The Secret War Against the New Age: None Dare Call it Dominion

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To understand the nature of the secret war against the New Age movement, you have to understand the dark and shadowy world of the Christian extreme Right. You've probably heard about movements like the Dominionists and the Christian Reconstructionists. The former are mainly concerned with creating a Fundamentalist New World Order, with their particular strain of Evangelical Protestantism established as the One World Religion.

The latter are even more frightening- a group that advocates the overthrow of the government replaced with a totalitarian theocracy, based on Old Testament principles. The various subgroups of the Religious Right- Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Dominionist, Reconstructionist- all come together in the extremely secretive Council for National Policy, which is made up of clergy, politicians, bankers, industrialists and other heavy hitters.

We'll explore the roots of the religious right in the future, but the modern movement as we know it today emerged at the beginning of the Cold War, when a fiery preacher known as Billy Graham hit the scene. Graham brought the fervor and enthusiasm of backwoods Protestantism, and was very closely tied into right wing politics. He also had an extremely powerful patron:
Politics and media thrust the young evangelist from North Carolina on the national scene at the dawn of the 1950s. In a Los Angeles revival that included the conversion of Hollywood stars, Graham was surprised by a crowd of reporters and photographers one night shortly before the service. When Graham asked what caused the fuss, a reporter said, "You have just been kissed by William Randolph Hearst. Look here." The wire machine message from the boss was "Puff Graham."

Within days, the crusade was being given extensive coverage by Hearst's chain of papers, major national magazines, and wire services. The reasons for Hearst's interest remains a mystery of Graham legend since the evangelist never personally met his benefactor. Most accounts assume Graham's patriotic sermons appealed to the anti-Communist Hearst as well as the evangelist's appeal to youth.Whatever the reason, Billy Graham soon moved from a tent evangelist to a national figure.
Graham arrived at an interesting time. The desegregation of the armed forces and a growing civil rights movement was sending shock waves through America, particularly the American South. The extreme Right saw this as the work of Jewish Communists (and their godless Yankee co-conspirators), which was a hot button topic in the wake of the Rosenberg atom spy scandal.

America was largely at peace, and the old mainline denominations- as well as the Catholic church- seemed to serve the majority's needs. But the newly formed World Council of Churches was having a radicalizing effect on these stolidly conservative churches, introducing a host of liberal/left reforms most parishioners didn't ask for. The old European traditions and hymns seemed out of step during the 60s uprisings, and liberal theologians began to question the basic tenets of the religion itself.

The civil rights movement and the resulting racial violence in cities like Detroit - along with the Vietnam miasma and the Aquarian counterculture - emboldened the Far Right, and groups like the John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan grew in strength.

It was in this ferment that the modern Conspiracy Underground was born
(None Dare Call it Conspiracy was a major hit in the late 60s) and a new Religious Right would emerge, both centered in the American South, which was booming as Yankee firms were moving south looking for cheaper labor. Richard Nixon would take the White House on the strength of the backlash against civil rights and the counterculture.

Christian Reconstructionism - which was explicitly anti-constitutional- was bridging the gap between the religious and conspiracy wings of the new Far Right. One of the leading lights of the new confederation was RJ Rushdoony:
Reconstructionist leaders seem to have two consistent characteristics: a background in conservative Presbyterianism, and connections to the John Birch Society (JBS).

In 1973, R. J. Rushdoony compared the structure of the JBS to the "early church." He wrote in Institutes: "The key to the John Birch Society's effectiveness has been a plan of operation which has a strong resemblance to the early church; have meetings, local `lay' leaders, area supervisors or `bishops.'"

The JBS connection does not stop there. Most leading Reconstructionists have either been JBS members or have close ties to the organization. Reconstructionist literature can be found in JBS-affiliated American Opinion bookstores.

Indeed, the conspiracist views of Reconstructionist writers (focusing on the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others) are consistent with those of the John Birch Society.... In fact, former JBS chairman Larry McDonald may himself have been a Reconstructionist.
Rushdoony delineated the connection between Fundamentalism and Conspiracy Theory- arguing that the latter is the direct progeny of the former:

"The view of history as a basic aspect of the perspective of orthodox Christianity.

A conspiratorial view of history is a consistent ingredient of Christian Right ideology in the United States, and is often used to explain the failure of conservative Christian denominations with millennial ambitions to achieve or sustain political power.

