Final Events: False Prophets and Real Profits

The Collins Elite has been at work for almost 70 years now, disseminating their "UFOs are Demons in disguise" propaganda among the vast American Fundamentalist community. It's been phenomenally successful, quite an achievement even for a high-placed secret society within the massive Military Industrial Complex. It seems that self-styled "prophet" Hal Lindsey was an early recruit, and has been circulating the UFO/Demon meme for a very long time now.

Lindsey predicted the second coming of Jesus was due in 1988, a "prophecy" that formed the backbone of his runaway bestseller, The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon. Gee, somehow I missed the second coming and the apocalypse of the 90s. Could someone bring me up to speed?

For those who are not old enough to remember: Hal Lindsey wrote a popular book in the 70's titled The Late Great Planet Earth. In it he claimed that the Biblical "fig tree" was Israel and a Biblical generation equaled forty years; then he added forty years from the time when Israel became a state in 1948, which would take it to 1988, the supposed year of Christ's Second Coming. And in the pretrib scheme he disconnected the rapture from the Second Coming by seven years, accordingly, the rapture in 1981.

In short, Hal Lindsey is an unrepentant false prophet who has been showered with royalties since then (false prophets in the Bible were showered with stones).

As I've said before, these apocalypse "prophecies" are about as reliable as UFO mass landing predictions. And somehow people continue to make hucksters like Lindsey rich. Here are a few tidbits of prophecy from Lindsey's book:
The alignment of the planets will cause weather pattern shifts. (p. 28)

UFOs are real and, “demons will stage a human spacecraft landing on earth.” (p. 33)

Communism in the U.S.S.R. will overtake American dominance on the world stage. (p. 81)

The U.S. could be “destroyed by a surprise Soviet nuclear attack.” (p.132)

The U.S. could “become a dependent of the 10-nation European confederacy.” (p. 132)

Hey dude- they were frickin' balloons

The revelations unearthed by Redfern about the Collins Elite and their UFO propaganda mills are causing considerable consternation among the Fundamentalist brigades. One radio program booked Nick Redfern and completely censored any mention that the Collins Elite created this whole UFO/Demon meme back in the 40s to justify the creation of a concentration camp vision of America based in ancient Jewish law. And then there are comments like this, from a "prophecy" website:
This seems like a psyop to discredit ministries that preach against the alien gospel... or is it a clue as to how the Dominionist elements may try to co-opt the UFO deception? Wheels within wheels...
Meanwhile, the Bible Belt is becoming the Poverty Belt and America continues to enrich and empower China, whose workers are lifting themselves out of poverty with jobs that once belonged to Americans, working in factories that were literally torn from American soil and planted in China. If China ever calls in its loans, we may be facing either world war or total surrender and complete submission to a totalitarian Evangelical dictatorship:
In The Land Of Mao, A Rising Tide Of Christianity

Official Chinese surveys now show that nearly one in three Chinese describe themselves as religious, an astonishing figure for an officially atheist country, where religion was banned until three decades ago.

The last 30 years of economic reform have seen an explosion of religious belief. China's government officially recognizes five religions: Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam and Daoism. The biggest boom of all has been in Christianity, which the government has struggled to control.

Some recent surveys have calculated there could be as many as 100 million Chinese Protestants. That would mean that China has more Christians than Communist Party members, which now number 75 million.

China's youth once trundled across the countryside spreading communism. Now, they're spreading God's word.
It isn't just China, it's all over the world. Evangelical Christianity is the new world order, not the New Age, and most certainly not UFOs. It's no accident- billions of US tax dollars have been funneled into this missionizing program since the Carter Administration, maybe even before. American workers have been sending their tithe dollars they can't afford to part with to people like Rick Warren who are using them to create a virtual Evangelical empire. It would be comical if it weren't so obscene.

Maybe people like Steven Greer are right- maybe the conditioning here is to unite the world under the Evangelical banner for a final battle against those dastardly "UFO demons."

