Conspiracy and Control in the American Twilight

Ted Torbich invited me onto his delightfully-named podcast The Stench of Truth to discuss current events, as well as the now-apparent horrific effects of a decades-long program to use authoritarian religion as a weapon against the American working and middle classes, particularly those in the so-called 'Heartland' and 'Bible Belt'.

As we'll see, it's a campaign that began when a morally-dissolute cryptofascist named William Randolph Hearst threw the considerable weight of his empire behind an obscure preacher named Billy Graham, continued when a CIA-run program called Campus Crusade for Christ created a phony counterculture based on Fundamentalist Christianity, a counterculture pushed by the entire media industry (but especially so by the Luce Family) and continues to this day, with techniques perfected in phony cults throughout the 1970s now being practiced in thousands of politically-motivated churches all across the United States.

Like any real conspiracy*, this conspiracy has produced real effects. And those effects have been devastating- a deeply divided populace, a working class trained from birth to think like Medieval serfs, endemic poverty, unemployment and despair all across a country that was once the envy of the world.

Where will it end? Quiet yet persistent efforts are now being made to dismantle the United States, which I predicted would happen several years ago:

Here's a sci-fi scenario for you: In 2015, the country is split into at two separate entities. The northern and coastal states are incorporated into a new federation with Canada, which is run on technocratic principles and gives rise to cloning farms, genetic engineering, cybernetics and mandatory, lifelong education.

Meanwhile the southern and western states are opened wide for multi-national corporations- relentless drilling, strip-mining, clear-cutting and factory farming have reduced millions of square miles into a moonscape. Unions, minimum wage and OSHA are completely dismantled in this new confederation, as are public education, health care, libraries and other New Deal legacies.

Buckle up and batten down the hatches, we're in for a very, very rough ride in the days to come.


Click here for the article cited in the podcast, "The Battle For Your Mind: Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today" By Dick Sutphen

* Meaning unlike all of the ridiculous, imaginary conspiracies peddled by Luciferians and pompous little Nazi stooges.



    I am constantly aware of the FRAMING essays from the book DON'T THINK OF AN ELEPHANT. The first few chapters changed the way I look at the political rhetoric from the right.

    THe book (linked above) is short and the first few chapters are all you need to read - you'll get the point.

    The strategies are using VERY sophisticated manipulation techniques, and they are unimaginably well funded.

  2. British pop singer Cliff Richard often worked with Billy Graham.

    Which seems eerily similar to this cult film from Peter Watkins.

  3. There is an interesting article titled "Isolationism" that is available in pdf form at either for download or embedded at that page. My understanding is that it was written in the 1960s from what might be called a paleo-libertarian point of view. (Though I suspect that the same attitudes also underlie Ron Paul's current isolationism.)

    Some of it is hard to follow because it discusses people and events of the 1940s and 50s who were still household names at the time without making much attempt to define who they were. But a few points jump out as extremely illuminating.

    I initially came across it because it mentions Stafan Possony, a then-recent European refugee who after World War II was variously a military strategist and adviser to the Pentagon, an advocate of missile defense systems who is credited with being the intellectual godfather of Reagan's Star Wars system, a fanatical anti-communist, and someone with a major side interest in psychological warfare, propaganda, mind control, psychic warfare, and UFOs.

    The article, however, refers to him at a much earlier period -- in 1940-41, when he was doing his best to push the United States into the war by reinforcing "the hysteria engendered by Hearst's geopolitical theories." Hearst and Luce were the major promoters of war at that point, because they had dreams of American empire, while both the right and the left were largely anti-interventionist. That was exactly the point when Luce invented the propagandistic notion of the "American Century" (a phrase which was the inspiration for the Neocons' more recent Project for a New American Century -- and which I think Romney has also recently used.)

    The article also makes it clear that the China Lobby was in place even before the US entry into World War II -- not when the communists took over after the war -- and was fueled from the start by dreams of American control over the wealth of China. And it suggests that a kind of proto-proto-October Surprise occurred in November 1941, when Chiang Kai-shek scuttled an American proposal that could have prevented Pearl Harbor. (The proto-October Surprise, which got Nixon elected in 1968, would also be the product of the China Lobby. The third one, executed by the Reagan campaign in 1980, was a lot lamer.)

    There's also some discussion of how the South was a natural basis of this agenda (along with Wall Street bankers and plutocrats), because southerners had both a racist attachment to the idea of Anglo-American hegemony and a resentment of the German and Irish immigrants of the North who had been a mainstay of Northern victory in the Civil War.

