Fool Me Twice (UPDATED)

I guess if you live long enough you see reruns of everything. And these days that's not much of a feat, since the nostalgia cycles have gotten shorter and shorter. This summer is giving me major 2008 flashbacks- the Olympics, the Elections and new Dark Knight film, all loaded not so much with bad mojo, but with bummer mojo.

This blog has changed a lot since 2008 and it's changed because I chose to follow my research where it led me, not the other way around. I really don't care much what "they" are doing anymore because I really don't believe in the Christian Fundamentalist myth of a worldwide occult elite that so many non-fundamentalists seem to have internalized in place of the authoritarian deity they no longer really believe in.

That's not to say I don't see the elites as black magicians, but they're black magicians of a more mundane type, steeped in the grimoires of Bernays, Strauss, Rhodes and Hegel, using the occult tools of currency and market manipulation, media mindfucking, brute force, and when all else fails, fundamentalist religion.

I'm actually more of a "conspiracy theorist" than ever before, but not the hyperventilating/hysteric/working-on-my-first-coronary-event Alex Jones type of theorist, but more along the lines of a prosecuting attorney, who in the real world files charges of conspiracy every day. To me, there's nothing arcane or magical about conspiracy, it's just plain old corruption. And then I start to wonder if all of the nonsense with the occultism is Barnumism, meaning it's all part of the shill.

It goes something like this: lift someone's wallet and you're just a common creep. Rattle some chicken bones and scatter some boneyard dust while you're at it and you're a juju man, a dark mystery to be solved.

Stage magicians- simple deceivers- are really nothing but experts at the arts of distraction. If those no-hopers- with their bad comb-overs and stained teeth- can figure it out, who's to say an army of MBAs and corporate lawyers can't adapt those same principles to their own Vaudeville acts?

I must say it's gratifying to finally hear people acknowledge that yes, we do have elites and yes, these elites serve their own interests first. It seems that four years ago people would look at you like you just farted if you pointed out that there was a permanent ruling class. But this has all happened despite the fearporn pimps, not because of them.

In other words, all of this "Illuminati" bedwetting didn't diminish the esteem of the ruling class, it burnished it by painting them as invincible wizards and not simply corruptible workaholics.

All of that is why I'm more than a bit hesitant to spend any time trying to "decode" the Dark Knight, the Election or the Olympics this time around. I've no doubt there are all kinds of sulfurous easter eggs to be found, but are they worth sticking my head in someone else's psychopathy to find them? Because at the end of the day, all of the crap you see planted out there, all of the so-called "Illuminati "(sic) symbolism is nothing but a waste of your time.

Maybe some of the phony conspiracy sites out there--which are bankrolled to the hilt by the same exact people they pretend to "expose"-- gave the game away, or maybe people caught on to the fact that this shit is a distraction, that it never gets you anywhere.

Because it's all designed to steal your attention. It's like any provocation; the point is to focus your attention on the provocateur, who underneath whatever ideological drivel they paint over it all, are just exhibitionists and narcissists, using other human beings as mirrors.

From what I've seen and read about the Dark Knight, it seems as if the fascism has been cranked up to 11 and shoved in your face in three dimensions, but we're all so hungry for spectacle that even the most cloying liberals are giving it a pass. I wonder if it will be the same as the first two; hypnotizing spectacles that fade from memory like the DTs.

It's gotten so extreme that fanboys are actually sending death-threats to critics who aren't fawning over the movie, which is especially disturbing to me since I'm convinced that these same fanboys probably won't be able to tell you a single plot point in the film come Halloween.

We're also having an (alleged) Election here in the US, which is starting to feel less like a 2008 rerun and more like a remake of the 2004 Election, with Mitt Romney in the John Kerry out-of-touch zillionaire patsy role
. It seems less like a race than one of those dance marathons from the previous Depression, where entrants danced 'til they dropped. No one is excited about these two shills, no one believes either can undo the damage the aforementioned elite ruling classes have done to the economy.

Then there's the Olympics, which I can't quite put my finger on. It's almost like there was some strange agenda planned but it's all gone pear-shaped. Again, there's that weird belief/wish that "They" are infallible (ever notice how only evil is infallible to some people?), but something seems off. Like something is going very wrong.