Maybe that's what groups like the Collins Elite - and their armies of blow-dried shills and Internet dupes - have been planning all along.

UPDATE: Here's an interesting piece on how right wing politics have turned young Americans against Evangelicalism. The problem is however that what we call Evangelicalism was created out of whole cloth by far right political forces who hijacked the recruiting methods of the apolitical Jesus People movement of the early 70s in order to advance far right political causes. The far right's creation in the 20s- Fundamentalism- had taken on too much negative baggage, so a rebranding effort was called for.

But the real problem is the rest of the world, where these same interests have found unimaginable success. They've already shown their capability at using foreign labor to destroy the American economy, so don't doubt for a minute they won't try to do the same thing to destroy what's left of our freedom. Which is why calling out their bullshit on topics like UFOs and the occult is more important than ever before.


  1. Good piece. I'm still curious what you think the Skeptics™ role is in all of this.


  2. Looking at the Skeptics' track record and some of their backgrounds, one could be forgiven for believing their main goal was to take down the New Age and eliminate a possible rival for the Evangies. This has been overshadowed by the Atheists and the ouster of Kurtz from the COI for not being anti-religious enough might bear this out. I'll get together some data so we can try to parse it all out.

  3. Chris, wonderful, wonderful! We need to consider this Collins Elite group to be the intertie between the Nationalist Party and the fundie Universal Amageddon Party. They try to rule by fear because they fear themselves. They literally don't trust anyone. This is going to be the key to their downfall. The Evangelical Empire is proving to be very unstable outside of China, ANYWHERE. The economy is like a Ford Pinto, unsafe and unstable at parking speed. People are reaching out and opening up in ways they have not before. We're never paying China back, and yes I know Gene Roddenberry had plenty to say what this means, I wrote yesterday about the result. Gene conjectured a future President who in order to get re-elected, makes a decision which irretrievably brings on the death throws I wrote about. I think that President is Obama, and how many years to 2012 election cycle?

  4. I think that christianity is over and TPTB knows that very well. They can repack it with some alien candy, but i don't see how europeans, indians or muslims would buy it. It's only uneducated and poor people who buy this Jesus is Savior -hoax, but the day when hindus, buddhist or taoist would change their believe system for some crazy evangelist is daydreaming.
    I would say the number one reason why elite have unleashed this evangelical NWO is for smoke & mirrors.

  5. I remember the day I figured out the NWO was using the evangelicals to spearhead their thought control(the feeling was very AHA).It is ingenious how they use the fundie preachers to decry the NWO when they are the main component of it.It sidetracks many searchers and truthseekers til they figure this con-job out!

  6. Didn't David Icke try telling everyone that he was the son of God during the 80's. Then he was on chat shows on TV in about 1991 saying as much...but we all just laughed at him so nothing came of that one. I hope old David is being an honest decent human being and not the subject of some type of mind control but I can't help being a tad cautious. If he is for real, then what he comes out with is kind of spooky. If he isn't then what is his game (purpose or intentions) I wonder. Is he magicians smoke or an international super star? Everyone has there on opinions I'm sure. - I shall continue reading your post now.

  7. The outing of the Collins Elite was a most fortuitous event, maybe even preventing the take-over by them.

    But we'll see. And as you've mentioned earlier Chris, these supposed "occult" exposers (or plain ol' posers) have been working at cross purposes, getting the opposite results of what they wanted.

    As for myself, I'm hoping that medical science keeps me in the transhuman loop for a while longer, the narrative is just too interesting!

    Too delicious, n'est pas?

  8. Getting fundamentalists to fear and hate the unknown is shooting fish in a barrel, not a great achievement at all. It's what they do.

  9. Well Hal Lindsey has read his bible correctly. A generation = 70 or 80 years according to Psalm 90:10 which states "The length of our days is seventy years--or eighty, if we have the strength; yet their span is but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away.

