The Secret War Against the New Age: Doctrine and Libel

From China to Africa to South America - Christian Fundamentalism is the prescribed one world religion of the new global economic order. But how could this be? For the past 40 years we've heard dark whispers of a "New Age One World Religion" from preachers and conspiracy theorists. Were the William Cooper's and the Pat Robertson's lying to us about the New Age movement? Why did we see a full-scale propaganda war against a scattered and decentralized movement mostly concerned with health, meditation and self-improvement?

Make no mistake- religion is a big business. The real issue was that the New Age movement was a potential impediment for Fundamentalist dominance in the 80s and 90s. And while New Agers were fantasizing about an enlightened world order, Fundamentalists were forging relationships with warlords and dictators in the Third World, handing out millions of dollars of parishoner donations and trading missions and churches for mining rights and oil contracts, creating a very different future for us indeed.

There are hundreds of anti-New Age books and tracts out there, but I chose this article from 1989 - "The Age Old New Age Movement" - to give us the doctrinal brief against the movement from the Fundamentalist hierarchy. The writing is often poor, but it acts as a solid overview of the real objection to the New Age that ultimately resulted in a violent rhetorical campaign against the hapless upstart. This quote sets the tone:

The New Age Movement is "the most dangerous enemy of Christianity in the world today...more dangerous than secular humanism." - Norman L. Geisler, professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary.
This shows you exactly how the power brokers of the Fundamentalist elite perceived the movement- not as a threat to civilization or freedom, but as a threat to their power base and their income. That is the crux of the war against the New Age movement, and is the crux of all religious war in general. Note that the DTS is ground zero for Dispensationalism, which brought us the extra-biblical fantasy known as "Rapture Theology." Continuing:
The New Age Movement began with a member of the Theosophical Society named Alice A. Bailey. She was an Englishwoman who emigrated to America and who lived from 1880 to 1949. She laid the real foundations of the New Age Movement and is regarded as its high priestess.
By whom? I'd never heard of her until I started reading conspiracy literature. In addition, Alice Bailey was thrown out of the Theosophical Society on suspicion of fraud. The Theosophists - who were already falling apart by the turn of the century - were far more influential than Bailey's various groups and there is no evidence that Bailey had anything near the following that Blavatsky did. It certainly is tiny- and rapidly shrinking- today.

Ridiculous drama queens wet their pants over Lucis Trust,
a glorified knitting circle for eccentric pensioners

There were any number of groups which could also be characterized as New Age long before Blavatsky or Bailey - the Swedenborgians and the Transcendentalists, to name only two. As for Blavatsky, it was well established even in her own time that her works were almost entirely plagiarized, showing that there was a corpus of proto-New Age literature before she came on the scene.

In short, Blavatsky and Bailey are controversial figures whom notoriety is exploited by propagandists. They are by no means the creators of the New Age movement in the same way that the Beatles or the Stones are not the creators of Rock 'n' Roll.

The true inheritors of the Blavatsky/Bailey mantle wasn't the New Age as a whole, but neo-Theosphists like Elizabeth Clare Prophet, whose extreme right wing politics and authoritarian morality made Jerry Falwell look like Allen Ginsberg. More:

Believing that God is a neutral force that can be manipulated either for good or evil, New Age occultists are greatly interested in learning the means by which they can achieve this. Thus at the centre of this New Age spirituality is faith in man in the all-pervasive energy or life force throughout the cosmos.
Well, hardly a scandalous belief, but one that threatens the unique authority of the clergyman. And that means lost revenue. And that's what it always boils down to.

An essential part of the New Age Religion is the use of certain psycho (sic) technologies. They include the following practices: meditation, yoga, Zen, hypnosis, transpersonal psychology, and positive thinking. The growing feminism has some links with New Age spirituality.
This much is true. Note how mainstream these practices are- and again note how some Evangelical churches have adopted New Age practices. Why? Because It's all about membership rolls, not doctrine.

