2012 Olympics: Fear Strikes Out. Again.

And it's people like you that want to keep us living in fear as well. So you can make a buck off it.

All of these predictions, all of these alleged inside sources, all of these alleged whistleblowers, all of these leaked plans, and what happened?


Well, that's not exactly true.
We saw a bunch of sporting events with a bunch of games that that no one cares about anymore, some glitzy and remarkably nationalistic opening and closing ceremonies with some surprisingly weak symbolism sprinkled here and there, empty seats and rain.

The Guardian did a surprisingly thorough job breaking the story about all of the insane Olympic predictions, digging into the Fundamentalist fever swamps of Godlike Productions and Above Top Secret. You know, those profit-driven fear factories that are destroying the collective mind of their predominantly working-class and lower middle-class audiences by filling their minds with baseless paranoia and religious hatred.
The basic scenario goes something like this: while the world's eyes are on London in 2012, a spectacular alien invasion will take place at the Olympic stadium. Or so the public will think; it will actually be a hoax invasion, orchestrated by the New World Order as an excuse to stage a global coup d'etat.

Terrified by the appearance of aliens, the world's populace will surrender their civil liberties, and "they" – a vague array of elite cliques such as the Bilderberg group, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and dynasties such as the English royal family, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds – will have smoothly achieved their goal of a single world government, economy and religion.
All of this was based on the ridiculous fantasies of a long-dead religious fanatic, who I strongly believe was being fed information by outside sources. The result was the Project Blue Beam hoax, a cobbling together of old Star Trek plots meant to wean conspiranoids off UFOlogy. It worked wonderfully.

What The Guardian doesn't mention is that this all springs from the fetid collective imagination of the extreme Religious Right. What The Guardian will never mention is that the Religious Right program was unrolled by Nixon's CIA at the EXACT SAME TIME that they destroyed all of the MK Ultra documents (meaning they ended the research phase of the program).†

The evidence for the 2012 "false flag" plot -- all of it-- was based pretty much entirely on some wanker playing around with the logo and cutting and pasting until it read "Zion."
There it was. Anything was now possible.

The stupid just keeps a-comin'

Then there was the old USENET wishdream that Prince William (aka "Balding Billy") will be crowned "Antichrist." Of course, this theory was first circulated by Fundamentalist bedwetters when he was young and dashing. It seems more than faintly ridiculous now that he's middle-aged, balding and schlubby.
Prince William is the obvious choice for king of this New Jerusalem because of his royal bloodline, his birthday (the 21 June – the summer solstice) and the fact that he will be 30 years old in 2012, the year of the 30th Olympiad.
It's amazing in retrospect how little all of this incredible outpouring of sheer, pantpissing hysteria was based on; just little scraps of crap cobbled from this and that.

Of course, what this was really all about was making money, so the big paranoia pimps took the ball and ran with it, and they ran all the way to the bank. London, Zion, the Royal Family, black people running around; it was all tailor made for the adult diaper set. Ka-ching!

I have a prediction to make: the fact that it came to absolutely nothing at all won't phase a single soul. Ian Crane (a former oil industry executive, God save us all) is already taking credit for warding off the false flag attack on his Facebook page.

Alex Jones will simply bully, bluster and intimidate his way out of it all. The rest of the nutcases will carry on like something happened, because it's a constant apocalypse inside their heads.

And meanwhile, Rik Clay will still be dead. The victim of men who have no shame, no morals and no sense of decency.

The official verdict was that Rik took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed." There were clear pointers to where Rik was heading, says John. A few weeks before his death, he had suffered some form of mental breakdown. He had jumped out of a third-floor window, fracturing his heel. His parents took him in for six weeks.

"During his time with us he was not the Rik that we knew and was mostly very withdrawn," says John. "He told us that he had things in his head that shouldn't be there but would not elaborate, which was quite normal for Rik – he would only tell you what he wanted you to hear. Rik could be quite obsessional."

Another close friend of Rik's also believes his death was caused by a combination of his work and his mental health: "It's a stressful arena, conspiracy stuff. You can't trust anything any more. What level do you take it to? If you're passionate and paranoid, it can really take over, and I think that's what happened with Rik. He wanted to get to the bottom of everything. Unfortunately the result of that was that he pulled apart his own reality."
Before the Olympics began I begged off, having had enough of this game. Why? Because it's a waste of time. Every minute you spend playing someone else's game is a minute you're not spending improving and enriching your life and sharing ideas with and enjoying the company of your family and friends.