The blame for this is most often assigned to the Masons, particularly an 18th-century Masonic group called the Illuminati, and, ultimately, to Satan."
So now we know where all of this anti-New Age venom is really coming from. But it doesn't end there. So compelling is the conspiracy meme that Rushdoony and his well-connected confederates felt compelled to create their own Illuminati:
Rushdoony was one of the first members of the secretive Council for National Policy, which the Rev. Tim LaHaye and others started to bring right-wing Christians, other conservative activists, and John Birchers together with wealthy patrons willing to fund them.

There are a lot of others connected with creationism and the fundamentalist movement who are believed to have been members of the CNP...Howard Ahmanson, John Ashcroft, Jerry Falwell, George Gilder, Ted Haggard, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Trent Lott, Oliver North, Pat Robertson , Richard Mellon Scaife, Kenneth Starr, John Templeton.
Rushdoony wanted to destroy democracy- he despised it and repeatedly denigrated it.
"The significance of Jesus Christ as the "faithful and true witness" is that He not only witnesses against those who are at war against God, but He also executes them."
"One faith, one law and one standard of justice did not mean democracy. The heresy of democracy has since then worked havoc in church and state . . . Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies."

"Christianity is completely and radically anti-democratic; it is committed to spiritual aristocracy."

"The state is a bankrupt institution. The only alternative to this bankrupt 'humanistic' system is a God-centered government."
Another prominent Reconstructionist is Gary North, well-known for his role in perpetuating Y2K Hysteria. North explicitly argues that Reconstruction is itself a conspiracy, using American freedom to usurp the Constitution and the Republic itself:
So let us be blunt about it: we must use the doctrine of religious liberty to gain independence for Christian schools until we train up a generation of people who know that there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government.

Then they will get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political, and religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God.

—"The Intellectual Schizophrenia of the New Christian Right", The Failure of the American Baptist Culture
In the new world order that the Reconstructionist Conspiracists want to create, there are 15 capital crimes: apostasy, astrology, bestiality, blasphemy, heresy, homosexuality (men only), idolatry, incorrigibility, incest, rape, sabbath-breaking, sex before marriage (women only), striking a parent, and witchcraft and fortune-telling.



  1. Another excellent piece. I'm always impressed with your depth of research. Especially considering how often you blog.. This is an interesting topic for me since I didn't fully shake my Christianized conspiratorial tendencies until about 4 or 5 years ago :|

    At this point, for me it looks like Christian Reconstructionism, along with any other religious or political movement with deep pockets and powerful influence, is just another brand of the same old product that's peddled to the public on many different levels. Maybe this is less about spiritual or religious ideology and more about a much more pervasive goal. One that aims to eliminate general dissent, true spiritual awareness or any other authentic human experience that threatens class-based authority. As you know, the left-wing atheists, or "militant atheists" as Dawkins claims to be, have a similar campaign against the New Age movement. The difference is that their methods happen to appeal to the other half of the population: The left-brain-dominate thinkers. Whereas, the extreme Christian right co-opts those who sort of see the epistemic limitations of science, but don't know where else to look. So, they turn to established religion because it's all they know.

    I dunno, I just can't see a belief in weather or not Jesus is the son of God making a bit of difference when their overarching goal seems to be the same.

    Here’s a mild example:

    I do believe there are ideological differences within the elite class, but I can't see religion being one of them. At least not the storybook versions of religion that are peddled at churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. What do you think Chris? How concerted do you think this effort against New Age really is? Will you be looking at this strictly from the fundie-right perspective in this series?


  2. But it's under the auspicies of "new age" that the elite will enforce their will.
    New age is Blavatsky et al ... Luciferians.
    They are going to "unite the world" against traditional religions.

  3. david said...
    "But it's under the auspicies of "new age" that the elite will enforce their will.
    New age is Blavatsky et al ... Luciferians.
    They are going to "unite the world" against traditional religions.

    Do you have anything to back your claims? You really can't not use Blavatsky's "teachings" for new religion or anything like that! Why? Because he was againts dogmatic religion's. It was Bailey who "hijacked" Theosophy and made it NewAge-religion, but JesusBuddys have never been looking fact's only bias.. New Age is coming & no one can stop it! No Jesus, Muhammed or Buddha! It was Jew who fight againt's Moses New Age, And Jew's where fighting again when it was time for Jesus New Age. Now it is JesusBuddys who try to stop coming New Age!