Evangelicalism trashed the traditional liturgy which sustained Christian communities for centuries and replaced it with junk culture given a light devotional gloss. Which is why Christian youth are alienated from the Church and have no real concept of its teachings. Which is also why many serious Christians are abandoning McEvangelicalism for traditional denominations.
What is common among many New Age groups is a counterfeit religious experience such as contact with demons through drugs, meditation, psycho (sic) technologies, and other ventures.
Demons are what they call other people's gods. There are people (like Sarah Palin) who think the Virgin Mary is a demon.
They also believe in UFO's and extra-terrestrial beings, from which they reputedly also receive messages.
As opposed to "angels." Take your pick.
One of its most widely used signs is the rainbow, which is meant to symbolize the bridge between man and the Great Universal Mind, in the final analysis, Lucifer. Indeed, it is remarkable how frequent the sign of the rainbow has become lately. You can find it, for instance, on promotional gifts, stationeries, clothing and toys.
Uh, yeah- only it's not used by the New Age anymore (this article was written in 1989). The Lucifer non-sequitur is simply ridiculous. Lucifer appears in a single line in a single Bible translation, a botched renaming of the Babylonian king Hyllel, not Satan. Lucifer is a title meaning "Morning Star" (whom Jesus identifies himself as) or the Light Bringer.

This next paragraph shows not only why Fundamentalists saw the New Age as a threat, it also proves how ridiculous the "New Age One World Government" meme is:
The Movement has no central headquarters; therefore, no leadership or membership lists are available. So we have no clear statistics that tell us how many people are followers. Some have sought to determine the number of adherents by other means , such as by finding out how many people hold to one or more of the major beliefs of the New Age.
Meaning there's no centralized structure. How do you build a "one world religion" out of a movement that is by definition disorganized, diverse, fragmentary, and decentralized?

Answer? You don't.

The entire "New Age master plan" meme is complete and utter nonsense. It's like herding cats. It would be ridiculous if Fundamentalists and Dominionists weren't secretly doing what their shills accuse the poor New Agers of doing. It's Satanic, actually, in the truest sense of the word.
Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy, cites "a Gallup poll released in February, 1978, [which] reported that ten million Americans were engaged in some aspect of Eastern religion." New Age has much in common with Eastern religions, so the number of followers of one is likely an accurate measure of the number of followers of the other.
Which aspect? Yoga? Martial arts? Feng Shui? And if you're following an Eastern religion like Buddhism, you're not following the New Age per se, are you?
Shirley MacLaine, actress, author and promoter of New Age beliefs, wrote concerning the interest in making a film of her book, Out on a Limb: "They (ABC-TV) spoke of metaphysical searching being popular now and extraterrestrials and UFOs as something the public was genuinely interested in." The network was correct in its assessment, and the miniseries Out on a Limb (aired Jan. 1987) greatly aided in further popularizing the beliefs of the New Age.
Actually, I'd cite the airing of Out on a Limb as the beginning of the end for the New Age. Shirley MacLaine became a laughing stock and brought the movement down with her, aided by the Ramtha's and the TV psychics and the rest of it. It was around this time that New Age became part of the boutique and salon experience, with aromatherapy and therapeutic touch and so on.
The New Age Movement seems to be a reaction to the scientific age. During a time when everything has become so objective and particularized, the shift now is to emphasize the subjective and the whole. This shift has focused attention on the "inner" feelings and on wholistic (or holistic) health, as well as on global matters rather than nationalistic ones.
Well, agree or disagree, but it's very hard to argue that any of this is evil or dangerous. In many ways it mirrors the feminizing process at work in Western society.
Douglas R. Groothuis, research associate with Probe Ministries, identifies six distinctives of New Age thinking:

All is One
All is God
Humanity is God
A change in consciousness
All religions are one
Cosmic evolutionary optimism
Oooh, scary.