Uh, no.

There's nothing behind all of these little symbolic displays that will enrich your life. It's all a bunch of charlatans fooling around with things they don't understand and in the process poisoning everything for everyone else. Symbols have power but that power is being whittled away by constant repetition and gross misuse:
All of that is why I'm more than a bit hesitant to spend any time trying to "decode" the Dark Knight, the Election or the Olympics this time around. I've no doubt there are all kinds of sulfurous easter eggs to be found, but are they worth sticking my head in someone else's psychopathy to find them? Because at the end of the day, all of the crap you see planted out there, all of the so-called "Illuminati "(sic) symbolism is nothing but a waste of your time.

Maybe some of the phony conspiracy sites out there--which are bankrolled to the hilt by the same exact people they pretend to "expose"-- gave the game away, or maybe people caught on to the fact that this shit is a distraction, that it never gets you anywhere.

Because it's all designed to steal your attention. It's like any provocation; the point is to focus your attention on the provocateur, who underneath whatever ideological drivel they paint over it all, are just exhibitionists and narcissists, using other human beings as mirrors.

But I did go out on a limb and make a prediction about the London Olympics. But unlike the so-called predictions of the money-grubbing paranoia pimps, my prediction came true:
I know I'll get my Super Illuminati-Fighter secret decoder ring repossessed for saying so, but right now I don't see anything happening in London but dreary, obsolete sporting events and sogginess.
Will there ever be a reckoning? Will the people who sow fear for power and profit ever be recognized for what they truly are, and not as prophets or freedom fighters? The alternative media is on a treacherous road right now, and it's a one-way, downhill trip.

Do yourself a favor and find another ride.

UPDATE: Here's what I wrote in response to a FB friend: "Our cultures and societies are in decline because they have been infested with the virus of mindless, irrational fear. It batters our immune systems, it cripples our neurology and it keeps us from reaching our potential. Cui Bono?"

UPDATE: I am still seriously pissed off at Rik Clay's suicide. I'm getting more and more pissed off about the more I think about it. Rik needed someone to help him sort things out, not trot him out like some conspirapuppet for profit. His family lost a son and we lost a very promising researcher, something that is in very short supply these days.

And then after we lose Rik, we lose Mac Tonnies, another great mind who thought way outside the box. Yet lying fascists
-- and plagiarizing, turncoat weasels-- are everywhere, spreading fear for profit. How many Jared Laughners are out there, being programmed by these 24/7 fear-freak machine? Is that what we're really seeing this summer?

In other words, the experimentation was over and the real mind control agenda was going live and worldwide, 24/7. The real- the ONLY- mind control program was being sent out not only to a hundred million Americans but to hundreds of millions of people all over the world using a infrastructure put in place by some of the richest families in America and maintained by the taxpayer. And it has worked like a charm for four decades now. After screwing around with drugs and wires, they discovered that the most powerful mind control tool on the planet could be found in every revival tent in every Bible Belt burg- the neurolinguistic tricks of the Evangelical preacher.

And the jewel in the crown was the oldest tool in the warlord's kitbag- FEAR.

Give nothing but your contempt to anyone who tells you differently. Do they really think we are so stupid to believe that these guys are so amateurish and petty that they spend their time worrying about a tiny handful of hippie weirdos and not the teeming masses in their billions? It would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic.


  1. You said it over two years ago. It has almost become a religious rite of passage:

    "The Olympics were named for Mount Olympus, home of the gods. They were created by Hercules and were meant to entertain the gods with the athletic prowess of their creation. And now we see all of these alien motifs time and again, both subtle and not so much."


    It appears people just can't hold themselves back from predicting disasters and aliens for every Olympics that comes along.

    But you are correct, this year was so much worse than it usually is.

  2. I don't recall seeing this level of absurdity and hysteria with previous Olympics. As to the alien symbolism- well, yeah. It's hardly a state secret- it's pretty open. Does that mean it's some signal of a false flag alien invasion like some of these people were claiming? Does that question even need to be answered?

  3. There's a lot more to all these negative prophecies than recent Olympics. They've run hand in hand with channelers, conspiracists and even double-teamed with the Contactees in the forms of Laughead and Martin.