    There is old saying:
    There is nothing new under the sun!
    Same in biblical jargon:
    Everything that is happening now has happened before.!


    The Treaty of Verona - 1822!

    Found it here...

    and it says this...
    Albert Pike stated: 'All true dogmatic religions come from the Kabbala and lead back to it; all that is scientific and great in the religious dream of all the illuminated such as Bachme, Swedenborg, St. Martin, and others similar, is borrowed from the Kabbala.

    Now either Albert Pike was right or he was a liar. He was a very intellectual man.

  5. Could the so called truth movement be a tool of the far right? If indeed 9/11 was an inside job done by an evangelical leadership (or people using the evangelical movement) is it too far fetched to say that the very same group (far right) profit by the tragedy of 9/11 in their goal to bring armageddon by self fulfulling prophecy? The fact that rich people want a new world order is something that they may wish upon and not a new concept either but with all their power the may not necessaraly have the mean to accomplish it (yet), there may not even be an "illuminati" except in the minds of those armageddonnists.

    But we do know for a fact that those psychopaths with a bible exists, as for the illuminati who knows? They may or may not exists as a cohesive group. So how do you know as a "truther" (one of those terms that do smell of a black and white limited view of the world like fundamentalists love to use ) that you are not being fooled yet again? You may think your eyes are open but are they really?

  6. Then there is the 1213 Treaty of Verona.

  7. "10-11. Mevo ha-Talmud (Introduction to the Talmud) by R. Joseph ibn `Aknin, a disciple of Maimonides, and Ma'amar `al ha-Mishkalot ve-ha- Middot (Treatise on Weights and Measures) by the same author. Talmudic methodology. Margins, fols. 191v-202v"

    "A Treaties is a formal and systematic written discourse on some subject, generally longer and treating it in greater depth than an essay, and more concerned with investigating or exposing the principles of the subject."


    Treaties go back a long way.

  8. I've been thinking a lot lately about how utterly INSANE the world seems to be. Why is it that a small and emboldened elite feel they must thrust their "righteousness" on the rest of the world? The far right in America seems to be the same as muslim extremism. It is no wonder the extreme right views the current violence perpetrated against the middle east as a holy war...

    On that note, I can't help but feel the current uproar in the media and government about plans to burn copies of the Qu'ran on Sept 11 are meant as a distraction. Why is a small congregation of 30 people in Florida garnering so much attention? If the government was really concerned about their actions, it would be in the best interests to give them as little media time as possible.

    Anyways, like I said, insanity...

  9. Man, this is a great series. I've had similar thoughts years ago, but you're really helping to crystallize them.

    It started to become clear to me during the Bush years that the evangelical/fundamentalist/dominionist religious right had become a self-parody. It had become the very sort of "vessel of antichrist" would-be one-world authoritarian religion that it supposedly was fighting.

    But isn't that sort of the point of revelations? I read somewhere-- don't know if this is true-- that "antichrist" really means "false Christ." A false Christ would of course come from something very much like dominionism. He would come to "take dominion."

    Of course, I do not literally believe in revelations. But I do find it interesting. I think Revelations is a visionary document, probably written with the assistance of some "shamanic tools," that describes the apocalyptic endpoint of human political behavior.

    We humans are tribal primates. We build hierarchies, and we defer to authorities. Google the "Milgram experiment." Take our political behaviors on the macro scale to their logical endpoint and you end up with an antichrist ruling the world through a hierarchy of psychopaths and petty bureaucrats.

    Revelations, like most true visionary documents, call us to re-evaluate ourselves and our nature. It is, in a sense, a "transhumanist" document... thousands of years before that term was coined. It calls us to question our primal political nature and to aspire to something beyond... something less pathological and more enlightened.

  10. Well said Adaml. I agree with you completely.


  11. EVERYBODY has a conspiracy theory. The Gnostics took it too an absurd degree. Mine says that the New Age movement was founded and is being destroyed by Secret Societies. What secret societies do IS religion. Since empire began, religion was controlled in secret, by the priestly caste that had direct ties to or in most cases was the aristocracy and oligarchy and of course the military. (Pharoah was all three). They do religion to foster Empire and Kontrol. They seek more control. New Age was rapidly becoming the wrong kind of threat to the controlled religions. Which made it a threat to empire. Which means it had to be weakened by mocking it AND controlling it. Most new pop movements originate out of secret societies whose main front group, The CIA, does the footwork. Since a lot of New Age came out of Acid/mushroom culture, which the CIA fostered and helped create (Puharich, Stanford dosing Kesey and Robert Hunter, Jim Morrison's father ran Gulf Of Tonkin, Wasson's second trip to Mexico had a CIA undercover guy along), they simultaneously needed to reduce it to just a distraction, lest it become a potent political force to rival/disable CORPORATISM (fascism). Religions control the Empire. Since before empires began. Who controls the Religion?