Again, very difficult to develop a punitive authoritarian society based on these vague, universalist principles.
Norman L. Geisler focuses on 14 doctrines typical of New Age religions:

1) an impersonal god (force)
2) an eternal universe
3) an illusory nature of matter
4) a cyclical nature of life
5) the necessity of reincarnations
6) the evolution of man into godhood
7) continuing revelations from beings beyond the world
8) the identity of man with God
9) the need for meditation (or other consciousness-changing techniques)
10) occult practices (astrology, mediums and so forth)
11) vegetarianism and holistic health
12) pacifism (or anti-war activities)
13) one world (global) order
14) syncretism (unity of all religions)
Most of these doctrines have been part and parcel of world religions since the dawn of history and seem healthy and positive to a reasonable thinking person. But again, here we see that the ostensible problems with the New Age are doctrinal and the way the Fundamentalist mind deals with doctrinal difference is to demonize heterodoxy and ultimately, resolve themselves to eliminate their opponents and their views.

The libel about the New Age we still see recycled out there in Conspiracyland is the product of a deliberate campaign to eliminate a philosophy which threatened the financial well-being of the vast Fundamentalist/ Evangelical superstructure, itself a globalizing, totalitarian and violent creed.

It's the ultimate example of what Jung taught us about projection.

The globalism of the New Age was a naive reaction to the Cold War and the threat of nuclear war. One thing you can definitely blame the New Agers (there are many things, actually, but that's for another post) for is their naivete regarding this topic, which was exploited to provide cover for corporate globalism.

Incidentally, Geisler - probably the world's only Jesuit trained Calvinist- is also the creator of the "UFO-Demon" hysteria we see dribbling down some Apologists' legs.
'Creation' Witness Testifies About UFOs Sent by Satan"

On December 11, 1981 Norman Geisler testified in court in Little Rock, Arkansas, about how creation should be taught in public schools and said he believes UFOs exist and are the work of Satan. The states first witness in a case filed by the ACLU that challenged a new law that says creationism and evolution should be given equal time in Arkansas schools. He believes that UFOs are, "a satanic manifestation in the world for the purpose of deception."
Now, again we cut to the meat of the Fundamentalist war against the New Age:
Generally, New Agers do not speak of a source of authority. If such is referred to, it is not an external authority but an internal one. In the New Age Movement, the individual is considered to be the standard of truth.

The human potential movement among the New Agers is based on the faulty premise that each person is god and needs only to have his consciousness enlightened so he will realize that fact. And the means to this enlightenment is meditation. But the forms of meditation are many.

Any believer who is tempted to delve into the teachings of the New Age Movement needs to heed the warnings of the Bible.
Yes, ignore "teachings" and immerse yourself in "warnings." That will create a healthy worldview.

The Christian publishing industry went into overdrive in the 80s responding to the threat that the New Age movement presented to their wallets. But along with the kind of the theological thumb wrestling we saw in this article, the pitbulls were called out, nearly all of whom had very deep connections to the military and the intelligence community.


UPDATE: Let me just plug William Henry's crucial interview with Michael Baigent on his book Racing Towards Armageddon, which exposes the clear and present danger that religious fundamentalism poses to every living being on Earth. Click here.


  1. this guy is obviously one of those freemasonic devil worshippers...

  2. "Believing that God is a neutral force that can be manipulated either for good or evil, New Age occultists are greatly interested in learning the means by which they can achieve this. Thus at the centre of this New Age spirituality is faith in man in the all-pervasive energy or life force throughout the cosmos."

    New Age is the 'mystical occultist religion' of the trans-humanist techno-facists.
    it is very connected with Darwins theory of evolution, and eugenics--and the idea that some people (the elite) are more evolved and godlike, ARE gods! and goona-be-gods or ELSE!

    In other words as in Humanism 'Man' took over 'God's' 'throne, so with TRANS-humanism(H+) + technology they believe they can actually achieve this age-old patriarchal dream of immortality.
    So they are using New Age belief system as you have outlined it here andin quotes etc as their guiding myth

  3. So we can see two camps ---the Transhumanists with their New Age myth, and the Christian fundies with THEIR myth of a transcendental 'God' who is goona bring the End of Times, and there's be a 'rapture etc etc. So one side has become their archetype of 'Lucifer'--'Light Bringer' (ie., as they would see it technological innovation) who rebels against 'God' with his prohibition against 'not becoming gods' (Genesis), and the other side is pointing fingers at them and going BOO BOO. So it is like a very real and dangerous pantomime with serious shit life-destroying technology and weapons

    What BOTH sides disrespect is the natural world.
    EVEN if you are to name Buddhism as not being New Age--though you said some aspire to it, when you look at that belief system its goal is to escape birth and death!