    In a sense they're meaningless to the wider world and only gain in volume as they reverberate around this small place. Whereas Laughead's crank claims hit Life magazine, I think our current examples only raise small rippples.

    I don't know if these subjects attract a higher frequency of those with shades of mental illness. That isn't to suggest any more than a minority, but doesn't it seem that these subjects provide platforms for people who like shouting 'Fire' in theaters? Worse still, there are many more who look for it, join in and share their fears. The internet has linked them all up and provided apt conditions for the fear-monger eco-system to creep along like mould.

    Some are professionals like Wilcox, but the motivations of the rest are speculative. At the worst extremes, I worry that some represent the mental illness of last year's nurse (Dinkel) who incited suicidal people to death. Some of these BS stories could be originating from twisted mysanthropes as much as bored kids.

    Now and then, I get into debates with these types and generally it's like raising your voice to someone who can't hear - futile.

  4. The idea of fundamentalist religion as mind control seems very credible. I wouldn't be too surprised if the same people pushing extreme Christianity here are also pushing extreme Islam around the world as well. Or at least strongly connected to the sects.

    Also, as much as I dislike cults like Scientology and Mormonism, I have to admit that I find their most vociferous critics to be equally distasteful and most than a bit scary and single-minded as well. Scientology is basically small potatoes compared to the influence and insanity of the loosely connected but very profitable evangelical and fundamentalist churches in the US.

  5. Hey Chris,

    As someone who used to live minutes away from the Olympic Stadium, and commutes through the Stratford complex every week for work, I can tell you that the area has a very weird vibe that as an Intuitive I can't deny. But I think this vibe/energy or whatever serves as a receptacle for the attention-grabbing spell-work that was the Olympics (fairly grubby, banal spell-work at that).

    Like you point out, all this symbolism is nothing more than a provocation - to keep us looking at the shadows on the wall of the cave while they attempt to rip the freedom right out of our hearts and minds. Everything is mediated now, everything is circumscribed, and that's the real conspiracy - Imaginal Dominance for money, power, and most importantly, the continual pursuit of that power.

    It's not just about sating the sick appetites of the power-brokers, it's the continual maintenance of a system that ALLOWS those appetites. It's about pushing extremes further and further, and witnessing all the freakish ways that hearts and minds buckle under such pressure. It's about the thrill and spectacle of abused people defending their abusers, and becoming abusers themselves.

    We need to wake up and realize that the true goals of the elites are capably served by a pathological population; money, power, sex and dominance. And you're absolutely right, Chris, when you say that Fear is the most profitable commodity. We import and export it daily, especially when we mistake conspiratorial pornography for truth-seeking.

    All the while our genuine freedoms are being stolen away and replaced with changelings, freedoms that will be very difficult to get back. There are artists out there that understand this fear-driven, attention-stealing gene-therapy; a system of provocation that captures consciousness and replaces it with a shiny, mechanical construct.

    We are being disemboweled whilst being told that we are being individuated, and self-knowledge and lucidity are the only antidotes to this desecration. The X Files understood this, William Blake understood this, Shakespeare, Goethe, and many others.

    Thank you, Chris, for continually presenting us with excellent insight, commentary and analysis. Folks would do well to notice the bravery and honesty in your work and try to incorporate it into their own.


  6. And thank you Raj, not only for your always insightful comments but your on-the-ground reporting. I wonder if it's maybe the people these paranoia pimps front for who are responsible for those spells, which are really just base psychological manipulations in disguise. They're all working towards the same agenda- a sick, weak, beaten-down populace that poses no threat to anyone.

  7. Here's what Morrisey has said about the Olympics, and I would largely agree:


    "I am unable to watch the Olympics due to the blustering jingoism that drenches the event. Has England ever been quite so foul with patriotism? The 'dazzling royals' have, quite naturally, hi-jacked the Olympics for their own empirical needs, and no oppositional voice is allowed in the free press. It is lethal to witness. As London is suddenly promoted as a super-wealth brand, the England outside London shivers beneath cutbacks, tight circumstances and economic disasters. Meanwhile the British media present 24-hour coverage of the 'dazzling royals,' laughing as they lavishly spend, as if such coverage is certain to make British society feel fully whole. In 2012, the British public is evidently assumed to be undersized pigmies, scarcely able to formulate thought.