    Israel is the fig tree. 1948+70=2018 (and up until year 2028 if you use 80 year generation) But most likely 70 year generation is more accurate because of the significance of the sevens in prophecy. 1948 to 2018 This generation will see the End Times.

  10. LOL....I started composing a blog draft about propaganda and psychedelics, and it got very complex as you can imagine---the research into this (it is 'easier' to see 'past' propaganda, than to see the propaganda your in now) Anyhow-------then about a week ago, I thought I would starty doing another blog titled 'Fallen Angels' as well as an adjoining title.

    What I 'was' going to talk about was how there has come about a myth--propaganda from the elite--of how literal fallen angels where giants bla bla. However, as far as I am concerned the most sensible explanation for what fallen angles really are comes from the research of John Marco Allegro in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross where he breaks into the deep 'hidden' etymological (etc) structure and ppliance of words, and themes to reveal the 'fallen angels' really refers to entheogenic mushrooms--also known amongst other things as the 'sons of God'---Other non-biblical indigenous peoples have called them various sacred names like 'little ones' and Teonanacatl, one of the interpretations being 'god's flesh'.

    In Greek Angelos means 'messenger'. When you realize that the eating of this powerful psychedelic vegetation can actuall inspire a state where you very well may recive messages, see angels, demons, and all kinds of entities etc--tis no wonder this theory is more plausible to me that the 'historical' revelations of actual giants who slept with mortal women etc etc. To me that is dead-news. Not myth. Myth means to relate to being here now in eternity not some dead news report---that is history

    So what has at the moment put me yet agin off doing this blog? It was seeing this video The New American Century Part 1 of 7 it blew me offa my fuckin chair

    When I see the dehumanized debauched people in this video and then hear of the Iranian distator in your video doing that prayer and believing in HIS myth of similar psychotic ilk as his enemy--maaaan we in some serious shit!!!

    I do not like Muslims with their Shariah law---they woulda hanged and worse(?) me long ago, but I also feel so sad for Christians. That goof ball on 2nd video. He looks at vocanos and the oceans with such a demonizing dead eye. What sorry-arsed people they are. Really----they look at this amzingly magical natural world and just see their inner ugliness, and dont know they doin it. What a terrible fate.

  11. Why can't followers of these false prophets like Lindsey, but of course there are many others, see that they have been preaching the "great apocolypse" for generations. Civilizations will come and go, natural disasters and plagues will kill off populations, but humanity keeps going on. These imposters feed off of peoples fear of death. As soon as one realizes that death comes as the end to all these kind of fears become irrational, and the power of a great destruction looming over our heads becomes moot.

  12. "Evangelical Christianity is the new world order."


  13. You're such a breath of fresh air.

  14. did a long post and cause this dont accept long i LOST it cause i didn't copy text. SHUCKS. So this will be very summarized!
    I was gonna do a blog about Fallen Angels.
    The most sensible, and plausible, explanation of the whole myth of the fallen angels or sons of Gos, is to be found in The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. Ie., they are the sacred mushrooms. Greek for angel is angelos meaning 'messenger'. Eating sacred vegetation can bring you in CONTACT will all kinds of entities as well as 'angels'.

    So why 'fallen'?

    My theory is that the Church as you know demonin-izes everything that moves, near enough. hence, even though their may have been initiatory use of sacred substances by Christians AND one or groups eating mind-altering vegetations out side their authority were with the 'Devil'---according to them!!

    This all makes far more sense than old giant bones and stuff that is dead news. REAL mythology is living now in eternity and me and you can actually experience it by eating sacred vegetation. Notice how the literalist Christians always make their myth into a dead history lesson!

  15. Chris,

    Your antagonism gets the better of your perception. Fundamentalists are easily duped by History Channel UFO puff shows. Everyone believes what they want. So, Hal Lindsey believes that Israel, an occult Sabbatean/CFR project per Barry Chamish and Pike, is prophecy; some believe UFOs are demons; others that these classified Navy space craft are built and flown by EBEs.