  4. What an excellent rebuff-al to the common meme that the NWO are using the New Age to build a one world religion for the mass populace.

    I agree that united the various new-age thinkers into some seamless world doctrine is as easy as herding cats. It is hard to find more than a handful of new-age folks with the same views on the universe. Generally you have to take just one cult or channelling group to find any kind of clear agreement between individuals.

    To turn the new-age into a one world religion maybe have been tried however. We do know that the CIA have operated projects and experiments within new-age circles. Have they led them to believe it can be turned into an effective world dominating religion?
    I doubt it.

    Let us be 100% on one fact. There is no way that in the next two or three years all 7 billion humans will convert to a seamless set of new-age doctrines. We can definitely discount that as the NWO goal for 21-12-2012 for example. It would be utterly impossible.

    It seems far more sensible to co-opt the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) with their vast popularity. If these can be more fully merged and controlled it is almost job done. It gives you the better part of 4 billion people straight of the starting post. The New-Age can't claim more than several million people (figure unknown).

    I think that the CIA have gained a degree of influence into the mish-mash of the New-Age but they do not see it as the future of control, rather they just want to control this offshoot for their NWO masters to ensure it's membership poses no threat to any plans in the making.

    Oh and for those unsure, Buddhism is most certainly not a New-Age system. It is a 2600 year old philosophy based on solid psychological facts. The end goal is not easily labelled escape from birth and death. We would say the end goal is full self enlightenment, everything else that occurs is just side effects of the medicine.

  5. Hey Chris,
    Another thoughful, lucid post. You speak the truth, my friend. And when I say 'truth' I mean intelligent, insightful perception - which is ultimately a subjective thing, as opposed to 'obective' which tends to be authoritarian and intolerant. Kind of the theme of your post, right?
    Just because the power-brokers and dark occultists of this world often have esoteric beliefs does not mean that the New Age is a sinsister vehicle for the fascist, fetishistic elites. Like you rightly point out, how could it be when the New Age itself is non-centralised and fragmentary? For me, totalitarianism and control, the likes of which are soon coming, are built on the manipulation of the human imagination. All wars are first waged in the imagination, then in the mind, then in legislation and physicality. We would all do well to try and retain our awareness of this.
    If money is the current metaphor for human energy/value/work/potential and the exchange of such, then it's no wonder that the elites will do everything in their power to control the 'currency' of the human race. Like you said, if they don't then it means lost revenue for them, and that's what it always boils down to. If they lose money, or worse, control of the money, then it means that their purchase on the human imagination is slipping. No self-respecting power-crazed sociopath would want that.
    Keep up the great work. Peace, brother.

  6. ..or look at it this way, the fundie Christians and the New Agers and Transhumanists are all on the same side.

    1)Fundies believe in a transcendtal 'God' who wil reward his good flock of sheep with immortality

    2) New Agers (and those who are into Easter mystical beliefs)--the dream is for an 'enlightenment' where you escape 'having' to be born on eartyh and die etc

    3 New agers-transhumanists. Their dream is to become gods via super technology and 'conquer' death and disease, and explore the universe in space crafts---etc

    Doesn't the Christian end goal projmise wiping away all tears and conquering the 'Devil' and death?

    So the important point is that despite supposed differences their belief systems share a common root of assuptions and presumptions and goals. To escape nature as-it-is! They all fear and disrespect the natural world

    See this for example: Christian Transhumanism:
    (see part 2)

  7. part 2 continued" "In Christ the new mankind has started. That which mankind was to become... However, not only mankind but the whole cosmos finds its fulfillment in Christ." Paul Tillich calls this idea "The profound doctrine of a transcendent humanism, a humanism which says that Christ is the fulfillment of essential man, of the Adamic nature." "And we can become fully human through participation in this full humanity which has appeared in Christ. This includes eternal life, and similitude with God with respect to participation in infinity." Then Tillich says, "I am always surprised how much better the theology of the ancient church was than the popular theology which developed in the nineteenth century, how much profounder and more adequate to the paradox of Christianity, without becoming irrationalistic, nonsensical, or absurd." So Christian Transhumanism is rational. It makes sense and it bridges the gap between the real world today and what we are to become. We got lost, but recent developments are making it clear where we are to go." ttp://

    it is the same goal!