The fact that England is getting hammered by torrential rains may have a lot to do with it (I'm sure London is lovely, but it never seemed a good fit for the Olympics for this very reason), but there's something else going on that seems a bit on the infallible side as well. I know I'll get my Super Illuminati-Fighter secret decoder ring repossessed for saying so, but right now I don't see anything happening in London but dreary, obsolete sporting events and sogginess.

But at the same time, I must say that I've always had my own agenda when looking at these events, one that's usually a lot different than the paranoia pimps. But at the same time even that got to the point where I felt like an accomplice, like I was dragooned into some secret crowdsourcing ritual. And that's pretty much why The Secret Sun 2012 is a lot different than The Secret Sun 2008.

But the good news is that there are a lot more of you reading now than then, so I'm obviously not alone.

Bateman, The Dark Knight.

UPDATE: From death threats to mass murd
er. I had a bad feeling - Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight workings have unleashed a host of bummer vibes, increasingly becoming more fascist, brutal and dehumanizing. Even the mainstream media was starting to notice it. The problem with those kind of signals broadcast over so many wavebands is that once in a while they reach the wrong target...

We've been talking a lot about this on the group recently (the films are semi-officially known as the "Dark Knight Workings" in Sunese) but everyone was shocked by the shootings in Aurora, CO, apparently by a nutcase dressed as Bane. As per usual there will be the usual baseless theorizing, because we live in a culture where absolutely no one can ever -must never- be held accountable for their own actions anymore (I wish I could convey how deeply that infuriates me).

But by the same token, Nolan has been playing with fire for some time now.
His films--not just his Batman films-- are slick, decadent celebrations of dehumanization, sadomasochism and totalitarian control. This week started with death threats on his behalf and now this. Maybe some other factors will be at play- undoubtedly they will.

In the meantime, read this piece from 2009, where I talked about the strange, hypnotic spell Nolan conjured with The Dark Knight, and how the audience's reaction was remarkably like a post-hypnotic trance (the aforementioned "media mindfucking"). Interesting given his breakthrough film was about a guy who can't form memories....

I posted James Howard Kunstler's review of The Dark Knight on The Solar Satellite. Excerpt:
The rich symbolism in this spectacle represents the tenor of contemporary America as something a few notches worse than whatever the Nazis were heading toward around 1933. We like nothing better than to see people suffer and watch things get broken. The more slowly people are tortured (including the movie audience) the more exquisite the pleasure derived from the act. Civilization offers no consolation. In fact, its a mug's game. Thus, civilization is composed only of torturers and their mug victims.


  1. Absolutely awesome Chris, great read, and definitely on track

  2. Hey Chris,

    This is a fantastic post with a ton of truth in it. I agree with most of what you write here. I personally do believe in the existence of 'occult' cliques of rich and powerful men and women - but with certain very important contextual qualifiers.

    I think the overwhelming majority of these cliques are simply fetishistic through-fares for human trafficking, child pornography and drug dealing, etc - and would have strong links to fundamentalist religious institutions. I think, like you suggest, that to imagine most individuals in these cliques having any spiritual seriousness is burnishing and glamorizing the mind of the psychopath.

    These cliques are the figurative equivalent of a Chris Nolan film; to an outsider they are sepultural, monolithic and darkly mysterious. To an insider they are nothing more than a hollow promise; a cardboard dungeon - machines of business primarily, but also places that implicitly promise the indulgence of horrific appetites.

    They're a tease, a glamour, mere stage dressing. The real sadism and chaos-worshiping and sexual perversion goes on mostly in the cold light of day. A Blind Eye Turned is Another Chain Earned, in my opinion.

    To be a genuine magician, whether 'black' or 'white', takes focus and diligence and an appreciation of subtlety and nuance. And most of the plutocracy simply isn't like that - they have a sledgehammer consciousness, not the finesse to generate real magical acts.

    Genuine 'occult' black magic is not a complete fabrication in my experience, but it is extremely, extremely rare, and is usually the work of psychic but deeply damaged individuals or tiny ground-level groups of the same - and such groups are full of unpredictability and unknown variables (and usually don't last very long).

    Real magic - using synchronicity and PSI and interconnection to consciously generate real-world specificity - is very hard to do, whether positive or negative, because Mystery doesn't bend so easily to Will (despite what The Dark Knight or Crowley might suggest).