    Not all Christians are deluded fundamentalists. One punk rocker converted at 27, unable to stomach materialist fraud,

    Whatever, there's clearly a spirit world, with good and bad, as well as classified craft made of cold metal.

    Your notion that evangelicals are a threat, not occultists, is what you want to believe, but dead wrong, a massive display of ignorance. Of all people you should know better.

    After 20 years, forget fundamentalists. Freeman believes in EBEs and UFOs, is openly non-Christian, and still details how occultists run world politics. Or read from ex-insiders blowing a whistle or historical hardcores writing to each other.
    "I was enter a 'project within a project'...trucks and vans go into different mountainsides and disappear....The New Age Movement, the pragmatic humanitarians, and traditional Christianity were all totally useless."
    "Lyne [was] approached by Illuminati agents to fraudulently author the same kind of material which Zecharia Sitchin has also produced."

  16. Douglas- While I certainly hope that you're right and I do think that a vision closer to Roddenberry's will ultimately prevail, in the meantime I think we're looking at very troubled times in the near future.

    Urbanus- Well, maybe in the West- or at least in the educated parts of the West- but most certainly not in the rest of the world. All of this is destined to lead towards a massive showdown with Islam, as well.

    402- Pat Robertson is the best example of this. He's responsible for a lot of these memes being put out there and he's the biggest globalist of them all.

    Wotie- I'm not sure I get the connection to the topic at hand.

    Dad- Well, in the meantime there are ton of people who don't even realize they've been programmed by them. So we're not out of the woods yet.

    1048- Testify!

    Jenny- That passage refers to a person's lifetime, not a generation.

    Muzu- Yes- the problem is Fundamentalism, not any particular breed of it. They're all the same and they have more in common with each other than they do with normal practitioners of their faith.

    1139- They want death and genocide, that's what they pray for. It's a symptom of the paralyzing doubt they suffer. Unbelievers offend them- they feel personally attacked if someone doesnt share their beliefs.

    AdamI- That's what the numbers show, for sure.

    Malcolm =)

    Muzu_- Fallen means fallen from the Platonic ideal to the world of reality.

    Anonymous- You try to prove your case by giving me a bunch of bullshit links to Fundamentalist nutjobs like Vox Day and Constance Cumbey and these delusional "ex-insiders" who without fail eventually expose themselves as frauds. Go look at the real world where our jobs and our tax dollars - and your tithes- are being taken from us to build a Fundamentalist new world order all across the world. The world were these occult phantoms you waste your time pretending to be scared by are just patsies for what's really going on.

    Lastly- and we'll get to this later- Sitchin did not create ancient astronaut theory- he came along very, very late in the game and hijacked it and put a dumbed down spin on it. Quite conveniently for all of the Fundamentalist propagandists, I might add. Why do you think that is?

    By the way, next time you come around sign your real name or I'll delete your comment without reading it.

  17. This new normal of our everyday reality is quite concerning. That this poverty level map is rapidly becoming the new normal would be bad enough were it not for the Fundamentalist-Tea Party types being pitched in this election cycle, many of which are polling quite well. I cringe to think of what decade (century?) we may end up in when we wake up come January.

    I honestly don't think there is any religious threat from China vis-a-vis their holding in U.S. debt. Of the roughly 14 trillion US debt, only 4 trillion of it is held by foreign owners, about 21% of which is held by China. Japan is right behind China with 20% of foreign owned debt. I think China knows we're never going to pay up, which is why they're slowly and quietly buying up assets and divesting of U.S. debt.

    China has more to gain by maintaining at least the image of a somewhat stable American economy. The iPhone factories are working overtime and there are millions of Americans clamoring to spend their possible last paycheck on one.

