Clownshow 2012: Brother Ron and the All-Seeing Eye

Brother Ron shows off his new Masonic chevron

The problem with talking about Freemasonry is that even though its role in American politics is well-documented, so many nutjobs have salted the fields and inspired a mass knee-jerk reaction when ever the subject is raised.

As I've said many times before this is not an Anti-Mason blog. In fact, seeing the rogue's gallery lined up against them-- snakehandlers, pantpissers, Hitler, Stalin and so on-- I am probably more anti-anti-Mason. And it's immensely entertaining to decipher all of the Masonic symbolism flying around out there, especially with the space programs. Sadly, Masons usually take exception to my interpretations, but that's the Internet for you.

My real concern is how Masonic and quasi-Masonic fraternities, secret societies and civic groups are used to foster privilege and exclusion. This becomes even more a pressing issue during an economic depression, when exclusion and lack of access can equal financial ruin for many people. Unfortunately, that's human nature and these groups are hardly the only offenders when it comes to cronyism and nepotism.

Ever since the rise of the Anti-Masonic Party in the early 19th Century, Masons have been accused of being duplicitous and pursuing hidden agendas. Scandals have erupted in the UK over corruption among Masonic police officers and judges, accusing them of both using and obscuring their Masonic allegiance to further the interests of their brothers.

Ron Paul advertises on Jeff Rense's site
for campaign donations

So what do we make of a high-initiate Mason who has cultivated almost religious devotion in the Anti-Masonic extreme right for the past 40 years?

This is no small issue. Ron Paul's biggest media supporters by far are the radio talk show hosts Alex Jones and Jeff Rense, whose shows and websites act as virtual propaganda mills for the Texas congressman. But at the same time both Jones and Rense are clearinghouses for Anti-Masonic propaganda. How do we explain the disconnect?

Corporate-sponsored conspiracy theorist "Vigilant Citizen"
has made a fortune "exposing the Illuminati."

To paper over the cracks, Paul's supporters make distinctions between regular Freemasonry and what is called "Illuminated Freemasonry." The New World Order isn't an effort by corporate oligarchies to remove all governmental barriers to commerce and labor exploitation, it's a conspiracy among "Illuminated" Freemasons and "Zionist" Jews to create a one world government and one world currency and one world religion (it always comes down to religion). Rense makes a similar distinction between "Zionist" Jews and "good" Jews.

Let's leave aside for a minute that the real one world religion project is clearly EvangeliCIAlism and look at the "Illuminated Freemasonry" bit again. The symbol universally accepted as belong to Illuminated Masonry among Ron Paul's followers as the symbol of the Illuminati is the "All-Seeing Eye," or Eye in the Pyramid or triangle.

"Eye in Pyramid" spotting is a major sport on the Internet (I've been known to partake when the opportunity arises), especially among those looking for signs of dastardly Illuminati infiltrators, and variations on it (circles in triangles, Suns in triangles) are all over, though more often used as fashion statements or injokes.

Jeff Rense has an inhouse artist named David Dee who creates photocollage political cartoons for him, most of them high-tech updates on Julius Streicher's old Der Steurmer propaganda pieces. Dee usually uses the All Seeing Eye to symbolize those who he perceives as Ron Paul's political opponents, often Paul's fellow Ayn Rand enthusiast Alan Greenspan. He alternates these hit pieces with hagiographic portraits of Paul as the white knight coming to rescue America.

Dee is not the only Paul enthusiast drawing on Der Steurmer for artistic inspiration. There are plenty of other artists mining a similar approach, applauding Paul's war on the Fed and often depicting Paul's enemies as swarthy, hook-nosed, skulking cowards who the heroic Paul will flush out until America is finally cleansed with the righteous fire of Liberty.

And you often see the All-Seeing Eye as the emblem of his enemies' infamy.

Paul expresses his love and gratitude
for Lambda Chi on their website

So the fact that Ron Paul inarguably belongs to a Masonic fraternity, has a Eastern Star wife and Rainbow Girl daughters and uses Masonic symbolism on the campaign trail is fine, because he's one of the "good" Masons- the dependably conservative fellows down at the Lodge who get together to share a meal and do good works for the community.