    As I say, a lot of the specific politics is hard to follow. But what comes through clearly is that it's always been about American Empire -- and that everything since has followed that same trajectory. Even the fake fundamentalist counterculture didn't really start in the 1960s. It goes back to the early 50s, if not earlier, and grew out of a belief that a proper empire needed an inexhaustible supply of soldiers who were motivated by traditional religious and patriotic loyalties, were obedient and not too independent-minded, and were prepared to have lots of babies to replenish their ranks.

    (Yes, even the anti-abortion fixation is about Empire. It's *all* about Empire.)

  4. Yes you're right Chris, there is a right wing agenda coming from the the sources you mention and it's also peddled by subtle and clever left wing sources who put in place the conditions for the right to flourish eg. mass immigration, multiculturalism.

    As for Ayn Rand's philosophy, it's the kind of philosophy that gets the better of people when they have an intellect uniformed by any "religious" or "spiritual" experience and is similar in that regard to atheism. These people don't grasp that all their opinions are based on information that comes to them through the senses, but the senses are limited in nature and thus, so are their opinions. If a persons perceptive capacity increases through certain experience they can have a complete volt-face on things like atheism. Rand makes the mistake of thinking that technological progress is the only progress when in reality such progress is really a dead end. Hence all her tiresome competitiveness. Rand's philosophy is an elite philosophy but it always reminds me of a question asked by Zen teacher Richard Rose - "Does a person have power or are they over-powered"?

  5. WTF are you writing about now chris? Are you serious? Man you are a flip flopper as far as i can measure your posts. From what I've read so far there is no concrete foundation in which you write your theories.

    Ayn Rand and the rest of the technocrats is what this world needs now. Not any more new age closet freaks like you.

  6. Kuga, I'm confident your reading comprehension is as strong as your grammar. And start signing your real name or don't post here anymore.

  7. Chris,

    I was alarmed and concerned to learn in a recent comment that you are in fact a "new age closet freak". Can this really be true? I had you pegged as a parlour man, or perhaps even a pantry man. But, closets? And a new age closet to boot? This tests the limits of my political correctness, for sure. Oh, no...does this mean you are secretly a crawlspace guy? Say it isn't so! I mean, I am as tolerant as the next American, but I draw the line at crawlspaces! Dear God, what is this world coming to!?

  8. Kuga man, you are on glue.Ann Rand needed now more than ever? The fascist neo-cons poster girl is selfish and demented/whack. Kuga sman, really? What Tomfooolery you have in your minds eye. Respectfully, Dennis.

  9. Hey Chris,

    Fascinating conversation with Ted that covers many points and is filled with a ton of information that people need to hear. As I wrote on FB, in connections with your thoughts on the possible dismantling of the US:

    "You kind of have to wonder if these recent spate of shootings aren't engineered or at least exploited to create psychological, political and economic fault-lines within the United States in preparation for some kind of soft civil-war."

    "You also have to wonder if these right-wing terrorist factions within the US armed forces doesn't also extend to the Intelligence agencies - and might be part of a similar overture concerned with the creation of such fault-lines. We might be looking at a critical moment for the future of America. We might be looking at a secret military intelligence war being waged on American soil."

    Now, I'm not talking about some Illuminati fear-porn scenario, but something very real and grounded in human psychology. I'm talking about factions of sociopaths and fundamentalists within the military-intelligence services that could be using a combination of right-wing domestic terror groups and evangelical mind-control techniques to throw the US into a kind of religious/realpolitik chaos - the creation of a feudal agenda, as we have discussed here before.

    Forgive me if my comment seems a little obvious or unfocused. It's just recently I've been noticing a host of odd intuitive connections between things, but cannot really bring them into focus. My conscious mind doesn't seem able to fully understand what my subconscious is recognizing. But it seems to me that a pathological, infighting population is a fertile breeding ground for control. We're seeing more and more of this. History is filled with it.

    Thanks again for some excellent information and analysis from you and Ted!


  10. Does anyone else get the feeling that a wave of political assassinations are coming? I've always thought Obama will be assassinated, not so much to make a martyr of him, I believe he will be destroyed politically first, but that there will be an overt right wing fascist coup with Obama as a scapegoat. I'm also not sure how comfortable the dominant political faction in this country is with Mitt Romney, he coming from the Mormon faction. I got a feeling a storm is coming.