  8. So why is this dangerous? Because they BOTH will seek destruction of nature to achieve their dream. OUR nightmare

  9. Doesn't banking stem back to Knights Templars? Just like most things. I have even found that they were responsible for time as we know it. They have even popped up when I have been looking into The Holy Grail, Telluric Energy (Electricity) and Telergy - Telergic Channels.
    Then you have the connection between the Knights and the Freemasons not forgetting Royalty - all being accused of worshipping Satan.
    I personally think they may be worshiping Telergy and Telluric energy. Even the pope with his newly constructed Holy Grail.
    They have mastered the art. They have got the power and the knowledge.

  10. "traditional liturgy:"? What do you mean by that? The Catholic Mass?

    You are missing something here, the "one world religion" is not ONE RELIGION, but many coming together as "one in purpose"

    I explain it here. UNITY IN DIVERSITY:

    As for Lucis Trust, you should research the Vatican connections.

    "TEMPLE OF UNDERSTANDING {Lucis Trust front group}

    The Temple of Understanding -
    The Lucis Trust in 1963 founded a more distanced front
    group, the Temple of Understanding, which also has NGO status
    and worked out of the U.N. premises directly, until in 1984
    it shifted headquarters to the Cathedral of St. John the
    Divine. The Lucis Trust and the Temple remain covertly
    entwined to this day.
    While the chairman of the Temple is Judith Dickerson
    Hollister, those involved with its founding were: the late
    "Isis Priestess'' of anthropology, Dame Margaret Mead of the
    Order of St. John; Order of St. John's Canon Edward West;
    U.N. deputy secretary general Robert Muellar, who had been
    involved as well with the Lucis Trust; and one Winifred
    McCulloch, leader of the New York-based Teilhard de Chardin
    Society. Dormant for several years after a major expos;aae by
    Edith Roosevelt, the Temple was revived at the Cathedral of
    St. John the Divine in 1984 at a ceremony presided over by
    Bishop Paul Moore and the Dalai Lama. According to the past
    executive director, Priscilla Pedersen, its present board
    overlaps that of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission"

    Notice who appears on the Temple of Understanding FOUNDING FRIENDS PAGE..

    Two POPES

    Perhaps you should rethink that praise of the "traditional liturgy" [ie Mass]

    I've read New Dawn, interesting book, packed with information, sadly he either knowingly or unknowingly he plays cover up for the Vatican claiming they do not support the URI [United Religions Intiatie] when in fact they do and all those United Nations groups related to it.

    The evangelicals you point out, yes are part of the world system. Do not know why you call them fundamentalists, the true fundamentalists call for biblical separation--think David Cloud not in support of UN NGO meetings and the United Nations. But you are correct that most of Christiandom has signed on the globalist parade and that includes the majority of the evangelicals.

  11. Rod of Arron = Holyrood = A dowsing rod.Dowsing and divining junkies!
    The Bible is full of it. Magic!
    Who other than Jesus performed magic? Witches (wiccans) and Wizards. Who used to have their personal wizard - Kings and Queens. King Author for example. It is all about Telluric currents and Telergy as far as I am concerned. It all adds up. The main goal of the Knights Templars is apparently to run the world. A one world army is required - this could be Nato or they might even be making an army. Stem cell research may not just about making people better when they are ill it is also about understanding the human brain so that they can make one (Yes they have) based on metaphors. Military backed all the way. NATO are connected to the Bilderberg Group as well I think you will find.
    This is quite interesting:
    If you can get that.

  12. You're hitting on something I call "the conspiracy conspiracy."

    I was once into conspiracy theory, but then as I learned about the history... particularly the history of fascism... I realized that conspiracy theory is frequently used as propaganda by fascist, communist, and other authoritarian movements and regimes.