    SECRET SOCIETIES create and control all religions since the get-go when we changed from tribal organized to statist organized. (Check Jared Diamond) Humans need religion. Every atheist I ever met is very religious, always with a profound faith in science as great as anyone waiting for a messiah. THEY (s.s.) are now creating a new religion based on science. UFO's are a large part of their scheme. Kurzweil proly just a useful idiot. Evidence is everywhere- Scientology anyone? Every kid show and toy is alien themed or robot themed or alien robot themed. AAT is fun for a comic book, but the more it gets mentioned the more it catches on, esp. with bewidered subjects disillusioned with Christianity and all the rest, including USA patriot religion. Even after millenia of supposed visitation, not one shred of physical evidence. The true issue here is the nature of belief. Do you believe in Black holes? Or the Big Bang? Or gravity theory for planet formation? Or UFO's? Then you are likely a scientism-ist. You will believe in aliens soon enough when they fake the first "live" visitation. (How hard will that be?- a joke) How hard is it to delude people with mind control that they have been aboard a craft? Child's play. They'll probably need the new religion after they destroy Iran and Islamo-fascism becomes the last joke we never laughed at.

    Secret Societies may indeed believe they come from Atlantis via the stars, and wish to return. Why not? Belief is mysterious, but one must believe or die.

    for military craft posing as UFO's- go here

    I believe life is consciousness structured by Myth, and that UFO's are superfluous.

    For the real secret sun you've mentioned as being in another star system- visit here-
    the electric universe- plasma! Guaranteed to blow your mind. Caduceus is omnipresent.

    Boycott Monsanto! Peace

  12. Glorious' original name was Arthur and I hear he played a mean ukulele.

  13. Jim- I don't think any of these people believe in the things they expect us to. The point is control the dialectic- the Dominionists vs. the New Atheists, etc. The point about the New Age is that it offered a third position apart from whatever resolution has already been concocted. We'll be looking at the infiltration aspect - the pseudo New Agers- as well as the Skeptic crowd.

    David- No it isn't, and no they aren't.

    Shamanus- And Bailey and her movement was and is a joke. A total strawman.

    Wootie- I'm not following.

    712- There are definitely some dicey elements within the Truth Movement. But whenever you have a movement that questions the status quo, you're going to see shady figures infiltrating and muddying the waters. That's basic psyops.

    Superjudge- Absolutely, it's a tiny fringe church and should be nothing more than a local story. But what kind of gave me the chills is that I heard there's a big football game taking place nearby at the same time.

    AdamI- the issue is what kind of hierarchy we're going to have. We have fundamentalists of every stripe- Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist- that use religion as a tribalist weapon. Are we going to go back to the Stone Ages? That's certainly what a lot of these people want. Back to might makes right.

    Cauldron- Some interesting points, but you seem to be putting forth your own belief system while attacking competing belief systems. And as I've always argued, I think the constant UFO/alien stuff we see in the media argues against the Project Blue Beam hoax, since we're so used to seeing all of this stuff as fiction.

    But as I've said at the beginning, a lot of money is being spent by a lot of governments indoctrinating hundreds of millions of people into Christian Fundamentalism, including the Communist Chinese. So all of these theories about New Age or UFO religions are not only untrue, they are anti-truth. I think a lot of people have been so conditioned by ConspIrAcy literature they can't deal with the cold, hard facts.

  14. wotiewotwot: You said, "Now either Albert Pike was right or he was a liar."

    There is at least one other option: he was wrong.

    Another: his definition of "religion" for that quote was an idiosyncratic one, or one that was inferior, as many were at that time (for instance, most definitions of "religion" at the time ignored the existence of polytheist/animist religions and assumed monotheism as the only viable option - why people up into the 20th century failed to take the Classical religions, among others, into account is an interesting subject all on its own).