    As I recently drove through Greece I noticed repeated graffiti seemingly everywhere on every available wall. In large blue letters it said WAKE UP WAKE UP. It could almost have been written with the British public in mind, because although the spirit of 1939 Germany now pervades throughout media-brand Britain, the 2013 grotesque inevitability of Lord and Lady Beckham (with Sir Jamie Horrible close at heel) is, believe me, a fate worse than life. WAKE UP WAKE UP.

    Unless you're here, truly in the thick of it, it's extremely difficult to understand just how staggeringly successful the London Olympics has been, as it always was intended to be.
    And it is the London Olympics, as if London is a seperate country to the rest of the U.K.
    I recently discussed with a friend how London is an isolated bubble world, prosperous and insulated from the stark reality of the rest of the country.

    Still, the fact of Britain's sporting success at these games has seems to have produced a euphoric (third?) wave, with athletes such as Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Bradley Wiggins (allied to his Tour De France win), Chris Hoy, et al, are being deified in a manner I have never before witnessed in this country.
    Athletes being the perfect conformist icon for the masses: taught to "play the game," know their place, be just intelligent and articulate enough to understand how to follow instruction in training and preach the corporate line when trotted out to the media, and by default being anti-intellectual.

    Too much thinking is dangerous thing, dont'cha know?

    You mentioned previously how the games seemed set to be an abysmal, and redundant, anti-climax in dreary, rainy London.

    On the contrary, in this media branded (with a hot iron on the forehead of the common man and woman) land, where recession proof Londinium shines like a beacon overlooking the decimated carcass of asset stripped Briton; for the power elites of this country it has been a triumph.

    With all that term's imperial connotations.

  8. Speaking of carrying on as if something had happened, a caller on the Coast to Coast interview with Hoagland you shared in the John Carter post hauls him up over the fact that nothing happened with Elenin and it certainly didn't turn out to be a spaceship.

    Thing about the internet... if you say the sky is going to fall and it doesn't... well, YouTube keeps your prediction forever. I think alternative media is in for one heck of a market correction.

    And this is unrelated but, as an adopted Londoner, I'd respectfully push back on some of those characterisations... how do you an opening ceremony without being accused of nationalism? (And if you sat through the Diamond Jubilee this was a breath of fresh, unbiased air!)

    But seriously... blame NBC rather than Danny Boyle.
    The rest of the world loved it.

    I watched it in a bar in Paris and even the French grokked it. It may look like an afterthought in the US but, quite frankly, if you watch it without Matt Lauer setting American stereotyping back forty years ("Madagascar made famous by a cartoon"?) you may have thought better of it.

    Can't argue with soggy, though. Shit damn this weather.

  9. Richard and I disagree on a lot of issues like that but he takes his lumps when he calls it wrong. And remember that he was speaking out against all the fearporn about it being a cosmodemonic death harbinger, which was certainly all over my FB news feed. But he's certainly always been bang on about the weird ritual dabblings of the space program and the direction we're seeing with the private space programs and all the rest. And not to be a brat, but if Elenin was something besides a piece of flying ice we'd never ever hear about it.

  10. Oh, he's unquestionably a king of awesome and I have Dark Mission in my suitcase with me right now.

    In retrospect I should have used Wilcock's sheepish climbdown from the whole 'mass arrests' thing as an indicator of alternative media's imminent reckoning. Hoagland does indeed rock his climbdowns.

    Should also have mentioned... I adore the conclusion you reach in this post. Was too busy being bratty myself to mention that.

  11. Great post Chris! A few weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine emailed me and asked, "Are you aware of what's going on with the Bilderberg Group right now? Please tune in to Alex Jones and get caught up!" I hadn't spoken with this gentleman in a couple weeks and was aware that he was also simultaneously experiencing marital stress (now separated). I told him to be careful and not to get saturated in fear-mongering and to make sure he balances it out with alternate perspectives. His reply, which crazily is getting less and less strange by the moment, "Oh, no worries! I've been getting very much into spirituality these days." Thanks for continuing to set an example by turning over subtle stones, and discerning what lies within the cultural cracks and the empty spaces in-between. Excellent, thought provoking work, which once again holds valuable insights and lessons for all to see and hear. Well done.

  12. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing isn't it?

  13. Bang on as always about the funda-MENTAL-ists. A few decades back when Charles was a lot younger they had him pegged as the next Antichrist in waiting. All these Olympics were designed for was to brainwash the public once again & turn attention away from the Government's appalling handling of the economy.