    But, see, I think the banality of real evil is lost on some people. Reality is NOT horror fiction, even though it might seem that way sometimes. Reality in these matters is a boring kind of horror, the horror of garden-variety corruption taken to staggering depths, not the horror of Psyche's Shadow as filtered through the mythic imagination.

    This is what the myth of Illuminati is really all about - using the mythic imagination (dark, mysterious cabals, arcane rituals, evil puppeteers united in sinister purpose, etc) as a cover for the worst and most banal forms of everyday corruption. We buy into it, and the psychopaths chuckle.

    Truly, it IS a stage-magician's act we are witnessing with all this 'occult symbolism', not real magic. It's a sleight-of-hand: "Keep looking to the shadows so that you are blinded or apathetic to what's going on right in front of you."

    I say all this as a writer and reader of gothic, horror and dark fantasy fiction - and as someone who has spent a long time studying the way fiction and fact inform or contextualize each other. I hope you get my meaning here, Chris.

    Great work, as ever. Hearing you speak the truth on this blog is always incredibly refreshing and uplifting, my friend.


  3. Right on, Chris! After slogging through a lot of the same conspiracy theory stuff as you have, I've come to much the same conclusion -- that most real conspiracies are like the LIBOR guys sitting around in a back room somewhere fixing rates, and that attempts to spot occult symbolism so esoteric that only the experts even know it's there are pretty much a dud.

    Except ... that there is a middle ground that I've been trying to get a handle on for a while. It has to do with the "creation" of reality through advertising and propaganda, through the manipulation of symbols, and through appeals to low-level sex and aggression.

    If you're familiar with Ioan Couliano's work, I'm thinking of the stuff he talks about in Eros and Magic in the Renaissance. This kind of psychological manipulation has always been an aspect of the occult, but not a very deep one. It's more on the order of the shamans with their masks and bullroarers conning the uninitiated into following the dictates of the "spirits" because that's the level on which they're capable of understanding. And it's also what elites use to keep the common folk either bamboozled with mindless entertainment and fundamentalist religion or so traumatized with violence and perversity that they become easy to manipulate.

    So yeah, maybe some people in England are attempting to concoct a semi-paganized belief system out of Stonehenge and William Blake to make up for the fact that the English have largely abandoned both their patriotism and their religion and that Great Britain appears to be on the point of devolving into fragments. But if they are, they've got to do it crudely and obviously enough to get through to a tabloid-reading public.

  4. Raj - I was fascinated to see your comment after I'd posted mind and find that we're saying much the same thing from a slightly different angle. And you also remind me of another point -- which is that even though some of the elite may lust after occult power (the same way they lust after every kind of power), the place they're coming from psychologically blocks them from ever attaining it.

  5. Re:
    "I know I'll get my Super Illuminati-Fighter secret decoder ring repossessed for saying so, but right now I don't see anything happening in London but dreary, obsolete sporting events and sogginess."

    I hope that you are right Chris,but the time is ripe for a last desperate lunge at the line by the military industrial Complex.
    I'm sure their sights are set on the Iranian oil fields.
    It would only take one more big event.And don't forget that old saying
    "all is quiet before a storm".
    The best way to scare an audience is to lull them into a nice relaxed state...then BOO !!!

    But I hope the event turns out as dreary as the weather that they are having at the moment...and that we don't see a false flag flying among the real ones.

  6. Hey Chris -
    I will veer off topic a bit, so please pardon me -
    I'm just a bit freaked out right now - I've told you before that I'm a news anchor in the Southeast, and since early this morning (4am Eastern) we've been re-reporting on the shooting during the airing of the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora Colorado. Reminds me again of why you've said you haven't liked the last couple of Dark Knight films. Well, looks like the Juju men went to work. By now you know at least 14 people were killed and 50 injured during the shooting during a street riot scene of the film. Check the details of the story and you'll see how obviously planned this all was. The alleged shooter supposedly wearing a gas mask, bullet proof vest, poppinig a canister of tear gas just before the shooting, etc.
    As I firmly rub my decoder ring, I note that all this sounds horribly pre-meditated, and that someone is using the gloomy aura of this film to create more gloom. And yeah, the numerology of the day and date do appear significant, at least to my feeble attempts at the art. So to you and fellow readers I simply say, make of this event what you will. And I acknowledge that yeah Chris, the creepy authoritarian vibe you say you've detected in the Nolan Batman films is really showing itself solid as concrete this morning. My prayers go out to the victims here, and I hope all us other folk who try to stay sane will meet with success. I was planning on seeing the film this week - Not sure I want to see it at all now, or even hear about it ever again.
    Warm regards-

  7. Good post, as always!

    This has been making the rounds on YouTube lately, and some of the commentors think that it's tied in to the upcoming Olympics. I'd love to hear your opinion.