  15. Heavy. I can attest to this conspiracy being alive and well, especially in regards to "independence for Christian schools" and the effects thereof. The blatantly political indoctrinations that are being fed to the youth, under the guise of religious "truth", are downright startling (and doubly so when one discovers them in one's own extended family, as I did recently). I saw the documentary "Jesus Camp" a while back and felt its presentation was a little sensational overall, but this stuff is definitely real, and the power grab is coming. Things are going to get really interesting when all these kids reach voting age.

  16. Just saying...If the same group of people (i.e.Rothschilds, Rockefellas and the so said 13 dynasties) do have control over everything and I mean everything, then it has probably taken a long time and a lot of hard work to achieve this. It would have probably taken centuries and involved a lot of treaties amongst other things. Religion could have been a part of that master plan. If you look at 'The Book of Dead' it would seem as though the main religions have derived from it. The Quran and the Bible are said to have.

    It is interesting how The Rothschilds and The Talmud (and Talmudic Methodology) are mentioned on this website...along with treaties.

    For one - the word Treaties is interesting and used by the E.U. and NATO of which can be linked to the Rothschilds along with many other things including media, news and banking.
    Secondly is the Babylonian history of the Talmud e.g. how treasured it is by Judaism. Babylon is in Iraq right?

    King James bible is apparently nothing like the original so why take it seriously?

    It is all barmey. Best not to believe anything probably. How can you ever know what the truth is?

    China - it is really odd.

  17. Maybe when the Bible was written somehow so was the future and this is all fate. Or maybe whoever wrote the bible and other religions thought about it long and hard before doing so and planed the future and the taking over of the world. The strange thing is that I have been trained to think that anyone wishing to take over the world must be evil and have a horrendous laugh and maybe a white cat.

  18. Religion is based on science and about science?
    Ley lines...
    Every so called leyline is composed of nine parallel lines, each only one inch wide, they are grouped in three three's and cover aprox 200 feet, at such as megalithic sites and churchs etc the geometry of multiple sets of these nine lines interlinked inside each other forms a basic grid, it has a dominant polar and equator design, but then other sets of lines cross over that in fibonacci sequence of angles around 360 degrees, the number of other sets of crossing lines is also to fibonacci sequencing.
    The basic grid forms rectangles of 55x34 inchs, the other crossing lines bisect those up to give fibonacci spiral pathways.

    The rectangles that form the basic grid are 'The Ark of Covenant' otherwise known as Gods telephone.

  19. Great stuff, Chris
    I think it's really interesting that most people still find it hard to imagine that extremely powerful men would be inclined to conspire together for their own gain. Surely this is a defacto supposition? I read somewhere that the word 'conspiracy' essentially means to 'breathe together' - and that is what powerful men do. They breathe together in order to centralise power, create more oppertunities for monopoly-making and to influence policy as a form of long-term strategising. Your comments about the evangelical right carry a lot of insight, especially considering that Citizen Kane is backing the likes of Billy Graham! Kane was an isolationist, but Hearst has many networking skills I'm sure.
    The depth of your research and your ability to be open-minded whilst thinking critically is what jazzes me about your posts. You write with precision and clarity, but your words have the feel of an intuitive. I like that combination. I hope your work inspires others to spectacular little feats of creation and diligent observation.
    Peace, brother

  20. Thanks Chris for this ongoing series. There seems to be a running theme in both the radical left and radical right that there is going to be some World Religion enforced upon people that is either going to be Islam or some New Age Illuminatism. As you keep calmly pointing out, the Christian right is gearing up their evangelism across the globe. Certainly they've been on fire here at home with immigration, marriage, and the Qu'ran burning/Pak51 balloon boy-like coverage.

    Your premise that Obama wants to lose the House and Senate because it was the best thing to happen to Bill Clinton has been occupying my thoughts lately. While Clinton did become more favored by the public because of the public relations battle that cast Republicans as government obstructionists the political environment is very different this time around. In the 90's, the face of terrorism was cast as that of the militia movement. Now it is cast as anything non-Christian, non-white, and/or not maintaining the political status-quo.

    The prospects of a Republican-controlled Congress with Obama in the White House terrify me. Obama has essentially normalized the worst parts of the Bush governmental policies--rendition, predator drone strikes, domestic surveillance, telecom immunity, military contractors, defense budget--all these things have been made standard operating procedure or have been upgraded or updated in some way.

    I wonder what century we'll find ourselves in when Obama and Tea Partier Republicans are forced to work together.