  14. The Illuminati outdid themselves in that closing ceremony. The abysmally untalented Fat Boy Slim, positioned at the head of a glowing Cthulhu - Dealy Plaza re-enacted by taxi-cabs around the tentacles of the Star Spawn - must see what VC made of all this...

  15. @Tristan
    Not to mention the band
    "Take That(!)"
    singing a song about ruling the world,while wearing admiral type uniforms.
    And the phoenix rising imagery as well.

  16. there is no place for fear in the warriors heart, but certainly caution. and frankly false positives might save your life someday, which is a hell ofalot more than i can say about false negatives, so give superstition its due credit, it has done well by us humans historically.

    now this antichrist idea, how silly is it really in light of the potential for real christ/s to exist, and i dont mean jesus, more crossroads or an axis? the idea of false prophets, or leaders that lead people to damnation is not even a question in the modern world, more a given. for a thought experiment, waht would an inquiring mind look for realistically, if actually going out w/ the intent of finding an anti-christ/starchild/indigo/false-prophet?

    "Our cultures and societies are in decline because they have been infested with the virus of mindless, irrational fear. It batters our immune systems, it cripples our neurology and it keeps us from reaching our potential. Cui Bono?" while true, let me propose some options.
    1. no one benefits and its simply disease expression.
    2.its our karma for letting soldiers/children destroy their mental/spiritual health for "our" benefit.
    3.some radically disparate culture such as aristocracy or oligarchy or royalty or celebrity or fill in the blank.
    4.cultural genocide (new technology is at fault)
    5.hesitantly, i also have to consider the stress is part of the behavioral sink aka population saturation

    so the olympic athletes are treated as demigods, while their handlers/sponsors are treated like true gods, in good olympia tradition. as far as im aware, the only gods many of these people worship are science and materialism, leading to steroids and gene-doping and this absurd tape nonsense, maybe the corporate logos really do help performance? the under-armor logo as masonic square and compass? like that actually has any power, or the star of david, or the sri-yantra, the image itself is not power w/out the observation or what not.

    now i heard gene doping in a different context in the comments above, but i was amazed 8 years ago when i read about gene-therapy being a genuine threat to the olympics and would need to be tested for like steroids, the tech becoming stable enough to prevent the explosive cancer, or maybe not. now i figured gene therapy would come along eventually, w/ whatever blessings or curses it was going to bring, but what amazed me was that a genuine reality was hardly addressed by the conspiritards, maybe it didnt test well? even today there is almost nothing on it, even w/ lots of talk about monsanto and franken-foods. the potential is there, but if these "amoral" and irresponsible idiots are reckless, real nightmare fuel. the new jason borne movie is addressing this, a little late for the olympics, but there has been a thread for some time, think dark angel.

    the olympic athletes have become notorious for lascivious behavior lately, despite the olympics being a traditionally nude competition. now dont get me wrong, im not against open or healthy sexuality but when the rest of us that arent "demi-gods" are attacked w/ stds and awful slutshaming religious or not, i feel a little resentful that the aristocracy and trust-fundies get to have their eyes wide shut freedoms. all the while... sucking and f*cking all the talent and beauty out of the world and masses, when there is so much power and potential for healing w/in all that beauty and talent and healthy sex. what happened to the hippies free love taking back sex from the squares and priests and suits and abusers? for that matter what constitutes healthy sex in the context of evolutionary biology or human spirituality? maybe its a cultural thing, like the templar sex rituals and left-hand magics from the buddhists to the temple of set?

    (comment too long 1/2)

  17. (2/3?)
    now cultural genocide, excuse my tangent and/or intoxication. maybe im out of touch, but how is any of this connected to british culture what were seeing? where is ground zero, the hellmouth? LA? the vatican? DC? Cheyenne mountain? in the FPS doom games it is mars, in fringe its boston/Reiden Lake? dem big eye owl/grey glasses the young people are so into. whither aliens physical or not are the source, or some nazi relics from around the world and just human intelligence communities, or neo-feudal oligarchy being so divorced from the peasantry, there are spiritual realities that have been reverse engineered here today. many of them are implemented idiotically, and maybe marketing is the worst in my opinion, but the fact remains whatever the source. my question becomes whither we did it to ourselves and developed to fast, and now our cultures are collapsing under the massive weight of our own genius? or if an accident, a result of contact w/ some "other" intelligence poisoning us simply by their presence. the history of foreign technology resulting in cultural genocide is well documented, and cultural, much like literal genocide has never been a pretty thing to see, much less experience. if anyone knows what happened to the mohawk children who tried to speak their native tongue, its not pretty http://itccs.org/2011/10/13/mass-genocide-of-mohawk-children-by-uk-queen-and-vatican-kevin-annett-interviewed-by-alfred-webre/ maybe im getting myself in trouble by saying it, but i dont think anybodys arguing that there aren't child murderers, its what do you do about it? sandusky is onging and still relevant.
    maybe our fate has been sealed ever since the french revolution failed?