  11. Obama has so visibly gone out of his way to place nice with the CIA and the national security establishment that I'm quite sure he's deeply aware of the threat of assassination and has done everything conceivable to guard against it. Not that this is a good thing -- since it's brought us drone assassinations, the prosecution of Bradley Manning, and several other execrable policies -- but I would expect it to continue to be effective.

    I also believe that an overt fascist coup is unlikely because fascism was originally designed to keep the workers in line for the benefit of industrialists -- but the US isn't an industrial nation anymore and doesn't have many industrial workers. The financial vultures make out very nicely with chaos, thank you, and would probably find that the stability of fascism doesn't give them enough room to operate.

    That said, I agree thoroughly that a wave of something nasty is likely in the cards -- but if it's assassinations, it will probably be aimed at mid-level people who threaten the status quo. The last few honest senators. Federal prosecutors or state attorneys general. The same sort of people you see being taken out in Mexico. And those who benefit will be the criminals and the exploiters of chaos.

  12. great podcast. I am digging out a book to reread UNDER THE INFLUENCE: the destructive effects of group dynamics. Similar to the work you cited if memory serves correct.

    Cheers to you and your work!

  13. @Cory
    The implementation of fascism is pretty chaotic and you can see it starting with the Tea Party already. And since you've had an outbreak of real protest like Occupy, however co-opted it might be, the powers that be need to keep this in line. Look at the Tea Party as modern day brown shirts; not all of them but some are radicalized enough and believe unions are the enemy and part of some liberal establishment that they could become head breakers.

    As far as Obama goes, I believe it was always part of the script for him to die. He's like Carter 2.0. They are going to run him into the ground. He was put in as a scapegoat and to blame all of the troubles on socialism, if only Obama were a socialist. I believe something will be revealed on him, whether it's something to do with his birth certificate (notice how Mitt Romney is making cracks about it now) or questions about the death of Osama, something will be brought out that will destroy him and make him look like a traitor. Just a theory I've had for a while now.

  14. Hey Chris - that was a fantastic interview, really fascinating and thought-provoking. The stuff you were talking about in the second-half (Jesus people, neutering of the counterculture, ect.)really reminded me of a trailer I saw for a documentary called Smile til it Hurts: The Up with the People Story. Not sure where, or if, it fits in, but definitely has that vibe of what you were talking about:

  15. Sorry in advance for the length of my post.

    Now, let's take this stuff a step further. What is the ultimate goal?

    Globalism under some wack ideology?

    "Q. What is communitarianism?

    A. Communitarianism is a Dictatorship of the Community. Unlike communism, which established a Dictatorship of the Proletariat, communitarianism is the more advanced stage of human social evolution.

    Q. Is this just a harder to pronounce version of communism?

    A. No. The emerging communitarian global system has many similarities to both capitalism and communism. Most of its homeland judicial structure, land and resource use policies and social welfare programs were tested and perfected by totalitarian communists in Russia, South America, Europe and Israel. The communitarian's financial and economic system was tested in the western imperialist and capitalist nations as well as in many of the former colonial states and developing nations classified as Third World.

    Communism branched far out from its 19th century roots. Committed members evolved into Fabian Socialists, National Socialists, National Communists, Democrats, Christians, Republicans, Catholics, Fusionists, Evangelicals, Zionists, Pagans, Masons, LaRouchies and Libertarians, who all eventually adopted the common ideology of free market socialism. Imperial British American capitalists and Global Free Traders merged with mercenaries, academics, mobsters, environmental scientists and natural resource experts who all just happen to also promote free market socialism, known in academia and the higher courts as communitarianism.

    The basic 1848 communist theory was that capitalism and communism were two necessary, conflicting, temporary stages in human social development. The final happy stage would arrive when the whole world descended into chaos and all sides to every conflict finally synthesized under one perfect ideology. Although Marx called the communism stage a dictatorship of the proletariat, he never said what the final stage would be called. It's our thesis that the final stage in the Hegelian-Marxist dialectic is called communitarianism."

    One of the main characters pushing this:

    "The religious basis for communitarianism rests in the oldest dialectic still in existence, the Talmud. Dr. Amitai Etzioni of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at George Washington University in DC is the American guru. He's a former Israeli commando who studied the Talmud and the Kaballa, and according to him, this makes him the international "expert" on how to build more livable communities."

    Dangerous stuff.

  16. Are you sure there isn't a more obscure and meaningless doctrine you can pretend to be afraid of? I'll wait if you want to give it some thought. Maybe you can find something with even fewer adherents and influence than communitarianism.