Well, there was one little thing bothering me. I kept looking at Lambda Chi Alpha's logos- I saw the Masonic grip, the Cross and Crown, the shining Sun (also featured prominently in Paul's new anti-Santorum ad), and all sorts of other tracing board goodies, but there was one thing that I was missing. But then it hit me...

...the Eye in the Triangle-- here incorporating both the Masonic union of Sun and the Crescent Moon-- also known as the "All-Seeing Eye."

More importantly, the union of Sun and Moon represents the same union of opposites principle symbolized by the Square and Compass, according to no less an authority than Albert Pike.

So judging by the criteria of his most fervent supporters, Ron Paul is not only a Mason, he's an Illuminated Mason. And yet somehow he has led his flock to believe he's neither.

How can this be? Judging from the endless invasion of innocent message boards and comments sections across the Internet, Paul's followers are all super-geniuses who have been initiated into the hidden wisdom of Libertarianism and will be his steadfast foot soldiers in the glorious crusade to liberate America from the "Fed" (wink, nod).

This couldn't have anything to do with any absolutely nutso, zany, just-plain-wacky conspiracy theory ideas like "controlled opposition" or "agent provocateur" or anything like that. Could it?

No way, Jose! (sorry- I meant "no way, Ray.")

I know some Paul fans might be reading, so in the interest of fairness and balance, I'll close it out with some inspiring words from their hero...

"There’s nothing to fear from Globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency." -- Ron Paul, Congressional Record, March 13, 2001

SHOCKING UPDATE: Ron Paul did not vote against the NDAA!
There is a whole lot of anger regarding the National Defense Authorization Act that President Obama signed into law last week. Civil libertarians in particular have been livid over the content of the law which they think allows the indefinite detention of Americans, even though the indefinite detention provision was changed, before President Obama signed the bill into law.

Not too long after the President signed the bill, rabid Ron Paul supporters vigorously claimed that Paul opposed the bill. There’s just one problem with that. If he indeed opposed it so much, why didn’t he attend a House session to cast his vote against it?

Ron Paul took an oath to execute his duties as a member of the House of Representatives, yet he failed to show up to vote against the NDAA, a bill he supposedly opposes. He didn’t bother to take a few hours out of his day to vote against something he considers dangerous to American rights and freedom. Instead, he decided to ignore his congressional responsibilities in order to remain on the campaign trail.-

Thank you Brother Ron, for making my argument for me...


  1. Thank you Chris, this is incredibly brave of you to tackle this area. This is a sacred cow, this is a dragon that definitely needs to be slayed. Great work as usual.

  2. Lucid and courageous. Bring it, Chris.

  3. I like your blogs and all but not a big fan of this one. What's the point? so you're telling me that even the guy telling the truth is a liar? That quote you ended your blog with is ridiculous..taken out of context....

  4. Hmm.. really makes you wonder.
    As Terence Mckenna would say, if I thought the world was controlled by the Jews or the Freemasons I'd really be worried.
    I do enjoy Rense, and appreciate his take on things, I think you both do a super job. Three cheers for the wierdness

  5. I urge all of you antis and anti-antis and anti-anti-antis to relax: Nobody is gonna take your Social Security away. The Empire's remaining support depends upon it. Nor is the already unlikely ascendancy of anti-Fed Libertarianism going to keep your tax dollars from funding the good wars, lead to the secession of one of her demograph'd limbs, or re-segregate the Woolworth lunch counter.

    I am surprised that our host has taken this bait and is jumping the shark onto this bandwagon with it. Why now? Dude's just another hero/bogeyman/distraction from what really matters in life. Kind of like the president and his office. Isn't this true about every leader of any form of government?

    Dragon slaying is beneath you and, most importantly, seems to have distracted you from commenting on it.

  6. So we have Ron Paul - a Mason, Mormonism created by a Mason, Mitt Romney and the rest of those 'monsters' (as Chris Wallace from Fox News put it)in Arizona off of highway 17 in Arizona with McCain also a Mason.

    Seriously he said thats where they tend to go or end up or something to that effect but used the term 'monsters.' I added the 17 reference.


  7. Sometimes when I'm not sure which lizard to back I take a nap in the solarium and see which one I feel most simpatico with when I wake up.