  8. That was an almost darkly prophetic comment of mine above,especially the time it was posted.
    I had a real bad feeling about this movie,but I never saw that shooting tragedy coming.I just had bad vibes about this movie opening in cinemas this week and the feeling something bad might happen.

  9. ya ive been getting the same feeling about the olympics chris, very strangely feel compelled to get a ticket to go to england and see it for myself, but shouldnt waste cash for plane tix. strange that i feel like ive had this feeling for at least 5 years now, before the last olympics. something about london i guess, as for anything peculiar at the event, it was anounced couple days ago that daniel craig will perform as james bond in some kind of helicopter stunt thats been very hush hush till now. get this, her lordship big liz the queen will be making her first acting debut, EVER.

    oh this just in, the aurora shooters been identified as 24 y/o james holmes. dunno what links dkr with the olympics opening tho, unless its just the epic espionage action... honestly dont think so tho

  10. Corey,

    You make some very interesting points in your comment. Suffice it to say, I think that when genuine bad juju occurs it's kinda like a mobilized, directed pathology, but isn't always connected to a conscious intent. That kind of dark, heavy psychic atmosphere is often like a Golem or Tulpa - perhaps originally created by someone's conscious maleficent intent, or just a collection of dark impulses that somehow becomes untethered - but the gestalt in either case becomes uncontrollable.

    This makes sense from a purely psychological perspective. We don't even need to introduce the concept of magic; we simply need to remember that wherever lust, power and distortion are combined the consequences are always intensely negative.

    Again, this is just one guy's opinion, but I really don't buy the majority of dark occult conspiracy stories as anything more than a stage-dressing of the banal. It might be more accurate to say that conspiracies do exist that are wrapped up in occult paraphenalia, which the underlings might take seriously because it jazzes them and creates the illusion of depth to their pathology, but the real players will be laughing about the power of stories to cloud men's minds.

    It's the same in any fundamentalist religion; the underlings are evangelical and thus incredibly hostile - while those at the top congratulate themselves on a stage trick well-managed. "Whatever greases the wheels, asshole." That pretty much sums it up. That's how they see us and those that work for them, as idiots for seeing the badly written delivery-system rather than the actual corruption contained within it.

    Again, I acknowledge the existence of dark magic only because that has been my experience, but it's important to point out that a worldwide black magic elite of genuine dark sorcery could NOT sustain itself. Real dark magic is deeply invasive; it leaves trauma, mental illness and broken practitioners in its wake. Trust me. It doesn't create politicians and businessmen who are still able to go about their machinations, leading sinister double lives. A fully-functioning large group of rich and powerful genuine dark magicians would be a very, very rare thing indeed.

    To anyone who's interested in what I'm saying here; go read Alan Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, Philip K Dick, and then reverse the polarity. Imagine the emotional, intellectual and spiritual antithesis of the depths and nuances that those artists discuss, and the results might lend credence to what I'm suggesting here.

    Peace and Love to All

  11. Right on again. I am frequently amazed how synchromystically (or whatever) your posts reflect my own train of thought on a week by week basis. That alone could excite quite a bit of paranoia, were it not for considering the Jungian underpinnings of [y]our thought. That is to say, the conspiracist obsession with 'Illuminism' of the elites, for instance along the lines of branding and marketing of content (Dark Knight et al. included) may be largely an error of applied epistemology. Synchronicity (symbolic, thematic, current-events-driven for instance) just HAPPENS. Conspiracy, manipulation of mass perception are MADE to happen. So what warrant is there to take the former as evidence for the latter? All too frequently, it seems, there is not enough to male a difference in how one lives ones life for the better -- that is, unless one wants to enter the same general field occupied by the likes of Jim Marrs, R.C. Hoagland and scratch out a meagre existence based on slender threads of (possibly) ersatz epistemology. Who is the ultimate taste tester going to be?