  17. Hey Chris
    I've seen a bunch of people pissing their pants over communitarianism. David Icke and this Brian Gerrish guy in England keep going on about common purpose and communitarianism. You have all these conspiracy theories around these harmless movements (maybe common purpose isn't good I don't know) but everyone ignores that Brian Gerrish was an officer in the Royal Navy. This doesn't raise red flags with anyone. Kind of like Bill Cooper always being Naval Intelligence.
    I can't understand how these people who should know better get sucked into these nationalist movements. They ignore the real elephant in the room, which is christian fundamentalism and white supremacist nationalist movements that are on the rise and gaining popularity through conspiracy media.

  18. @EXP/LAB
    Way to take Marx out of context. I'm sure everything you know about him has come via right wing conspiracy literature. Through that filter the man's philosophy is totally distorted, mutilated. Maybe if you actually read Marx you might find a lot you agree with. I also love how right wing conspiratology takes Hegel out of context as well.

  19. Chris when are you going to quit covering for the Aborigines? They've infiltrated every level of government and media, they just change their names. It all started when they took the Bible out of schools. That was the first plank in the Aboriginal manifesto.
    They first got the British to commit genocide against them so they could go underground. That is when their attempt for global domination started in earnest. It's only a matter of time before their satanic belief that man and nature are connected infest our children; this might actually cause our young to care about the environment more than they care about gay marriage, then God help us all.

  20. Listen, it's all just basic marketing. Give the people what they think they want and *you* can have it all.

    Christian fundamentalism and white supremacist nationalist movements for the tighty righties.

    Communitarianism (and related) for the "progressives" and assorted "lefties".

    Both roads lead to some weird globalistic "system" eventually. One "true" religion, one "true" leader. Somebody *always* wants to be the ultimate leader.

    Why is there a head of the UN? Because any community/group *must* have a leader. By their thinking anyway.

    So. Who is for a total global government? Just a simple show of hands would clear things up.
    No tedious discussion of "isms and ologies" is needed really.

    The people that want total global government are working hard to make it a evidenced by this article and podcast. The right wing wants *someone* to rule over the earth. They really don't know who..but that's another discussion.

    The left also wants their "somebody" to rule over the Earth.

    This whole thing is not about people living as peers or individuals. Each faction wants somebody to rule over them. Somebody, anybody who is "right" in their eyes. I don't even think they have fully thought it through.

    Do you belong to a faction? Or are you truly independent? By only focusing on the rightwing, you seem to be solidly picking a side.

    If you claim to be independent, there are a lot of (left *and* right) humans that want to differ with you. Possibly even to your death.

    This blog (and others) point out the signs and symptoms...but what are they all for? What is this all leading up to? Something only a human could dream up...or something else?

    You know...forget the Aborigines..maybe it's the *neutral* Swiss that are the cause of all the problems! Because they won't choose a side, they have thrown the world into a HELL of competitive marketing.

  21. Hold on-- there are cloning farms?

  22. PS - I congratulate your unmasking of the (so called) christian right's brainwash program.

    It's always better to be the unmasker...than the unmasked!

    Would really like to see a good in depth unmasking/detailing of this "technique":

    The techniques that page describes sound amazingly similar to the MK Ultra/right wing techniques described in your podcast.

    "The process used to “facilitate” the meeting is called the Delphi Technique. This Delphi Technique was developed by the RAND Corporation for the U.S. Department of Defense back in the 1950s. It was originally intended for use as a psychological weapon during the cold war."

    If true, why would the "left" use a technique developed by the "rightwing" in their so called "Agenda 21/Communitarian" related meetings? Hmmm...

    Maybe because there is no "right" or "left"?

    Is all this marketing theater ultimately just the result of simple human brain chemistry/desires...or something bigger?

    That's the toughest question to answer. But let's just stick to the unmasking of the techniques for now. This is key.

  23. listened to the podcast. like your voice. one thing - I would be inclined to think that rand's thinking is deliberately muddied in the states due to the fact that she was and is very dangerous to the twisted sense of capitalism you have there. this is my personal opinion based on having read many of her works and finding very little in them that would match the views and actions of those who loudly state her as an idol, nowadays and in the past decades (greenspan is probably the best example). also from what I gather the organizations responsible for her legacy, like the objectivist movement, are shams.

    anyway. priceless analysis on religious cults. here in f-land the catholic church has never had a prominent standing throughout our history, thus the number of scandals of child molestation among them here is zero. instead, there has been huge abuse scandals among jehovah's witnesses and pentecostalists, both christian cults of remarkable size in lutheran f-land.

    the link for the sutphen article does not work - is this the same?