  8. "There's nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency. But a globalism where free trade is competitively subsidized by each nation, a continuous trade war is dictated by the WTO, and the single currency is pure fiat, fear is justified. That type of globalism is destined to collapse into economic despair, inflationism and protectionism, and managed by resurgent militant nationalism."

  9. If I were asked to name the two most destructive policies that America has pursued over the past 30 years, it would be Globalism and free trade (sic). A worldwide currency means world government of some kind, no matter how you cut it.

    Career politician Ron Paul (despite the nonsense you might have heard, he only left Congress when he got his ass handed to him while running for Senate but has been bringing home the pork for the past two decades) simply wants to ensure that not a single law is ever or will ever be passed to even mildly inconvenience the global corporate hierarchy.

    Paul's empty antiwar posturing is just that- Obama did the same thing, remember? Paul knows that all of his favorite states would fall into Third World status overnight if his policies were enacted.

    If you haven't gotten that message yet, we probably don't have much to talk about.

  10. The eye in the triangle-Osirus/Horus. The moon and sun- polaritiies. Manley P. Hall, one of the most astute historians ever.Why did the masons go secret? Me thinks the gentlemen were hunted by the Holy Roman death cult. Symbols are signposts for people who think. It is human to pass on intelligence to our children-symbols.I fear not enlightened Masonary. I tend to think the craft is extremely important for humanity. I do have a small library of Manley P. Halls books, I would encourage everyone to read him. Shineforth brave souls. Dennis

  11. Most of the politicians out there are linked to cultures of oppression, suppression and domination. By their works ye shall know them, but also by the company they keep. And the bizarre micro-culture of politics in the media attempts to blast away any form of effective contextualization. When people look at verifiable detail, but no longer see it as such - that's when linguistics and wordplay can assault the truth.

  12. Thanks for pulling back the curtain on Ron Paul. I've been exasperated and annoyed by the alternative media's depiction of him as the underdog marginalized by the establishment. Au contraire – a career politician, he's the perfect candidate for disenchanted, disenfranchised (mostly white) Americans and the perfect instrument for they who must be obeyed. The Fed is on the way out anyway. The wars are about to change anyway. He knows damn well he cannot change the monetary system or bring the troops back to US soil after taking office.

    A couple of weeks ago, Paul made alternative headlines for speaking out against the NDAA. However, he didn't bother to show up and vote against it. He had the opportunity to hold a press conference about the matter before the vote - by virtue of his role as a candidate - and he did not.

    The one thing that the alternative media agrees about – the need for a reexamination of 9/11 - is clearly missing from Paul's list of things to do.

    Paul has had more than a few opportunities since '08 to expose vote count fraud and he declined. His followers leap as fast as he does to the opportunities at next caucus, straw poll or election. WRH, after writing an open letter to Paul asking him to fight for Iowa should there be problems, has now moved to the position that even if Paul loses, he will open the eyes of Americans. I think this is very sad and I do not look forward to another ten months of false hopes. Even if Paul wins, Americans lose because the march to global governance will not be interrupted by a career politician who revels in being portrayed as a savior. Besides, saviors have a history of demanding sacrifices from their followers and I for one am fresh out of sacrifices.

  13. Courageous! Well-spoken! Fantastic! And then there is this follow up to the last post. Unfortunately I am starting to consider that this is less of a normal (typical may be a better word) post or a reactionary post to the previous Ron Paul post and the disagreement among some commenters. I was one of those but I still had an open mind to what was being said. Can't say that I'm still in that place - sorry that you felt the need to pull out all the stops on this one and damage your credibility a bit. I can get any person in the world at the right angle for a picture with a triangle/chevron behind them and some sort of affiliation with a group that has a questionable insignia. Ill send you some pics of me and you can crop it to show that I'm a Mason too even though I never will or have had an affiliation. So I graduate from Purdue and was in a fraternity. I'm a Mason - not just that - I'm enlightened but I live my life the polar opposite of that?

    Cmon man - and that quote is a questionable reach for something such statically at best. I come here for someone tto explain what I see in my daily life that doesn't add up to me and to give me some good info about things that I don't have the resources to find myself. Not a diatribe on a man that my cynical mind has not been able to dig up dirt on for 5 years. Just prove the wife and daughters are mason-affiliated with more than just an "as we all know" statement that I don't see proof for and case closed. But please, don't hurt your credibility with out-of-context quotes and claims that no one can find proof of.

