Tequila Sunset, or Trickle-Down Stupidity

Move over, Marilyn Vos Savant- there's a new genius in town. Tila Tequila might be a small in size (well, everything except for her implants) but she's a towering giant in intellect. Don't believe me? Then read this blast of unbridled mental acuity :
Well, all of Lady Gaga’s Video, even Beyonce’s new video, and XTINA, Miley Cyrus. They all are all of a sudden very DARK & SATANIC! There are TONS of hidden messages in the video and symbols that prove that they worship satan. Please don’t take this as a joke. It is not and it is serious. The Government even now has a way to send out frequencies on your TV that you cannot hear, yet it highly affects your brain and mixed in with all the visuals from the music video’s, you become hypnotized without you even realizing this. That sounds crazy right? Well it is true. I have been studying about this for the past 7 years now and kept quiet about it for a long time, except when I chat with other groups of people I know that also know about “THE OTHERS” if I told you the ENTIRE THING, it will really blow your mind away, but I feel it is SO IMPORTANT for people to know what is happening to them.
Tila offers no evidence to back up her claims on these invisible mind rays, but everyone knows science is the Devil's trick, right? After all they planted those dinosaur bones to fool us into believing the earth was older than 6000 years, right?

Anyway, the reason behind them doing this with the urgency of the music video’s is because they NEED to turn your brain to mush, so that you just become a vegetable, a robot, a zombie, under their command and not realize it. Have you guys seen the the movie “EYES WIDE SHUT?” well it is VERY SIMILAR TO THAT as well as the movie “DEVIL’s ADVOCATE

What's more, Tila was sent by GOD to fight Satan and his minions. That's a fact. How do I know this? Well, Mr. Smarty Pants Communist, she says so herself. Are you saying she's a liar?

I for one, was sent on earth from GOD. To be one of his ANGELS to try to help this world that is half light, and half dark. There is right now a crucial War between good and bad. I am on the GOOD side, and that is why they are always trying to get me.

As tempting as it is to laugh off this stultifying blend of stupidity, superstition, paranoia and narcissism as the ravings of an aging porno princess, it's symptomatic of a much deeper problem; gossip passing for reporting, moronic superstition passing for religion, and the thorny tropes of parapolitics trickling down to the cheap seats where it goes all stupid. And finally, the possibility of a stage being set for witchhunts and scapegoating while the real black magicians continue to dismantle the economy and the Constitution with impunity.

There's no doubt in my mind that real cabals out there - not the ridiculous fantasies like the "Luciferians" - want the public to be just stupid enough to do all the menial work. They also want a situation where people are in a state of constant fear and mindless religious rapture. Never mind the corny old eugenics rehash- the real plan is just the opposite.

But we've already had at least one Dark Ages - humanity won't survive another. Now, don't get me wrong, we're not quite there yet. And maybe all of the moronic crap like Tila's rant there will slap some sense into people. But any reading of history teaches that civilization is but a thin veneer on a long, sordid history of barbarism and savagery.

Alexandrians- who enjoyed centuries of peace and high culture- couldn't quite believe it when marauding bands of drug-addled monks and their newly-converted bands of inbred peasants began slaughtering philosophers and scientists and torching libraries and universities. The prosperous and educated Cathars probably never dreamed that filthy, drunken crusaders would be raping and murdering them, and burning their children alive in their city square.

The Russians or the Germans had no reason to expect that roving bands of street trash would take control of their government and put millions to death. Or the Chinese, or the Cambodians or the Rwandans...shall I go on? And it always starts with the same kind of hysterical rhetoric we're seeing everywhere.

We're getting closer than you might think to a point where you and I - or gays or pagans or "New Agers" or intellectuals or you name it- might be the next targets in this eternal crusade. Freethinkers of all persuasions would do well to organize and discover the wisdom of the Second Amendment, since we might be staring down the barrel of a real-life reenactment of Quatermass and the Pit if the situation continues to unravel. No, we're not quite there yet, but it's never too soon to educate yourself and decide what kind of future you want for your children and your children's children. The price of their freedom tomorrow is your vigilance today.