  18. Whoah Chris. You seemed a bit harsh toward anony. I don't agree with anony in that the occultists are the true bad guys here or anything (if that was indeed what he/she meant), but I think they might have been trying get you to respond to something like, why you think people like the Bush's, Rupert Murdoch, Reagan, Schwartzeneggar, Nixon, and a whole list of shady govt officials are part of occult traditions like Skull & Bones, or Bohemian Grove.

    As much as we're aware of the campaign against esoteric tradition, we have to admit that it appears like the Inquisitors also found a use for it.


  19. i like the US understanding much elevate surpass - but I dont about that guys is that dainty

  20. "Muzu_- Fallen means fallen from the Platonic ideal to the world of reality."

    But you must understand how--what I call--toxic myths influence each other. Ie., old long grey beard/Plato was influenced by Orphism, and they influenced the Christians.
    But I am getting to the roots of the myth of the fallen 'angels' which is what that fundy on your vid was trying to project onto the Ovnis. Of course he would also be referring to the reports of 'Greys' etc---haha, completely perfect 'demon-material' for the Christians LOL (though some claim as you know it is the dirty doings of men----yeahhh;))
    A really in-depth expose of Plato's patriarchal philosophical idea of 'fallen' also can be had reading this author--Google 'Feminism and the mastery of nature'

    I feel sad for these Christian types, and they are not ALL like this--who look at volcanos, and seas, etc etc~~the mystery and wonder of this amazing world~~ with the evil eye!

  21. Hello, just wanted to add something

    Who knows what will happen?

    Until it does? Y2K was a F---ing JOKE, hahahahahahaS

    I never did "believe" anything, just be cautious and Proceed, hehS


    We Fight the Good Fight, and believe whatever "lies" or Fiction we want to believe, but the fact is, Live by Imagination and free your Selves from OPPRESSION of Thought and Imagination?


    Netherworld is a Genius "coining" of a World I've Known for SOME Time


    By far, you are THE Most Interesting aspect of your "interests"...............

    You, make the things that you LOVE, Better, and you make the THINGS that you IDENTIFY WITH and RESPECT, an Extension of Yourself

    Your LOVE for X-Files and Investigative Nature, is more FUN than the ActuaL Things you are Investigating

    You make it..............MORE MeaningfuLL, hahahahahaS

    I believe you bring a SENSIBLE Voice to the Playing Field, and you have a VERY Objective Point of View, hehS...............

    I'm just saying, hahahahahaS

    Healing is most importante?


    Let's heaL, however way we can

    Let's do it Together, and help one another OUT of this MESS, hahahahaS

    Anyhow, the support you have amassed and the Fellow Like-Minded IndividuaLS that you've "attracted" you are making ripples of change

    So keep on the Good Fight, don't be Dissuaded by "gnats" and "flies" hehS....................

    peace & Lub.........................

  22. Mmm. I didn't explain that too well.

    "The self-styled "prophet" Hal Lindsey was an early recruit of C. Elite and has been circulating the UFO/Demon meme for a very long time now. Lindsey predicted the second coming of Jesus was due in 1988, a "prophecy" that formed the backbone of his runaway bestseller, The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon. Gee, somehow I missed the second coming and the apocalypse of the 90s. Could someone bring me up to speed?"

    I was just meaning that I can see a David Icke connection there. As David popped up in the late 80's and was on TV by the early 90's. I find it amazing that the man is still alive after some the stuff he has apparently exposed.

    The title of your post may also have had something to do with me making that connection.

    I think you have raised some very good points that deserve a lot of thought.
    The jury is out as far as who the NWO is - I don't think it is that clean cut. However, I can see where you are coming from and my views may just be down to my own ignorance.

    I think a show down with Islam is wanted by some, and that the issues involved there need addressing with great care, as soon as possible.
    The phrase being tarred with the same brush springs to mind straight away.

  23. What I'm saying is that it's close to either a fight or we can unite. Our choice if we decide to make one. Or we can let other people decide our destiny/fate, as they obviously do.