  21. wow this is really an impressive post and I'm glad to see there are others who question the right leaning tendencies of the truthseeker movement, the unhealthy extremes of which tend to encourage phobias and bigotry. The immigration issue is one obvious example of this pattern and it is disappointing to see so much hatred being directed at people who could probably understand the genocidal inclinations of the NWO crowd all too well. At the same time, there is certainly a neoliberal plan to outsource American jobs for cheap third world labor, so in order to get an accurate perception of events it really is necessary to transcend the political spectrum entirely, which is where the truthseeker movement really has potential imho.

    Actually, this is why I love None Dare Call it Conspiracy because it clearly demonstrates how both the left and right wing are instruments
    of international bankers. It does seem a bit unfair to say that conspiracy theory is an offshoot of the right wing because conspiracies have been around as long as oligarchies have, so there are always bound to be critics who don't adhere to conventional dogmas. Anyways I need to go back and finish reading the post before babbling any longer. :p Much food for thought here and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

  22. The Reconstructionists/Dominionists are not Christians. If anything they are those who are working for the antichrist whether knowingly or unknowingly. The Bible warns of the great falling away, we are in it.

    The Council for National Policy has Reverend Moon as a member, Knights of Malta influence and members, which breaks endless biblical commands about being separate. Hanging out with Moon is basically hanging out with a man that is antichrist since he claims to be divine[even if not The Anthchrist] by scriptural test. The bible tells us about the deceivers being liars. Men like LaHaye and rest of them are setting up Christians for incredible deception. There is one Bible preacher with "intelligence connections" that warns about the NWO while working for global monies in Africa and other intelligence program. [posted about him on my blog too]Don't let the phonies have you reject Jesus Christ.

    Realize this is Satan working in this world and those who desire the power of this world are corrupted.

    1Jo 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

  23. "I read somewhere-- don't know if this is true-- that "antichrist" really means "false Christ." A false Christ would of course come from something very much like dominionism. He would come to "take dominion."

    Here is the deal, everyone is going to think the Antichrist is "jesus". He won't be. They are setting the majority of "Christians" up for deception as well. Everyone imagines the antichrist showing up wearing horns and carrying a pitchfork..not so... he will be like an "angel of light" though an actual man possessed by Satan. I can see how every group out there from the New Agers, to the false Christians, to the rest are all set up to embrace him.

    I believe the Dominionists are working directly on behalf of the antichrist. There is also Vatican involvement with all of them and the new apostolic reformation which has many Dominionists in it. [by the way that is what kind of church that "unknown" preacher who wants to burn the Koran is from].

  24. sara diamond has been researching and writing about the christian right since the early 1980's, if memory serves....

    incredibly well documented and thoughtful research.

  25. It would appear that the Vatican sold out to the Rothschilds early in the 19th century after the the Pope had borrowed money off them - overtime the Rothschilds were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican’s wealth.
    Which bring me back to the question of why the Pope had the holy grail re-made down to a T?

    Especially when crystals and gold are particularly receptive to (so called) Earth's energies.
    What's his game? I don't know enough about Earth's energies or religion to understand it. But I think it is to do with science a opposed to religion. Religion is a way of packaging science for the masses. Why do we need to know how the TV operates - so long as it does. It gives great guidance - like a TV manual might do if you read one.
    Great post - but I think that the Collins Elite might just be telling porkie pies, they are more likely to be busy working on time travel than chasing after demons. Lucky lot. In my opinion of course.

  26. venus--The immigration issue is one of the biggest right now and most cringe-worthy that circulates among the right-wing, mainstream republicans as well as truth movement conspiracists. For some reason, the truth movement refuses to understand the difference between "cheap labor" and "labor made cheap" vis-a-vis outsourcing, structural adjustments, trade agreements, etc.

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  28. Maybe if these people took over the government we would have a real revolution.

  29. The reality is rather more complex than presented here, but the pointers in the "game" are at least partially correct. As most Scripture is misinterpretted, Jesus' "agenda" confused, the stakeholders are not sincere. It is clear that those who have been granted power work off a baseless agenda of indoctrinating dogma. That's why they want a populace dumb enough to be brainwashed. What they don't realise is when you have a movement constructed from nothing, the chaos factor will always reduce it to nothing.

    Scripture did have meaning to those who delivered it. Confusing that meaning only generates unresolved perplexity, eventually to be completely ignored or scorned by the ignorant.