    The more I learn about real power in the world (as opposed to fantasies of "illuminati" and such) the more I come to realize that the "conspiracy" crowd is largely repeating what is ultimately a bunch of manipulative propaganda.

    I love the quip in the film Conspiracy Theory about how the conspiracy-driven militias actually are the "armies of the new world order" that they're supposed to be afraid of. I'm afraid that might be right on the money.

  13. Hate to double-post, but to continue from above...

    Another thing I'm really getting at is that the "counterculture" or whatever you want to call it needs to get over its arrogant confidence in its own independence.

    It's actually quite easy to inject counterfeit nonsense, propaganda, disinfo, etc. into the underground meme-stream.

    The point is that you can never, ever turn off your baloney detector. It must always be on, whether you're reading this blog, some conspiracy site, or The New York Times.

    P.S. Anyone notice Alex Jones being linked from the Drudge Report a few times lately? I always felt like he was a shill, but now I'm pretty certain of it.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. yes. it is corporate facism. Even mussolini exposed THAT connection. These 'persons' the corporation own the governments,. and they use all forms of 'ads' and media manipulation/propaganda (occultism---checkout Edward Bernays) so as to---hook you--make you think your thinking what YOUR thinking and feeling what your feeling but yur mostly not, because they are predatory

    Their only concern is for profits and expansion.

    UNDERLYING this is as explained above the dream that technological means will secure a non-disease and non-death future---their version of 'immortality'

    Didn't the Nazis have their idealism in an 'ubermensch'/superman
    So this is just the carry-on nazi trip isn't it?

  16. The NWO and a One World Government are not conspiracy theories any more though are they. How do you suppose that happened? NATO are talking about policing the streets of European countries, they are talking about using robots/trans-humans to police the world. Fact not fiction. Wiccans - again fact not fiction. Yes Nazi plays a big role I believe. Just look at the published work done in Germany on Earth's energies and ley lines in comparison to other countries. Quite astounding. I think the name Schwarzenegger is quite interesting in itself.

  17. muzuzuzus says: "UNDERLYING this is as explained above the dream that technological means will secure a non-disease and non-death future---their version of 'immortality'"

    I happen to be one of those mad scientists who is into biotech, and this topic kind of fascinates me. What fascinates me about it is that:

    a) I have met a number of people, some who are sort of "elites" or wannabe-elites, who believe this stuff and who think that the elite are going to become biologically immortal when the "singularity" or whatever comes.

    b) This idea is, to put it mildly, total bullshit. Myself and everyone in biotech knows this, particularly anyone who understands evolution and information theory. Immortality is provably impossible. I think there's an actual math-heavy proof out there somewhere... I think I saw a poster on it once at a scientific conference, but I can't dig it up right now.

    This is interesting to me. I wonder who's being propagandized here, by whom, and for what purpose. Who is dangling this false impossible dream of biological immortality in front of these guys, and why do they buy it? They're not dumb (though maybe they lack the expertise to get it).

  18. Yes the Nazis used the Jews when they were the conspiracy. Same for now as they line up evangelicals to "fight the left" possibly for more vicious police state to be developed via the Dominionist/Palin etc branch. Don't forget with the Nazis, the Communists were the focused on danger at that time, and that led many Germans to march lock step into their trap. Many people in the Tea Party mean well, etc, but do not realize could be going into a trap planned for them. Swinging the pendelum back and forth from the right to the left. Thus all the warnings about socialism now in AMerica [which do have some truth] but most arent looking what could be on the other side.

    Satan has an IQ far higher then any human and its shows in his workings on this planet.

    Sure the conspiracy theory stuff, is multi-layered and has its disinformationists. Some have exposed that Alex Jones plays cover up for the Vatican and has Jesuit/Channel 4 connections. I am sure with others, they introduce some truths while introducing lies. I've visited Constance Cumbey's blog, and noted her defenses and praises of Pope Benedict. Pretty interesting in the case of all the evangelicals who support her. Another method used is the disinformationists will battle one another, to form lines that really do not exsist behind the scenes.

    Believing that the "war of civilizations" [between Islam and Israel--Talmudic Judaism] is being used by the powers that be, to usher in desired wars and divisions and that "war on terror" was a grab for power from the "get-go" will make one a controversial figure among those who follow the Fox news propaganda or much of the politics coming from the churches.