    Still love the blog and love the material though! I'd love to see a breakdown of the other GOP frontrunners as well - especially Romney and Gingrich

  14. It's worth keeping in mind that globalist (aka New World Order) economic policies are primarily libertarian in nature. If you look into the policies the IMF imposes on developing nations, they typically consist of deregulation, slashing the social safety net and privatization of essential services, exactly the kind of changes that Paul wants to implement in the U.S. And considering that so many big name U.S. politicians have overlapping corporate directorship in the same industries these policies will profit the most, the idea of the omnipotent feds vs the freedom-loving libertarians is an obvious false dichotomy. I am a huge proponent of the original form of libertarianism, which was inherently leftist in nature, but that is not the kind you'll find in the U.S. which typically promotes libertarianism that is 100% centered around the goal of allowing multinational corporations to erode the living standard of regular people. Want to go back to the time of 12 hour workdays and starvation wages, but with a GMO agricultural monopoly and rapidly dwindling natural resources on top of it? Vote Ron Paul.

  15. Excuse me, what I really should have said was 16 hour work days, because that was the reality during the era before corporate regulation, and there is nothing in the constitution that can prevent us from going back to it if people insist on voting for globalist shills.

  16. Bingo, Mr. Knowles.
    Seems you've walked in on someone's magick ritual .. a leaky one, what with these leprechauns running about. The question is whether Paul is fully conscious of this effort or just sleepwalking through this.
    Leads one to ponder what symbol set one might choose to signal an 'open for business' intent to members of a certain, competing, theo-fascistic belief/economic system (while retaining all that 4th Reich charm)?

    Time to bone up on Sharia compliant 'pot o'gold' ETFs.

    p.s. Did you get your three wishes out of that leprechaun before you let him go?

  17. The last two articles raise some nice points and questions. I take no issue with the main ideas on Paul as initiate in a secret order and would like to read more analysis on this subject. However, between various comments and a few links from the articles, there seems to be a misunderstanding of the free market perspective.

    We might all benefit from defining terms. Does Tabachnick’s analysis of Theocratic Libertarianism embody or describe the whole political philosophy or is it just one thread? How would a stateless society necessarily result in a neo-feudal order? What is the Free Market? Free Trade? Globalism?

    Free trade from the market anarchist perspective:

    Regulatory Capture is another interesting one:

  18. Brute,

    When the majority of the Western economy is controlled by a handful of secretive holding companies it's kind of irrelevant to be talking about the free market. There is no such thing.

  19. @ Brutehawk, The FDA would be a prime example of regulatory capture since it is staffed almost entirely by representatives of Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry. Ron Paul has promised to disband the FDA but, unfortunately, without a leveling of the playing field for small businesses to be equipped to enter the market, this will just result in pharmaceutical conglomerates releasing even more toxic industry byproducts as medicine with zero restrictions. This kind of doublethink is what makes Paul so initially appealing: like all effective disinformation sources, much of what he says is legitimately true and is not being discussed by other mainstream media sources. But then when you take a closer look beneath the surface it becomes apparent that Paul is parroting the same agenda as his globalist Brothers.

    Remember, the libertarian economist Milton Friedman is widely considered to be the most influential economist of the 20th century. In a NY times eulogy for Friedman, former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was practically bending over backwards to congratulate him for all his academic achievements.
    Of course, he didn't mention Friedman's friendship with the Chilean dictator General Pinochet nor all the countries whose economies collapsed immediately after implementing Friedman's recommendations as per IMF guidelines(Please read The Shock Doctrine for more info). The fact is, recent UN proposals to establish a One World Currency would occur through expanding IMF special drawing rights.
    And wouldn't you know, IMF policies are just about identical to right wing libertarianism?