  24. Lastly- and we'll get to this later- Sitchin did not create ancient astronaut theory- he came along very, very late in the game and hijacked it and put a dumbed down spin on it. Quite conveniently for all of the Fundamentalist propagandists, I might add. Why do you think that is?

    I'm not sure Sitchin did it for personal gain. According to an interview he did on Don Ecker's Dark Matters Radio ten years ago, he lives in a small apartment in NYC that's full of books. His explanation of why he was doing this was from a childhood incident in school (argument with his teacher).

    If anything, I'd say his works were co-opted by the Apocalypse Crowd without his blessing.

  25. Either here or at another site discussing the Collins elite someone pointed out that referring to UFOs as "demonic" explains little about them. On the surface, that might be true. Demonic may seem to be just a synonym for bad or hostile. But in the evangelical/fundamentalist context, what matters is not so much the actions and apparent moral nature of the "visitors," it's the extent to which they fit into the predigested world view of evangelicalism. It wouldn't matter if the UFOnauts went around distributing blankets to the homeless, reading to blind children, and curing cancer. If they don't fit into the evangelical schema, they are intentionally undermining it by their very existence, and are therefore "Satanic" or demonic.

  26. Hi Chris-
    I was quite interested in the Late Great Planet Earth all those years ago but luckily it didn't make me jump into a strong belief system- Hooray for Von Danikin and all those other alternative viewpoints! And for the future visions of Star Trek as well....

    I had to respond to the whole "work packed off to China lock stock and barrel" statement as that is EXACTLY what happened in my little town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The iron mine closed (an open pit mine and environmentally not that good but a reliable livelyhood for locals) and all the machinery was literally packed up and shipped off to China to become an open pit mine there. I don't know if people understand how literally true this scenario is if they haven't seen it for themselves. Then again maybe everyone has...Delorus

  27. Hi Chris,

    Awesome post. While not everyone may agree with every detail of your post here, I hope they realise that such clear-sightedness and flexibility of mind is in short supply these days.

    I've just posted an essay that explores underworld themes, patriarchy and contol, in connection with literature. If you have time I hope you find it at least tangentially interesting:


  28. Bufton I think China sees itself as the natural masters of the planet and will begin to sabotage our economy to further their own interests. And already we're hearing talk from China about "re-evangelizing" the west. And the Dominionists are working behind the scenes to make this happen. These people already sold out their country for a few extra bucks, imagine what they'd do for their god?

    Jim- People look at S&B and the Grove and see the wrong thing- they see those silly little performances they put on and think it's serious. What they should be looking at is the mindbending corruption and collusion and cronyism and nepotism that goes on there. Why do you think they let a big moose like Jones run around filming? So people will focus on the torches and the robes at night and overlook the real damage being done there during the day, particularly to my country. They played him like a fiddle.

    Muzu- Yes, Orphism most certainly had an enormous influence on Saul of Tarsus. But here's what I want everyone to take away from this blog - look to the past for explanations, but look to the future for answers. Think about the distinctions there.

    Rex- OK then!

    Wotie- I still haven't really figured Icke out. Is he just a new age Hal Lindsey? Interesting quandary.

    Dad- You could be very well right. But I have a lot of problems with Sitchin's work and how he's framed it in a way that makes it easy for that to happen. I'll be looking at that in the days to come.

    1043- Well, Lutherans, Catholics and Seventh Day Adventists etc etc don't fit into the Evangelical schema. I'm not sure how much the Bible itself does, given how atrocious their knowledge of it is regularly revealed to be in polling. It's Orwellian nightmare religion masquerading as orthodox Christianity.

    Delorus- Yep, It's sickening. Then the jobs go and the preacher men come in and tell them it's all the liberals' fault. What will break the cycle, aside from total collapse?

    Raj- Right on. Thanks for the link.