    Finding out Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel spoke at an 'epicenter' conference with a retired general that has been connected to torture in the Middle East was a telling moment, about how the churches are operating right now.

    By the way, the powers that be, advertise openly their plans in a variety of places.

    1. Constance Cumbey's first priority is opposition to whatever kind of spirituality or politics can result in a one world government not to mention the kind of spirituality that replaces the transcendent YHWH with man as god.

      Roman Catholicism had opposed all this kind of thing for centuries, and Benedict had been anti NEw AGe and seemed to be a hardliner on morals and so forth, but that was part of a seesaw game of some sort - a liberal pope followed by a conservative followed by more liberal followed by less conservative than before and so forth till you get Francis. a kind of acclimatization.

      This health and wellness stuff is bait for a bigger picture I suggest you look at some articles at and while there may be financial interests in some who oppose the NEw Age, there are other issues, and many opponents got on board only belatedly.

      Bailey and Blavatsky may be unknown to many, but their IDEAS plus some pop and folk magic are drivers in promoting the kind of far east metaphysic etc. in the street, and theosophy's lucis trust runs the UN Meditation Chapel and common core which goes in the opposite direction of learning as would be usual for a child, starting from the person to the universal, goes from universal to person and was first called world core, and Robert Muller a UN bigwig and theosophy type thinker received it as CHANELLED from an entity that used to be channeled by Blavatsky and/or Bailey.

    2. I am currently working on my blog which questions this whole notion of 'the contacting of 'spirits' be they the 'gods', or 'God' or the 'ascended masters' of the New Age-ers, or even the abstract conect of 'Oneness' which masquerades as nondualism. Even in shamanic cultures, I questions the accepted assumptions of spirits. For example, in the 'shamanic' traditions of the upper Amazon there is a belief in 'magical darts' which are blown into peo0ple causing disease, and only the 'shaman' can see them and suck them out. The tribe of of course will not question this , and this goes for other tribes which form massive religious beliefs etc.
      We are expected to accept stories of chosen individuals, or groups who 'contact spirits' of 'THE BIG spirit/'God' and then their shit gets usually writ down, in stone, and this supposedly sets the rules of conduct for millions and millions through the generations.
      The new age stuff is more the elite's religion. Some silly racist, ecocidal women who project their reactionary sht onto (even IF they are 'telling the truth') those they call 'ascended master' and then this shit gets writ down and gullibale people of the tribes buy it. I am NOT dismissing though the deeper understanding of spirit. I feel it is more the dynamic of energy. It is not what have been thought to be distinct 'spirits' who dictate to people through a 'special person' or persons, like eg Aleister Crowley. Fuck all that! Look at the evil this has caused. Wake UP! REAL spiritual energy is seeing THROUGH this sorry game.

  19. One thing and I wrote this on my blog, the term CONSPIRACY THEORY is the modern version of the phrase in 1984 "THOUGHT CRIME"

    You are right WOTIE, many things are no longer conspiracy. When you have Obama turning Arizona over to the UN to help deal with them, you know something is up. There are things being done right in front of our face.

    As for Schwarzenegger they have dropped endless hints, about him and their plans for him, [read his biography Fabulous] and the Denver as capital stuff is interesting too.

    The Nazis {knights} are still with us.

  20. 'How do you build a "one world religion" out of a movement that is by definition disorganized, diverse, fragmentary, and decentralized?'
    We are told that Lack Of Structure is 'Al Qaeda's' Tactical Advantage. I'm just sayin'~ Recognized a pattern is all.

  21. Thank you all very much for his excellent feedback, just the thing to read while having my morning coffee. Let me just offer a couple of insights.

    Aside from being off-topic to this conversation, Transhumanism is nowhere near the application stage, as I said last year on Kyle Hunt's show. I know Tom Horn is all worked up about it, but I think he makes the mistake of not realizing that DARPA has a psyops branch, which is constantly announcing scifi applications that never come to fruition. On my list of worries, TH is pretty much near the bottom.