  12. excellent rant Chris...the only thing I would add is that their Magic is now very real and it is called technology, which continues to be advanced via physical and mental slavery for the purposes of warfare, control, and of course entertainment.

    Continuing my reexamination of certain x-files episodes, I feel that the tunguska/terma eps contain a particulary oily occult exegesis. Your excellent work in explaining the underlying, non-alien subject matter of the show is particularly highlighted in these eps. I think we can agree that 99% of the audience will focus on the aliens, and that their ultimate takeaway from the show is echoed in Mulder's speech to the committee, urging space exploration and further scientific and technological advances. Meanwhile, in the cold war subtext, what does the black oil represent? It seems to be associated with rape as Mulder is held down and mounted from behind by a doktor with a needle and an incredibly sick look on his face. Next we see Mulder, the black oil is being forced into him and it takes over his mind. I think a clue to this lies in the strange, eye-sized hole through which Mulder communicates with the geologist.

    As you say, it's only getting uglier but we cant seem to look away.

  13. The Olympics. I'm not sure if many people outside of the UK have heard about the security fiasco. The company who were preferred providers for security for the events (G4S) have messed up big time by not recruiting and training staff adequately and this has resulted in the army and police being used as security for the events. Was G4S's failure engineered for a purpose and it's not all gone tits up but exactly as planned? Last week the Ministry of Defence over here announced that it was cutting regiments in an attempt to make efficiency savings, something it has not done before and the result of which would make a lot of people unemployed. On the same day as the cuts were announced, a passenger traveling on a 'meggabus' on the motorway reported to the emergency services a fellow passenger acting suspiciously and 'blowing smoke into a bag.' The emergency services were on the scene as quick as a flash and these included army personnel and army hellicopters and the result was a 35 mile tailback on a major motorway. The offending passenger accused of being a terrorist was in fact using an electronic cigarette which gives off water vapor! Seriously, you couldn't make it up, the world has gone fearmongering mad!

  14. Hi Chris,

    I've been a big fan of your blog since 2008, and in part it has been because of your excellent analyses of symbolic events that has inspired me recently to begin my own blog.

    I can well understand your not wanting to give any more attention to the sickos who run society and their sad rituals. I can also understand your frustration with symbolic conspiracy-porn sites like Vigilant Citizen, which are also suspect in my eyes.

    What is missing though, and this is something that I think you provided back in '08 and onward, is a peak behind the veil that's BEHIND the veil.

    In other words, conspiracy theory sites are strictly that -- they make the grand assumption that every event out there is the orchestrated product of a nearly omnipotent, all pervasive uber-conspiracy. That's where they stop. I fully agree with you here that to halt at this level really only contributes to the myth of the God-like Elite and tightens our own shackles.

    I think this is the key reason why guys like Alex Jones and especially the very articulate Alan Watt are given so much airplay -- they constantly reinforce the idea that there is nothing outside of the control of the dark engineers of this world. This is utterly, and perhaps intentionally, disempowering.

    You, however, do not do this. Unlike most people on the web, you've realized the power of synchronicity.

    Synchronicity is a force that the dark magicians attempt to use to their own ends, (and yes there IS black magic -- crass commercialism and base materialism being only its most obvious manifestation), but they are also, like all of us, caught in its play.

    This is what requires serious exploration. Mega-rituals like London 2012, and perhaps the Dark Knight shooting, do have the fingerprints and claw-marks of the shadowy engineers all over them, but there are other symbols and synchronicities to be found as well. Things of a deeper nature.

    This is what I loved most about your blog circa 2008 -- seeing as we're being nostalgic -- and this is what I'm trying to emulate at the moment in my own fumbling way.

    We must resist contributing to the myth of absolute elite power, peddled by the doomtards and conspiracy-barkers, but we must also avoid washing our hands of the whole stinking mess. Instead, we need to continue to subvert the message by pointing to the Mystery that always exists behind and throughout even the most rock solid of control grids.

    Hats off to you, Chris, for doing just this.

  15. @Luxx
    "Was G4S's failure engineered for a purpose and it's not all gone tits up but exactly as planned?"

    That's what I've been thinking as well.It will make a great excuse for when cracks appear in their security.