  29. 1043 here: Well, the UFOnauts subvert evangelicalism just by existing. There can be no life on other planets according to this schema; for that matter, there can be no form of life outside of "dumb" animals, humans, angels, demons, and God. At least Islam makes room for the Jinn. If there are beings who claim to be something outside these categories, then it must be demonic deception. That's what I'm saying.

    Indeed, the Bible is too heterodox for them. That's why they need theologically corrected "translations" like the NIV, or outright rewrites like the "Message."

  30. Chris I stand with you in your remarks for the fundie. Insidious,insane and innane they poison the minds of the ignorant. If they have minds that hate, they will have to wait! My take on ufo's is an alien observation of our world. How that becomes demonic is in question. The ignorant fundies do loath the human condition and are willing to negate everything for that pie in the sky. I just wish they would grow the hell up. Dennis from bug-tussel.

  31. Just playing devil's advocate-- unless you can say for sure that UFOs aren't demons, can you really say what they're doing is propaganda?

    Apparently, some of these people actually believe this-- so what we have here is a conflict of belief systems.

  32. "Evangelical Christianity is the new world order"

    Sounds like hyperbole to me. Evangelical Christianity isn't the new world order-- it's a dying vision that's fighting like a cornered rat because it knows its days are numbered.

  33. How many people do you know who are evangelical Christians? Most people don't even go to church, let alone get evangelical about it. And that's in America, home of the world's religious nutbags. In the UK almost nobody is religious. So I don't see any of this uniting under the banner of Christ stuff.

  34. Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
    exactly the same in the past? Let me know your thoughts...

  35. I get the feeling we are all being colour coded and put into boxes. Judged even. Information about us is being gathered quietly. We are being studied via blogs, facebook, search engines, mobile phones - anything that can give them an idea as to who we are and what we are about. Our number of degrees of freedom (as I understand it) are getting less and less. I found that 'The Greek Miracle' describes a similar political situation to what we are now seeing.

    Joan of Ark and the Catherine wheels? - she claimed to see Angles and was burnt for being a witch? Lots of people were burnt for that. Hope that doesn't come back round.

  36. "Muzu- Yes, Orphism most certainly had an enormous influence on Saul of Tarsus. But here's what I want everyone to take away from this blog - look to the past for explanations, but look to the future for answers. Think about the distinctions there."

    "Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past." George Orwell

    It is a continuous process. It is simultaneous looking--Janus-faced--if you like. IF you wanna look to the etymological philological root-meaning/associations of a word which denotes a 'god' and you find that it applies to a sacred plant which you then find and *eat*--then you dont NEED no history book, or manifesto. Then you really ARE in the eternal present.

  37. wotiewotwot --If you want to see the dehumanized evil these people (and I suppose I must include ourselves) aree capable of, have done, and are doing, please see the film The New American Century
    Which I did couple of days ago. Although not naive, I was very shocked seeing this film because it looks at the overal pattern--yes things are missed out, etc--but just see it.

    Now--what do we do? Go quiet? No--because these fukers are so mean they go after little kids, right. So what we should do with all integrity is most certainly speak out. EXPOSE--reveal their propaganda, and so on :)

    I have heard being burnt at the stake can be quite an experience.....

  38. 1043/Dennis- It just boils down to a really grotesque form of tribalism. A canonization of willful ignorance. If they truly were Fundamentalists in that they understood the fundamentals of the faith they profess it would be one thing, but they can't even do that. And it's by no means a problem limited to any one "faith". I've encountered so-called pagans and new agers that are the same way.

    1239- The onus is on these accuser to prove the accusation. Anything else is a moral poison.

    1244- You obviously haven't been keeping up with the news. Maybe here, maybe in Europe, but that's not the world or the new world order.

    1248- Quite a few, actually. And see above response.

    103- I don't understand the question- sorry.

    Wotie- If the food starts running short it most certainly will.

    Muzu- There's something about the human condition that prevents intelligent people from organizing and fighting back against the ignorant. I don't understand it, but it's been with us for a very long time.