As for Tila, she'll probably pull the time-honored aging-whore trick of transforming into Jehovah's avenger once the wrinkles start coming in and all the money goes out. Maybe she'll try to join Kirk Cameron and Stephen Baldwin and all of the other has-been's on the snake-handler circuit, but something tells me even they won't take her.


  1. Lately I haven't even wanted to leave the house. I read the newspaper, and I see a world led by megalomaniacs and fanatics. Worse off, I note reams of ordinary folk willing to go on-line and justify their leaders' criminal acts.

    Psychology textbooks will tell you that psychopaths make up perhaps 1% of the population. Sometimes I wonder if that number isn't closer to 91%!

  2. Aside from the rather unfortunate choice of medium, i don't see anything inherently incorrect in what is being said?
    Yes: pop stars have gone to "the dark side", pop videos are definitely satanic/masonic/bad-wierd and it is part of the "dumbing down" of western society. The subsonic aspect to the broadcasts mentioned is a masssive concern with digiTV. It does work both ways and carries a lot more information than is used.
    Although why on earth would you even go to her page to begin with ?


  3. There is always a way of sorting things out when the push comes to the shove.

  4. But any reading of history teaches that civilization is but a thin veneer on a long, sordid history of barbarism and savagery.

    The Apocalypse always arrives, but the Savior never does.

    Grist for the Mill.

  5. Wow Chris! There's a certain amount of heat in this post! Good for you.

    I agree that things are reaching a critical mass. It's in the air. For whatever reason I've been thinking lately about how best to protect and provide for me and mine when the time comes. Even if it's an economic meltdown or a complete dismantling of civilization, which amounts to the same thing, I intend to be ready.

    Thanks for the reminder about civilizations that have dismissed the rabble as inconsequential when in fact that rabble has spelled doom for them. I think people need reminders like that now more than ever. Great post.

  6. Don't worry Chris- the aliens will save us! Or the fake aliens will save us! They will be SO wonderfully scientific and put everyone's doubts to rest! Finally humanity united. Science is so cool.

    I'm not sure a rifle will help against this!

  7. Yikes.

    It's not even like our culture is ripe for parody anymore. How can you satirise something that is completely solipsistic and self-parodying?

    When Barrack 'Used-car Salesman' Obama drones on about hope and change (whatever that means) and the Terminator is LITERALLY the governor of California - basically when everyone in the public sphere is either gleefully corrupt or giving head to those who are, or just being willfully ignorant because Hollywood and reality-tv tells them its chic - how on earth can you satirise all that?


    In ye olde London we've got a kind of conservative/kind of liberal goverment that has announced it is basically f*cking over the working class with drastic cuts to all kinds of welfare, to 'save the country' - which, you know, I'd ALMOST understand if the working classes were actually paid what they're worth (and if the City of London bankers weren't financially gang-raping everyone for at least the past 70 odd years).

    My 20 year old cousin doesn't know who Bill Clinton is, or who Jack Kennedy was - and this guy is not particularly dumb. He wasn't even sure who the Prime ministr of Britain is.

    I know, I know, I sound like an old man - but this shit is disturbing. Apart from my sister, I'm the only one in my immediate family who reads for pleasure or insight. To everyone else the idea is so foreign to them that they just laugh and shrug.

    Maybe I'll sound like every other conspiracy nut, but I see shades of Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New world everywhere now. And I live in a city with the most cctv cameras in the world, or so were told.

    It's not even the conspiracies and lies that really disgust me, Chris, it's the strategising of complete corporate ammoraility as a useful business/social template. It's the transnationalism of human oppression under the guise of freedom and liberation, and the fact that while we're eagerly hunting down the cloak and dagger 'Illuminati', the real genocide and enslavement is happening right IN FRONT of our faces by most of the people we agree to let run our countries. And very few people seem to give a f*ck about that. THAT'S the real conspiracy, and that's a real occult/hidden aspect of our cuture. Nobody want's to admit they can smell the shit that we're still sweeping under the rug, so our explanations and self-justifications have to get stupider and stupider.

    Most (if not all) of the world is enslaved through various means, a handful of people control the world's wealth and resources - have people truly not figured out that someone or something has gotten inside their heads, that their imaginations have been compromised?