  16. The Olympic torch was brought to London yesterday by a Marine commando abseiling down a cable from a military helicopter, passing in front of Tower Bridge, and finally landing inside the Tower of London, where it was locked away inside a vault.

    This overload of symbology is not exactly occult -- but it's certainly a strange and disquieting mixture of the military, the patriotic, the James Bond-ish, and the just plain creepy. (Can we all join in a chorus of "She walks the Bloody Tower / With her head tucked underneath her arm"?)

    The Daily Mail story also includes pictures of performers arriving in their fake 19th century downtrodden worker costumes to rehearse for the opening ceremonies. "Models of the buildings which make up the London Skyline; The Gherkin, the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Albert Hall have been built for the performance but in bringing life to the true history of Britain there will also be a staging of the 1936 Jarrow march, when 200 men walked to London to protest about unemployment and poverty in the North-East. The NHS will be honoured by real nurses pushing hospital beds around the arena, and there’ll also be a tribute to the suffragette movement and the Beatles."

    The actual present-day downtrodden masses, of course, are not welcome and will no doubt be dealt with severely if they attempt to intrude on the festivities.

  17. One more point I wanted to touch on before calling it a night. I've been thinking about this whole "occult conspiracy" thing in a historical context, and it seems to me the one point at which it might have been at least half true was in the period roughly between the end of World War I and the end of World War II.

    The 1920s and 30s were a time when the elite took to occultism in a big way. Partly because it seemed kinky and decadent. Partly because traditional religion was fading, and the idea that the elite might be privy to some kind of secret, magical knowledge that the masses couldn't handle was very appealing. Partly because the power of the old aristocratic class was fading, and occultism held out the promise of reviving it.

    These attitudes keep cropping up in pulp fiction of the period, often combined with a terror of communism, or at least of some Satanic, enemy-of-all-that-is-good-and-holy caricature of communism. Batman, of course, originated as one of these pulp era aristocrats ("young socialite Bruce Wayne") who identifies himself with the "Satanic" symbol of the bat in order to put fear into the hearts of uneducated and superstitious crooks. And The Dark Knight Rises is the (hopefully) final playing out of that aristocratic perception of communism as a force bent solely on destruction and themselves as the defenders of civilization.

    By the end of World War II, though, things were changing. Cultural norms were getting more democratic, beliefs were shifting rapidly, and I think the elite had also figured out that occultism wasn't anything they could make work for their own benefit. Over the next 10-15 years they abandoned it in favor of feeding propagandistic control systems to everyone else -- fundamentalist religion for the masses, UFO cults for the science-minded, and slightly refurbished conspiracy theories (with "Jews" swapped out and "Illuminati" swapped in) for the Birchers.

    So although there are still a few vestiges of that earlier period left around, as well as some use of symbols that are as much archetypal as they are occult, they're not very meaningful except as historical curiosities.

  18. When The Dark Knight came out a few years back I remember a chain of events leading me to infer that there was some kind of negative energy related to it. When I went to see it for the first time on the way my girlfriend and I got into a fight. When I went to see it again with some friends after work we got in a car accident. With these same friends we discussed it and all came to the conclusion that it had unleashed some chaos magick into our lives. Now, I actually enjoyed the movie, I thought the Joker character brought up some interesting points, but as you said Chris; Nolan has been playing with fire (and fire is the devil's only friend; I couldn't resist) but really these characters like the Joker and Bane are like chaos magicians... but come on, we can't blame the movie, the Art is not to blame, the Heavy Metal is not to blame... I find it interesting though that the Aurora shooter was on Vicodin; makes it much easier to be possessed when you are on drugs!

  19. Hi Chris. I think the elites do have access to a lot of very interesting and indeed "occult" scientific and spiritual knowledge simply because they have spent the last thousand years trying to utterly eradicate every trace of it. The center of their effort seems to have been Ireland and the British Isles. They turned Ireland into a Catholic theocracy in an effort to obliterate every vestige of the previous culture which I believe to have been a Druidic / Buddhistic kind of culture. The native languages of Britain and Ireland have been suppressed which is why we no longer speak Gaelic. They went as far as to invent a new language for the British (English) to distance us as far as possible from that original culture. I suspect Gaelic has too much religious terminology and similarity to Sanskrit for the elites to be comfortable with. The suppressors of culture always keep the best knowledge of the suppressed culture to themselves. So the Irish apparently never wrote anything down etc. But you can bet your bottom dollar that that isn't true. They will have that literature and knowledge stored away somewhere. After all, you can't suppress something if you don't know what it is you're suppressing!