  20. Venusinpieces, you have completely nailed the reason that what Paul proposes is diametrically opposed to the actual outcome that his supporters just can't grasp or won't give it the wright it deserves when compared to the "tyranny of the federal government". While some may go so far as to agree that the federal government is completely controlled by corporate and global money they cannot take the next small step to realize that the "tyranny" has nothing, per se, to do with the federal government but is done for the benefit of the corporate and global money folks.
    Chris, I love it when the die-hard "Paul is messiah" JUST LIKE OBAMA, EXACTLY LIKE OBAMA, COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY THE SAME AS OBAMA IN 2008, come out of the woodwork to stick up for this guy, man they have some serious vitriol. lol

  21. Also, not to nitpick but I think it is important to differentiate between Zionism and Judaism since one represents ethnic nationalism and a potentially apocalyptic interpretation of Biblical teachings while the other has the capacity to be far more benign. Let's not forget that the Israeli military is bombing Palestinian schools and hospitals, after all. Jews Against Zionism have emphasized this point as have many other Palestinian rights organizations which are working with Jewish groups.

    Whenever I hear the phrase Zionist overlords or similar I think of the Rothschilds since they were instrumental in founding the movement while foisting the consequences of decades of warfare onto the Jewish people. Ultimately, blaming all Jews for the economic and political crimes of the Rothschilds is like blaming all Christians for the global mass murder perpetrated by the neocons: the claim just doesnt hold up too well when brought into the light.

  22. There is some great information about the origin of symbols used by Masons at Once Upon a Time: World of Symbols blog. Single eye symbolism is addressed at length in an article about the Cyclopes as well. The single eye symbol was used as an indicator of the astronomical skill of the person it is on, and is often accompanied by rays of light, stars, and planets. like the swastika and gammadion, the single eye symbol has collected layers of negative association over time.

  23. If you are going to write about my political art and insult me at least you could spell my name right, it is David Dees for gods sakes.

    And i am not an inhouse artist, he does not pay me anything, I simply submit art and he posts it if he wants to.


  24. David, will you be using Brother Ron's Lambda Chi seal in your next piece? Maybe a collage about the NDAA duck out?

  25. My perception is that young people are the ones supporting Paul. They are idealistic and altruistic and altogether gullible. The young have always been so and nothing will change that but age, experience and bitter disappointment. LOL
    What I ask people when they ask me to support Paul is...after 35 years in Congress, what has he done?Thank you for this article as I didn't know he was a Mason, let alone, an illuminated Mason. I can't say I'm shocked.
    Good article Chris!

  26. Chris,
    I'd like to apologize for the framing of my last comment. It's just that I have previously found your musings refreshingly devoid of "taking people down" so to speak. You should, of course, write what you feel like. That's none of my biz.

    The touchiness of the Paulites shouldn't surprise anyone, though. I am sure that for many of them it is like having someone take the last smidge of hope out of their desperate hands. Denny K's healthcare vote kind of depressed me, and interestingly, you don't read a lot of apologetics for Kucinich anymore. But there you have it.

    But if you think that Paulbots are vitriolic, wait a few months when the Barackades are taken down. I anticipate a spring and summer and fall of ALLCAPS.

    Keep on keepin'.... on.


  27. There is a reason why Ron Paul got screwed during the IOWA preliminary. There are forces that do not want to see him win. There is a reason for that. Think about it.

  28. David, I just keep doing what I do. If you look back on the history of this blog you'll my sights have been focused square ahead. It's just that a small minority of people are unhappy with who happened to wander into the target range. How can I poke fun at Obama for his ritual obsessions and then not do the same for this career politician? If I were on the extreme right I'd start asking myself my Paul got so interested in Liberty Lobby mailing lists right around the same time the Feds brought the hammer down on the militias. For starters. And how the GOP suddenly welcomed him back into the party not long after that after a very nasty split after he got buried by Phil Gramm in the GOP Senate primary. Not saying anything one way or another but there seems to be a feinting pattern with Brother Ron. I guess that's just the way my crazy brains work. But someone is going to start asking these questions soon- someone a lot better at it than me.

  29. Hello Chris! Great piece! You can find more info on the Saturn geometric origin of the Masonic Compass Square logo here:
    That logo has the square root of 5 as a compass arm length. Why?
    The dodecahedron made from 12 pentagons is created in the DNA spiral.

    2.236067977 is THE SQUARE ROOT OF FIVE!!!
    "Why does the square root of five answer the sine waves of the Sacred Numbers? What was the reasoning behind it?"
    "Because the square root of five is ITSELF a Tangent; the Tangent of 186234.09485."