    Our desire/ability to resist the idiocracy-nightmare-hell that's coming down the pike is being stolen from us. We're not quite there yet, like you said, but we're a hell of a lot closer than people recognise.

    Hope this isn't too off-topic. Sorry for the rant, dude, but MAN...


  8. Raj, i'm a Londoner too. I have been living on and off in the East End for the last 15 years, and i just don't recognise my neighbourhood anymore. It's like they have socially cleansed the Area. New building are sprouting out all over the place; rent prices have gone through the roof, and natives have been pushed to poorer areas on the outskirts. Now that benefits have been capped, only the uber-rich will get to live in London. Fuck the rest of us...
    As far as the general populace is concerned, Bankers and politicians are not to blame for the financial meltdown, Immigrants and "scroungers" are. I read the Daily Mail readers comment as a way to take middle England's temperature, and i can tell you that hate and disdain for the poor, the unemployed, and the "other" is reaching fever pitch.

    This will not end well...

  9. I totally feel you Suki.

    I'm moving to the East End with my girlfriend v soon, and it's not the place where she grew up anymore.

    And the so-called 'free media' in this country is a joke. Scroungers and immigrants are the new boogiemen. Divide and conquer is the general rule.

    Everything is NOT going to be ok.

  10. Chris -
    hate to jump subject, but have you heard about the ' odd' claims by actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi? They've told canadian authorities they have been targeted for assassination by someone they call the " Star Whackers" allegedly the same group who killed actor Heath Ledger, and also David Caradine. Here's a link to said story. makes me go hmmmm...http://www.cinemaspy.com/General-Entertainment-News/Are-Hollywood-Celebrities-Being-Murdered-Randy-Quaid-Thinks-So/4752


  11. Nancy- Well, someone once said that all it takes for evil to succeed for the good to do nothing. There's too much passivity and escapism going on. Violent acts start with violent words.

    David- Who gives a shit what pop stars do? This is the result of gossip replacing journalism. If we survived Slayer and Marilyn Manson I think we'll survive Lady Gaga.

    Wotie- ?

    Dad- All too true. We have to be our own saviors.

    Califia- Yes, but the rabble are always controlled by hidden hands. The Nazi thugs were bankrolled by millionaire industrialists, the early Church fathers were all aristocrats. Again, though- we won't survive another Dark Ages. If things fall apart now, game over.

    Raj- You hit the nail on the head- they serve up all of these phantom threats while the real danger hides in plain sight. That's one reason why I'm not as anti-Alex Jones as some people are. I don't agree with his politics but he focuses on the real issues, not the Illuminati nonsense or the Glenn Beck imaginary communist conspiracies.

    Suki- I think Middle England have their own problems with their own poverty and unemployment. But it's true- always offer up the scapegoat when things go bad, even though it's always the moneymen who cause all of the problems.

    Bliss- =)

    Thrace- Yeah, I've been watching that. Hard to say- I think Quaid and his wife both have serious drug problems, but that doesn't mean people aren't out to get them. Ledger was known to be a pill mixer, which is bad news.

  12. I hope that some people within Holywood and the music industry in particular are prancing about with satanic symbolism simply to get a reaction. Although I am sure there is more to it than that. Keeping us busy is much more likely.

    It's the systems that are totally messed up. They need to change. Will they be changed? Is utopia on their agenda? Or will they start shoving us as opposed to pushing - thus getting a reaction in the way of rebellion? Is that what they want? For us to rebel? Have a revolution? I hope not!

    With a financial system like the one that is in place we have little chance of gaining a strong economy. When money is borrowed and interest is charged the banks make the money but forget to make the interest that is ask for by 'us'. Therefore money is being taken out of the countries wealth and given to the banks. Banks who at the beginning of all of this actually didn't have anything, other than a network of sales agents and a fancy computer system. No actual money, and not even any gold. I know we need a financial system - but the one in place stinks. The brain boxes working behind the scenes must know that the way the system is set up it is going to drain countries of their wealth. - That is possibly one of the biggest problem we all face.
    Surely if they can make money out of thin air then they need to make the interest as well. Otherwise WE don't stand a chance.

  13. I'm not sure anything Tina says "passes for reporting."

  14. Wootie- You can say that again.

    Anony- Who's Tina?