    "it just doesn't matter!" -meatballs
    now i read on twitter recently the challenge now is how to create healthy and resilient communities w/o triggering "panic now + give up". somebody mentioned breaking it down into clear granular action plans, also optimistic hardasses. if the olympics or professional sports are any indication, visualization methodologies are genuinely highly effective. some next level jedi/zen miracles become a standard of competition, white moments. yantras are powerful things, if only for memory and detail retention, the tech has been effective for some time.

    Im definitely going to put some thought into the mk ultra cover up and the satanic panic, but the fact remains SRA really does happen. i think the timing is extremely suspicious, and ive always felt that propaganda was very effective vaccination against certain info sets, but i still cant decide whether thats a good or a bad thing. i think the guitmo rumors are a very strong indicator that where there's a will there's a way, and a country that is torturing people to death, excuse me, "dying during interogation" doesnt seem like a healthy or sustainable culture, so maybe its best it is superseded by anything else. (even the british) ive always thought american culture was ok, if only because it wasn't english, but now days i cant say for sure. call me a hater but teh stakes are that high. addiction to control is a terrible thing, like any addiction it is always justified, always. the illusion of control being the most dangerous, and those that want to save the world really want to control it etc. i wish political ponerology was required reading for the occupy movement, but im not perfect myself.

  18. i for one refuse to be a victim, and this trained helplessness seems to be on the rise, but there is still hope i think. Morrison's outer-church and/or archons and/or this incestuous political clusterf*ck we call government will not make me into a sexless worker drone. they can keep their eyes wide shut, and the dirtiest joke in the world http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Aristocrats_%28joke%29 i just want to take sex back from them, if only for the sake of avoiding the behavioral sink for as long as possible. would anyone even notice if the head were cut off, or would it all continue to lurch around like a chicken? 2012 will come and go just like 1984, how can surviving be wrong?

  19. Absolutely Awesome Sir,I do what I can to put your work in front of as many eyes as I can. Just another central Mass kid from the 60's and very early 70s saluting you from San Diego via a long stay in Vegas.Take care and Blessings to You and Yours.

  20. wow chris. every thing you write has to be a good opinion?

    i don't get this blog. are you a spook?

  21. That Guardian article was interesting, but I sure wish they had been this thorough when it came to the Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
    Steve Rose even mentions 9/11 in his article, but not the Guardians' own involvement in the Iraq conspiracy.

  22. Kuga, it is important to keep a critical mind. Look back in time of this blog and you will witness intense critical mindset. Shineforth brave souls! Dennis

  23. So ... 9/11, Madrid 3/11, London 7/7, Bali (twice), Mumbai, illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now Syria and soon Iran ... apparently if you think that there is any Globalist 'Agenda' behind any of this, then it is based on nothing other than paranoid delusion! The FACT that events since 9/11 have played out almost exactly as prescribed in PNAC's 'Rebuilding America's Defenses', published in September 2000, is pure co-incidence! Nothing to see here; so just keep lining up for your vaccines and your SSRI's, drinking your fluoridated water, eating your DNA changing GM foods, sucking down the Chemtrails, believing everything you read in the MSM, working 100 hrs a week to keep buying sh*t you don't need and sitting glued to mind-numbing TV while the global economy is systematically destroyed... then you'll be able to continue to live your life in blissful, unadulterated ignorance! Call it a hunch ... but I'd say we touched a nerve! LOL!!