    The elites seem to have two overriding concerns - population reduction and suppression of certain scientific and spiritual information. Hence the green agenda and the promotion of extreme materialism in science. It is almost as if they are afraid of human potential, although there is another possible explanation - that the knowledge is genuinely dangerous in the wrong hands. But why destroy the culture in the first place. Seems odd to me.

    The symbolism may be a distraction but there is truth in it too. The all seeing eye for instance has occult significance. It represents that which perceives the senses. That is why it is always pictured in isolation. It simply IS and it simply PERCEIVES. When you perceive thoughts in your head IT perceives them but most people are unaware of IT because IT is egoless. IT literally has the characteristics of thin air or is "free of all characteristics" or is "emptiness". It is you and it is not you. However it is possible to "become" IT through a realignment of perception. The seat of consciousness shifts from the conscious (ego) to the unconscious (IT). Then the senses are perceived as emanations as opposed to being physical appendages.

    One last point. Could it be possible that those who destroyed the original British culture have been infiltrated and taken over by some sort of secret brotherhood and we are witnessing the deliberate rebirth of that culture. Watch out for lots of "Jerusalem" like symbolism at the Olympics. The holy mound is already there in the opening ceremony together with lots of "green and pleasant land" stuff. There's an article in todays
    Daily Telegraph entitled "Britain's sacred ground resurrected and restored" that openly refers to British river names being similar to Sanskrit names. And we have had writers like Comyns Beaumont state that "The ancient island of Britain is the key to world history in the past and she will be in the future". Likwise William Blake stated "All things begin and all things end on Britains Druid rocky shore". Take a look at the article "The Spiritual role of the sacred isles of
    Britain in World history" at the sacredconnections website. Quite interesting.

  20. Hullo Chris,

    First time visit - very good - I have you bookmarked. After a lot of time spent at smokingmirrors and rigorousintuition, I'm inclined to agree with you as to the hokey nature of of the 'occult'. If there was real power there, how come we never see it? Why don't they ever cut to the chase?

    Anyway, I wrote a thing about it here. You may or may not groove on it but it's in the ballpark.



  21. im having a hard time thinking bout these subjects, but feel compelled to anyway. a few things that i thought were important but i wont go into.

    bad vibes nolan batman series=bret easton ellis. if you know anything about the writer, patrick bateman/bruce waine isnt even an outlier in that world. also the MPD/DID take on batman w/ bale's performance.

    james holmes might be sherlock holmes? its a stretch but the high functioning sociopath fits.

    jack the ripper suspect william gull and the medical student thing. also some interesting info surrounds the father of the shooter, robert milton holmes. He currently works for FICO, but also lists working for HNC Software from 2000 to 2002. (HNC Software was acquired by FICO.) a DARPA contractor. some kind of computerized sense simulator called "cortronic neural networks" from 2000-'02. neuroscience as a family affair. artificial intelligence research seems like the kind of thing that might catch the interest of superbeings, wheither plasma ameobas or timetravling hairless primate offshoots or multidimensional demon interlopers. skynet maybe lol? real ETs? wtv. reminded me of cho and Vtech where his sister was an intelligence contracting employee. more over on

    like the more disciplined religious faiths such as tantric/zen Buddhism and nordic/celtic "mythology?" (dunno if it still lives outside of metal) say its ALL an illusion, and the more powerful deceivers make you believe it is real to trap you in hell or whathaveyou. so even the master magicians in marketing and the top of these hierarchies are just fooling themselves along w/ everyone else thinking anything that is illusory is important. reality as the meaning we attach to the experience. helped me escape the fearmongering and alexjones crowd, which i still have to thank for at least getting me to look for alternative explanations.

    many of those techniques born in the cold war originally came from magicians, which there is documentation of in John Mulholland's work for the agency. as for the MK ultra inspiration, im thinking alot of those techniques, namely the possession/walk-in/tabula rosa/psychic driving was "occultism". most probably an attempt to further the understanding of religious believers like the people behind the dutroux coverup. while it is obviously corruption, they do follow a methedology which is consistant w/ secret societies involved in rape/canibalism of adults/children/animals/spirits.