  15. The socio-economic-political environment is reaching a fever pitch here in the US. Just last Monday, an activist with MoveOn(.org) had her head stomped on by a Tea Party-esque supporter of Rand Paul. It is clear we are witnessing new levels of violence in our political campaigns. As we know, violence is usually fueled by ignorance and fear.

    The US mid-term election is shaping up to be a referendum on civil liberties, as the have-nots cannot financially afford such things as health care.

    As we also know… our socio-economic-political reality is but a surface reflection of deeper, more troubling trend of what may be referred to as an ignorance or poverty of the spirit.

  16. Hey Chris -- "we won't survive another Dark Ages. If things fall apart now, game over."

    Why so?

    Apologies if you've already covered this. I've been digging through the archives for awhile now but I'm often quite toasted at the time.

  17. Hi Chris and readers. Sorry for being off topic, but this is probably the best place I know to share this. It concerns the following news item:


    It's about some students who went on a field trip to the morgue, and found the brain of their dead classmate just sitting there. Besides it's tragic subject, I wondered why this story had made it to CNN headlines. Intrigued by the symbolic pokes, I checked out the etymology behind the victim's name, Jesse Shipley:

    Jesse: from Hebr. 'Yishay', Israelite king and father of King David, Old Testament messianic figure

    Ship: from Old English 'scip', from Proto-Indo-European 'skei'; to cut away or hollow out

    So we have a hollowed out or cut up father of a savior on our hands. Sounds like Osiris, right? Now when looking at Jesse Shipley's graduation picture, I can't help seeing him as a Nilotic lord, jewels, headdress, robes and all--in sanguine red. The sacrificial killing of the king is clearly acted out, though at what cost.

    The headlines currently include destructive earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia and violent storms in the SE states. Besides being king of the land of the dead, Horus's father was known as the god of the Nile (and floating on it while dead, in a sarcophagus/hollowed out tree/ship).

    I see plenty of connections here, but no big picture, if there even is one. Any ideas perhaps? Whatever the meaning, and with all due respect, this is a pretty exciting 'message from the Underworld'. Something to do with Goro's Halloween prediction?

  18. Great post, Chris! (Or rant as my ex-girlfriend used to call them!) And inspired by Tila Tequila no less, that font of philosophy and wisdom and great grammar.

    What do you think of Jon Stewart's upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity? He says he wants to show that most of us are not the extremists at opposite ends of the poitico/socio/religio spectrum that the loudest pundits would have us believe...and to do it with humor. I hope he can pull it off.

  19. I love your blog but why are you so quick to dismiss something because of the messenger? I know you've done your research but so have I. I just don't have a dogmatic blog to blather on about it.

  20. P.S. It's hard to find hardcore proof of clandestine activities and I am sure you know all about this. I find it fascinating.. I'll await your dismissal of this too.

    Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

    I can hear the frequency changes on my friend's flatscreen TV. That's why I don't have one.

  21. You said: "we won't survive another Dark Ages. If things fall apart now, game over."

    I don't buy it. Every generation thinks that they are the last one, that today is always a degeneration from what came before. Now, it is true that the West probably won't last more than a few centuries more, and that things will become chaotic for a time, but it is also true that things move in circles or spirals, and that another civilization will carry the light into the future. What that civilization will be is a matter of conjecture (I tend to think that it may be the Humanist culture, but that might be personal optimism - it could as easily be China, the Islamic world, or something else), but it is certain and inevitable that some culture will arise to replace this one. That is to say, it has always happened before, and each time there have been those who lamented the end of all things, a permanent decay into chaos and formlessness.

  22. Jack- Definitely. Really what this Recession is about is a crisis of spirit. Do we really want to live the way we've been living in a consumer-centered society?

    Carl- Because the technology genie is out of the bottle and the kind of chaos we saw after the fall of Rome would wipe us all out with the kind of weaponry out there.

    Jan- Wow- creepy. There's also a Baptist undercurrent there, which itself ties into Osiris.

    Enik- I don't know. It's hard to say since Sanity isn't really a very detailed platform. What I think about a lot is the untenability of things as they stand. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube and I think Stewart's not really thinking through what he's trying to get people to march for.