    On close examination from the top view of the DNA it has a dodecahedron shape. It takes ten Phi spirals to create the dodecahedral helical shape of the DNA spiral. The DNA molecule as a wave shape is attuned to the heart and able to receive its sonic emotions.

  30. Chris,

    Great link! I agree there is hardly any semblance of a free market. Would you agree that NAFTA and CAFTA are poor examples of true free trade and are better described as managed trade?


    A sudden disbanding of the FDA could be messy. Do you support any particular ideas for leveling the playing field? Eradicating patent law comes to mind.

    Indeed Friedman is the household name for a free market economist, but the far right view him as the Court Libertarian; advising governments on how to be more efficient not less intrusive. From birthing the withholding tax to encouraging inflation for the offset of recessions, the policies he advocated, at least on the macro level were statist to the core(See Rothbard for detail).

    I’ll have to give “The Shock Doctrine” a look. I’ve enjoyed a few interviews with Klein on the LRC podcasts, and she seems to have come around on distinguishing between corporatism and capitalism. I can’t speak to specific IMF policies but I’d wager most if not all are implemented through coercive means (government). If competition in money wasn’t outlawed, a global currency would probably circulate. I’m no expert on money but the only world currency that concerns me is one that’s issued by governments/instituted by force.

    Multinationals are creations of the state. Sure competing and colluding groups jockey for command of who the guns are pointed at, but without the state’s monopoly on force, natural monopolies, and corrupt businesses may come and go like the tides.

  31. Ali...

    Ron Paul captured 49% of the 17 to 29 year-old demographic in the Iowa caucus.

  32. @Brutehawk,
    You want ideas for leveling the playing field for independent businesses? Well, first of all you have to take into account how businesses with destructive environmental practices are ruining future generations' ability to profit from natural resources. So, GMOs should be banned outright because they spread into the surrounding environment and create harmful, potentially permanent genetic changes in affected ecosystems. Another suggestion would be implementing heavy taxation on environmental damage from pesticides and petrochemicals, the revenue from which can be funneled into subsidies for permaculture credit unions (one can dream, anyways). The FDA should also immediately end all arbitrary bans on home production of marketable food items while decreasing the stringent requlations for organic certification as well as the prohibitive licensing requirements surrounding the supplement industry.

    The level of bureaucracy necessary to enter the market is such that it is virtually impossible for small businesses to survive due to the expense of acquiring legal aid, meaning that larger companies are predisposed to success. Basically, the FDA needs to stay out of the way unless, as in the case of the manufacturers of antipsychotic psych meds, a company is marketing a product whose toxicity has been conclusively proven, as is so often the case with large scale agricultural/pharmaceutical companies.

    As for business in general, I'm sure most Americans would like to see prosecution and reparations for insider trading, market manipulation and other financial crimes which have vastly contributed to the exploding deficit and shrinking social safety net. Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head but basically anything having to do with dismantling the massive alliance between the state and transnational corporations is a step in the right direction.

  33. Chris,
    I assume that response was for me. I am really davidly. Hard to believe, I know.

    How can I poke fun at Obama for his ritual obsessions and then not do the same for this career politician?
    I don't want to belabor the point, but this is exactly mine. This and the last post seem to be less lampooning, more political-axe-to-grind (and the Masonry notwithstanding, much less synchro-resonance).

    Just my opinion (and, again, none of my business), but I'd relish something more akin to Stairway to Sirius on Paul.

    That series didn't trigger any outrage cuz anyone who stumbled unwillingly upon it would have just as likely thought it was an ode to the ascending one.

  34. David, which pro-Paul blogs have you sent similar criticisms to?

  35. Firstly, why do you insist on not using my name?

    Secondly: I have no interest in pro Paul blogs. I told you that it is your exploration of underlying symbolism that interests me. Not politics. I can get that everywhere else.

  36. Sorry. Is it because I have shortened yours to Chris? My bad. I mean Christopher.

  37. My apologies, Davidly. If you perceive some difference in tone it's because I think Obama's symbolic messaging is ridiculous and narcissistic whereas Paul's is sinister and duplicitous.

  38. the masons themselves have salted the fields