    from the comments above, the occultism in the nazi party and WWII obsession w/ "artifacts" seems exactly like the modern intelligence communities resemblance and exploitation of secret societies. the same ones that the political leadership seems so obsessed with. a feedback loop if i ever saw one. i firmly believe there are still black sun worshipers working in the cia/dia/nsa/pentagon. wewelsburg castle all over again. and to believe these people would not invest research to understand these methedologies seems very foolish.

    very sorry about the poor quality of language, again its like im having some kind of mental block w/ this material, i think im not seeing some connection that should be obvious. maybe the point of your post chris... i just needed to get it out before it was gone, and maybe someone else can work it into something usefull? i dont need credit for something this crazy. good-riddence.

  22. Re:
    Looks like a few clouds are beginning to form already;

    " Israel fears Iran attack on Games team "

    " Israel has bolstered its security presence for the London Olympics amid fears that an Iranian terror squad in Europe may be planning an attack on its athletes, according to a press report.

    Scotland Yard and Britain's domestic intelligence service MI5 are believed to have raised their assessment of the threat against the Israeli delegation following last week's suicide attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria, the Sunday Times reported.

    The Israeli government has reportedly dispatched agents from its internal security service Shin Bet to protect its team of athletes.

    Meanwhile Israel's foreign security service Mossad is said to have sent a team, codenamed Bayonet, to Europe in search of a group of terror suspects believed to be working with Iran's Quds force and Hezbollah.

    Quds, the special operations unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has recruited several white European Islamic converts, including two from Germany, one from Sweden and two Britons, security experts were cited as saying.

    The bus bombing which killed six people in the Black Sea resort of Burgas last Wednesday has sparked fears of a repeat of the 1972 Munich Olympics attack by Palestinian gunmen in which 11 Israeli athletes and coaches were killed.

    One of the terror suspects being sought by Israeli agents ahead of the London Games is a man carrying a US passport in the name of David Jefferson, who is believed to have fled after the Bulgaria attack, the Sunday Times said.

    Bulgarian police along with the CIA, FBI and Interpol are struggling to identify the suicide bomber who killed five Israelis and the Bulgarian bus driver in an attack the US said bore the "hallmarks" of Hezbollah.

    Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov said the bomber was not a Bulgarian citizen and had been in the country "not less than four days."

    Israel has blamed Iran and Tehran's "terrorist proxy" Hezbollah, saying it fitted a pattern of other recent attacks or attempted attacks on Israelis including in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya and Cyprus.

    The Islamic Republic rejected the accusations as "ridiculous. "

  23. " I really don't believe in the Christian Fundamentalist myth of a worldwide occult elite that so many non-fundamentalists seem to have internalized in place of the authoritarian deity they no longer really believe in.

    That's not to say I don't see the elites as black magicians, but they're black magicians of a more mundane type, steeped in the grimoires of Bernays, Strauss, Rhodes and Hegel, using the occult tools of currency and market manipulation, media mindfucking, brute force, and when all else fails, fundamentalist religion."

    Hmmm not sure about your reasoning here. I mean Bernays and all that was no small thing, as is capitalism, so I dont see how a worldwide occult elite cant be cognate with the other stuff you mentioned. I mean aren't they keep harping on about a One World Government, and aren't their buildings all layed and measured etc with freemasonic symbolism and number? And have you not seen the video about their astrology etc all over 9/11 titled Do You believe in Magick? What I DO despair is the usual researchers into this rabbitole--they are usually Christians who think ALL PAGANS ARE EVIL AND DO PSYCHEDELICS AND LIKE FREE LOVE lol orrrr they are frekin New Age nuts like Icke, and their own myths are cognate with the elite they suppsedly rant against--ie., soalr mythology. I had hopes for Wes Penre, because he sees the Bible stuff as part and parcel of their oppressive trickeries, but I just checked out what he is doing now, and he seems lost in the literalization of Sumerian myth. A latest essay he's done is titles about our souls being trapped in the 3D world...? THAT is exactly the occult elite's myth straight from the Hermetica---the origin of their occultist beliefs!