    Anony- You miss the point- she IS what she's preaching against. She is part of the poison that is sucking the life from our culture. In other words, she's a hypocrite, like all of the rest of them.

  23. Fao- You're talking culture, I'm talking civilization. A lot of people imagine some blissful archaic revival once the grid goes down, history teaches us it would be more like the Road Warrior.

  24. Friends,

    It'd be Thunderdome and Road Warrior and all sorts if the grid goes down. Like Chris implies, we have to know where we came from before we can know where we're going - and we've come from some pretty dark places and times.

    I don't know if we can stop the tide before it washes over us for good - but that isn't the point, is it? This is about our hearts and minds and spirits, right? In the words of virtually every movie/comicbook hero, "We gotta TRY."

    And that, to me, is about taking back control of our imaginations, our intellect - all our powers of psychic intuition and realist discernment. Without either of those halves of the human individual we're pretty much screwed. And we're watching the reappropriation of our intuition AND our reason all around us.

    Thus, people are falling off the edge of the world right now, whether we can recognise this or not.

    If enough of us decide to really look at ourselves and the world, and study the relationships without blinking - then we WIN, we get ourselves back - even if the horrors still keep coming for a time.

    Fait Accompli.

    Or as it says right here at the threshold to the Secret Sun:

    "The Dreaming Mind is
    the Doorway to Eternity"

  25. Bravo- I couldn't have said it better myself!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Venus, you hit some salient points. The problem is that delusional schizophrenics with axes to grind discredit any discussion of the topics you raise, to the point that skeptics have convinced most people that repressed memory is a fraud and that organized abuse is a myth. As I said, it's exactly rantings like Tila's that make a mockery out of it all and I wish I could say she was alone. And I also wish I could say that was an accident. And yes, the people spinning yarns without a shred of credible evidence must be regarded with total suspicion.

  28. venusinpeices,

    I have no doubt that all kinds of trauma-based programming occurs all over the place on a daily basis, and I also don't dismiss the existence of an interconnected group that could be called quite suitably the 'illuminati'.

    I don't mean to deny or dismiss anyone who's been through such things, far from it. I know all too well about the dark side of psyche. It's the disconnect that disturbs me - that most people can't see what's right in front of their faces, never mind about what might be going on behind the curtain.

    In a world of sex-traffiking, child-pornography, perpetual warefare - some cliques of very powerful and sick occultists lurking about is a fairly astute assumption. But it doesn't hold a candle to what's going on right out in the open. To me this business-as-usual is far more terrifying than a dark alchemist, you know?


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  30. Someone that I know has emailed me this, which I think is worth sharing with you...

    There are to basic paths that a souled being can take in the Universe; the
    Entropic path which lead to chaos and ultimately annihilation or the Creative path which leads to order/love, growth and greater BEING.

    In a perfect situation the choice would be equal. However, after thousands
    of years of the agents of entropy ruling our planet and our people the
    choice is far from equal.

    What you observe is that inequality in action. Forgive the words as they
    are not intended to be pejorative but basically through ignorance and
    alienation we are reaction machines rather than conscious beings. The
    system has therefore made us barefooted.

    I don't think this situation was deliberately created but is rather the
    result of more beings making the choice for entropy rather than creativity. The features of entropy are selfishness, alienation, ego,bitterness, resentment etc - all those things that act against the soul, ie. against love. Having said that, I do think that there is some evidence to suggest a conscious mind at work deliberately creating what we see
    around us.

    In conclusion, we live in a dysfunctional society that is entropic (some might call it evil) in the extreme. It's features are the political, social, legal etc systems (as you have observed).

    The question is how to escape its clutches. The answer is to choose the
    Creative path, to break down the isolation, to see the commonality we all
    share, to see each other with compassion and empathy. In short, to choose the spiritual path.

    That's such a positive and encouraging way of looking at things wouldn't you say.

  31. tila tequila. what a name. she has been shsown all over as an image of decadence, reversed sex, half breeding. she had a performance staged and publicized about 2 months ago, where she was attacked. now, the next time you get some data about frequencies, bloodlines, your brain will pop up tila dancing somewhere, and maybe will start to deteriorate its concepts.