  39. I am fascinated at how much the current religious landscape falls into the patterns noted by Oswald Spengler. He showed that, at a late stage of a society, religious discourse tends to be dominated by a "Second Religiousness" in the masses, which is exploited by those in power for their own ends.

  40. On what basis or evidence do you base your opinion of Vox Day? And I'm a bit offended by the generalization of fundamentalists as all praying for death and apocalypse - while not a practicing believer myself, and self-identified as neither agnostic, nor athiest, I will mention that I happen to have a sister who is a bible thumpin' Fundamentalist. She does not pray in any way for death and apocalypse (unless it involves zombies, which she thinks are way cool. Yes, she's into heavy duty horror, AND she's a Fundamentalist. Has no problems with it.). Primarily, she prays for what anyone does - a healthy family, global peace and all that neat stuff. I've hung around a variety of Christians, pagans (including one who is both pagan and Catholic.) and let me tell you, most of those people are real human beings, are up with the times, dig science, only difference between them and anyone else is a matter of faith. I could also say the same for athiests - the ideas, and history of athiesm, I find repugnant, and deeply so. On a personal level? Very different story. I can't tell you to stop using generalizations, that's ridiculous. But I find your blog to be more mired in Chapel Perilous, every day, more like Vigilant Citizen (a blog I abhor). Come to think of it, make this my last post. You'll probably not allow it, but hopefully, at least you'll read it. As R.A.W. said "never fully believe in someone elses B.S. (bull and belief system). For that matter, never fully believe in your own B.S." My name? Bryce Rasmussen. The stupid LJ thingy don't work, so I'll use anonymous. I predict you'll delete this.

  41. Muzu - So what we should do with all integrity is most certainly speak out. EXPOSE--reveal their propaganda, and so on :)

    For sure. There are some brave souls out there doing what they can to try and make the world a better place.

    The New American Century - thanks for that, I hadn't come across it. The truth isn't very pretty is it.

  42. No it isn't! It is harrowing to watch--the dehumnization, and what that does.
    But also keeping critcal--I notice the video suggests Bush jr didn't know of 9/11.....? This is very unlikely, I mean that staged classroom scene for a BIG one. And also there is occultist reference thrown in--of course--as a sick joke? for casting spell? Both? dunno, but you can see this cartoon-like 'demon' head picture in the background when he is being whispered at to 'tell him the news' and he holds the 'GOAT' book upside down. It is such phony acting--the expression on his face. Like an 'Ohhhh haw dare those 'terrists' attack the U.S'!' look, 'just wait till i get home!!!'

    How people fell for this shit...........speechless

  43. "Evangelical Christianity is the new world order."

    I agree.

    However its not Christianity, its the ANTICHRIST religion.

    The Bible itself warns of the counterfeit in the last days.

  44. To burn someone at the stake because they have faith in gods love and they admit they saw angels (the light? Speaking in tongues) is well and truly admitting its real and the devil is at work here. Similarly, if a religion wants to kill you for not converting then its the devil again. Why do people believe in spirits and ghosts but wont believe in a holy one? Its an internal bias controlled by the deceiver they cant see because they are blind as the wool is pulled over their eyes and they are led like lambs to the slaughter. Moses led everyone astray and jesus came to rectify it. Moses was not spiritual, he was like "build this", while jesus was like "not one stone shall be left upon another". Moses says drunkards are not accepted while jesus turns water into wine. Moses separated the peoples while jesus tried to unite them. Moses said fear god for he will smite you, jesus said love god and one another for god surely loves you! I dont think jesus turned the tables in the temples built by bricks and mortar because gods temple is within you. We trade our lives every day when we go to work and look what ceasars gold has done. Economies justify everything and its as simple as knowing you are being controlled by nothingness!

  45. didnt think youd post my comment especially when its full of fact on the deceiver and the flaws he has contributing to his inevitable downfall. What a biased site!