR DOIN IT WRONG"


    What are "Bad" guys and "Good" guys doing together on RI? And what are the "Bad" guys doing wrong? Were the Disinfo Clowns that finally got purged in mass from RI the "Bad" guys? If they were, why were the "Good" guys and the "Bad" guys all on the same team playing footsie together under the table out of sight of their readers? What caused one of them to speak up and spill the beans?

  24. I'm just dropping in here and there- there are some intelligent folk there. I have my hands full with my own group, but I just wanted to clarify a couple things. It's all good.

  25. I'd have to agree that I definitely think there is a lot of "intelligence" over there. I also don't think they are all up to no good. But I do suspect some of the old timers aren't honest about what their purpose on the board is though. Any time someone goes in their to try and bust things up a bit and get people thinking I am all for it. Just letting you know that the old timers and mods are never going to let any discussions get too far out of the box.

  26. >"• Commit yourself to a loving relationship and consider what a joy and blessing children are, whether biological or adoptive. Caring for someone besides yourself is a way to find power within yourself you never knew existed."

    I confess I always avoided this point. "How could people think of bringing children into this mess?" I always prided myself in thinking. "When the time comes to run" I kept telling myself "it will be easier when you run all by yourself."

    Now I don't feel so self-assured, as the song goes. Now I'm thinking that if you're indeed all alone, there's no point in running anyway...

  27. Well, when your kids grow up- which they do before you know it- they can stand and fight with you.

    The world has always been a mess. It's been a lot worse off than it is today. And if the world just keeps on doing what its doing and doesn't blow up, you'll have someone to take care of you when your old and sick.