  32. scenario. tila tequila gets media coverage. she states out a syntesis of all major conspiracy theories. so, the lap dancer starts to get associated with. and through repetition of presence, all the theorists will start being seen by the average guy as...tila tequila followers. check mate.

  33. You're obviously an intelligent person, but there is actually a dark agenda being played out by certain elements of the entertainment industry (music, tv, movies and fashion)that's being being aimed at the people of your country.

    There is an element of truth to these modern day 'witch hunts'that doesn't just stem from scizophrenia/paranoia so don't make the mistake of dismissing this situation of out hand.

    However I definitely agree the situation is being jumped on by those without the biggest grip on reality - it's excactly the same scenario with UFO research. Much more harm and discreditation is done by the cranks who attatch themselves to this area than by anything government hired sceptics could achieve.

    I have nothing to back my claims so don't expect anybody to believe me but I worked for Universal for some years and can absolutely confirm certain elements within the management structure are very, very interested in, specifically, Lucifer. Whether you choose to call them 'Luciferians' is entirely your discretion.

  34. I am getting the impression these days that I'm the "Other" from the perspective of the likes of the evangelical fundies who screech in horror at the evil Illuminati, especially as revealed by VC on his/her/their website, for example. I'm no Hypatia of Alexandria, but I am someone who is striving for wisdom/"illumination". I'm no longer a brainwashed fundie, but having lived among them for most of my childhood, I know the deep simmering hatred of anything outside of their box. I've had the uncomfortable feeling lately, that this whole idea of illumination (Lucifer/light, etc., as understood by the ancient mystery schools) is being turned on its head for the gain of the powers that be. Put ancient symbols in the hands of a GaGa or Beyonce (sp?), for example, and the fundies are convinced the symbols are from the devil himself. The entitlement hordes are already voting themselves the modest fruits of my lifelong labor in the system. Now the powers are getting them and others worked up over philosophers seeking wisdom/illumination as well. I find myself wondering occasionally just how fast a chariot any one of us might need to escape their grasp.


  35. You know, reading this again, I have to say that it is kind of absurd to read warnings about religious homophobia being somehow caused by Tila's rants, considering that she is openly bisexual and has been in long term relationships with women. Not only that, but statements
    like "who cares about celebrities" and "violent words lead to violent actions"(in reference to the religious right) don't make very much sense in combination with some of the hateful statements about Tila that can be found both here AND at all the right wing conspiracy sites. Honestly, I think people here may have more in common with those types than they choose to admit. If you truly don't care at all about celebrities, then why keep writing about them while criticizing others who do the same thing? I actually feel bad about jumping in on it and calling her narcissistic. Really, Tila is a brave person for taking the topic on in the first place despite the social stigma surrounding it. And Chris, I think you have little credence when complaining about the "verbal abuse" of Christians if you jump right in on their voyeuristic slut-shaming parade. It's a shame because this site has a lot of great info but, as someone who used to work in the sex industry, the ugly misogyny of posts like this one come close to ruining it for me.

  36. Come on, Venus- Tila was simply jumping on a bandwagon that was already rolling out of town. She was doing what she does- trying to get attention, whatever way she can. Even a money grubbing corporate whore like Vigilant Citizen has been gagging for material because the whole occult trend is over in Pop. And seeing how the stylists were driving all of this in the first place I don't really believe all of this "one eye" stuff had anything to do with occultism at all. I think it was all triple entendre.

  37. Lots of people in their teens and twenties are narcissists and that is becoming more and more common, unfortunately. But if you attack the person instead of the societal standards that allow this change to happen in the first place, such as mass-produced corporate entertainment, glorification of sociopaths in the military, atomization in the business world, and the overall cult of the individual(tying into the Ron Paul posts in an obvious way), then it just contributes to the problem by keeping the focus on celebs at the expense of more in depth conversation. As for the history of MK Ultra in the entertainment industry, that discussion has been obscured by people wringing their hands about pentagrams and nudity in the media.

  38. Be that as it may I stand by every word in this piece. Interesting to note that shortly after Tila's little jihad here she had her own moral panic. The issue here is hypocrisy.

  39. Whatever the justification, cruelty is hardly the kind of thing that challenges the dominant paradigm.