  24. Chris, I saw the posts you did over at Rigorous Intuition. Good work! If you read much of RI you probably already know that those guys are mostly playing games over there. The active members over there are mostly all old timers doing the same old doom and gloom dance they have been doing for years. Jeff Wells used to write dark and gloomy posts tying up all of world events into some type of Satanic Cthulhu based super conspiracy. If you take a closer look at the membership of Rigorous Intuition you will find that there are a number with ties to fundamentalist Christianity or even Catholicism. You mentioned the case of the Catholic child abuse scandal in Ireland. The child abuse scandals coming out of Ireland and the Netherlands from the Catholic church have been absolutely massive. The Catholic church is the number one child abuse sanctuary in the world. You wouldn't know that from reading RI where most child abuse is kept neatly contained in a box called "The CIA"(which has been historically heavily Catholic). RI mostly pushes the angle that ritual abuse is mostly the work of the government(as opposed to organized crime networks and the church). Jeff Wells himself has said he is from a fundamentalist background and attended a school in Canada that is known to have had a child abuse problem. Then there is the whole case of murder and rape among children in Canada's aboriginal boarding schools. That is another story that doesn't get much attention at RI. What does get attention at RI are stories that border on the ridiculous... such as the Satanic Panic stories promoted by John DeCamp, a guy who was involved with Operation Phoenix torturers who plucked peoples eyes out of their sockets. He probably has a lot to hide I would think. John DeCamp talks alot about Satanic conspiraces, but what he doesn't talk much about is the Catholic church angle to all of this abuse. Has there been satanic ritual abuse of children? Yes there has... guess what? Much of it from within churches. That doesn't mean there are no real Satanists out there doing bad things.. but I have begun to suspect that part of what this Satanic Panic is all about, is an organized disinformation campaign to cover for abuse within the Catholic church. I think there is more to it though... I am also beginning to suspect that the whole UFO, Satanic Panic, Illuminati, New World Order gumbo is also somehow connected to Catholic and anti-communist campaign on the USA to keep people distracted from more serious crimes. And that most of the agents of this effort have been historically American and European Catholics involved with anti-communist activities, the European Unification movement, and union busting. The FBI and CIA as you know have had heavy Catholic influence since their beginnings. This is the milieu out of which the entire UFO mythology was born. What is the UFO phenomena about? It's been an experiment in changing and controlling belief systems on a massive scale. A trial balloon for them to understand what is possible. There was a lot of UFO, New World Order hype right before 9/11. Triangular UFOs in the late 90s that were starting to edge up on heavily populated areas in the USA. Top secret triangular trial balloons. Then after 9/11 the UFO stuff died down again as war hype built up. I believe your assessment that the real mind control project that came out of the mid 70s was a mind control project that began on the American religious right is mostly correct. Now we are just all waiting for you to do a write up on the subject.

  25. That's great, Ian. Keep throwing everything but the kitchen sink in there. No one will pay attention to the years and years of predictions that came to absolutely nothing. Well, no one but the brain-dead conspirasheep. But they'll fall for anyone with a spooky story.

  26. Myth, thank you for this information. I don't really know the scene or the player over at RI so I will refrain from commenting on that, but as to the reality of MK in the Fundamentalist/Evangelical movements- and Fundamentalist movements in Islam and Judaism as well- I will continue to follow that. Click on my "Secret War" tag for more info.

    As to the UFO stuff, I definitely think people like Cooper were tasked to put a lot of UFO mythology out there while there were a lot of experimental craft being tested. Then as soon as they were all put in the field, Cooper et al turned around and disavowed the UFO stuff and turned back to Fundamentalism. And when Cooper was no longer useful and got too crazy and violent, they held a "retirement party" for him. I think the UFO movies now are about desensitization for the military- the dehumanization agenda we see with the zombie stuff.

  27. I am not so sure the Zombie movies and zombie video games are necessarily part of a programmed attempt to desensitize people as much as simply Hollywood has been on a slippery slope that started in the 70s and Hollywood and game designers are simply trying to push the envelope further and Zombies are all the rage right now(I do think there may be some type of military element to recent odd Zombie stories in the media. Drug spiked bread in France and Frank Olson comes to mind). As for war movies, I would agree with you there. There is a proven collaboration between Hollywood and the U.S. military. The Iron Man movies I believe had heavy support from the military. But the military working with Hollywood has been there since the beginning. What is different I think is that there are very few anti-war movies these days. No more Apocalypse Now movies or Full Metal Jackets. Everything is pro war cheerleading... no introspection about all of the people who are getting their lives destroyed with all of these wars and no thought about much taxpayer money is being swallowed by the Defense industry. The opposing voice in Hollywood is almost totally gone.

    Thanks for tag link to the Secret War stuff. I will check it out.