    Bible Believer- your research on Lucis is a garbled rewrite of some warmed over LaRouche crapola. And even there the original writer was (tenuously) linking LT to St John the Divine to the ToU, not claiming the ToU was a front for Lucis. But even so, the UN is a joke. They do nothing and were set up as a sop for the colonies after the war. The only real power is in the Security Council, which has been very quiet lately. In short, another patsy for the two minute hates while the real new world order was put in place.

    Like many of you, AdamI makes several excellent points, and his point that conspiracy theory itself is part of a conspiracy is particularly well made. The real conspiracies are ignored while authoritarian groups harp on often imaginary conspiracies like the New Age. Cults- both political and religious- use conspiracy theory as a unifying and recruiting tool, the LaRouche organization is an excellent example of this.

  22. Why do I say that about Schwarzenegger?
    Not sure what the connection is between J.R. Ploughman (also see story of the plowman) and a black ploughman - Schwarzenegger. I just think there is. I haven't read the above book but I have a feeling that it (and J.R. Ploughman) would be worth checking out. Don't seem to be able to get hold of it though.

  23. Wow, really pulling off the gloves this time! Latest conspiracy theory about 911 - the Fundies did it!

    Awesome subject, and quite "light bringing" I have to say.

  24. To anyone who is interested, I did some digging and I think I found the academic paper reference for the paper I was thinking of re: the impossibility of immortality. Unfortunately there is very little online in the way of full text or even abstract... I have a paper version at home though.

    The paper in question is "The Role of Programmed Death in the Persistence of Life."

    It dealt with the role of birth and death in the maintenance of information in living systems.

    I have heard others make similar arguments.

    Life extension to a point is quite possible, but immortality of the sort imagined by the "live forever through technology" hype crowd is impossible. Not impossible-as-in-hard but probably impossible-as-in-perpetual-motion.

    The singularity is an interesting piece of modern mythology though.

  25. Telerobotics meets Virtual Reality working on metaphors. All it needs now is a brain. Which I can't be looking it up now but it has been done - working backwards using stem cell research largely funded by the E.U.

  26. Ask Google 'who was Albert Pike'.
    An actual person not a conspiracy theory. It is there in black and white - his life as a freemason and a worshipper of Lucifer.

  27. Yeezus Chris! You juss made my day with this post. By the way, The new name for iraq is operation new dawn. I love what you do and here is what i do, with what you do.

    this is political
    this is religious
    with that said lets get real
    now that no one's listening
    this isn't conservative
    liberal isn't the word for this
    this is ridiculous
    thats how absurd it is
    this isn't republican
    this isn't democratic
    its about the government
    and how its mismanaged
    through its partisanship
    its become so inefficient
    unless you call yourself rich
    then its most beneficial
    this isn't critical
    of a particular religion
    it isn't prejudicial
    theres nothing wrong w/scripture
    its the fire branders
    hypocrite false prophets
    who misuse the bible as a
    business plan for profit
    misusing the gospels
    to scare folks in horror
    is no worse than killer jihadist
    or jews using the torah
    terror is terror once
    others money is slowed up
    in the death of america
    the new world order

  28. 1. "From China to Africa to South America- Christian Fundamentalism is the prescribed one world religion of the global economic order.":

    China: As I noted in my post in your previous article, the evidence for a Protestant Evangelical takeover of China is tenuous at best. For details, please refer to my examination of Weiss' very dubious article.

    "Christian Fundamentalism": You need to define this; many Evangelicals, technically speaking, are not Fundamentalist. For that matter, Roman Catholicism (non-Fundamentalist by definition) is spreading quite rapidly in Africa.

    2. "Evangelicalism trashed the traditional liturgy....Which is also why many serious Christians are abandoning McEvangelicalism for traditional denominations": So, the "forces" that have "prescribed" Fundamentalism for the world have seriously miscalculated? Liturgical faiths (RC, Eastern Orthodoxy, High Church Anglicanism/Episcopalian, etc) are going to replace their stripped-down competitors?

  29. Christopher Knowles says:
    Aside from being off-topic to this conversation, Transhumanism is nowhere near the application stage, as I said last year on Kyle Hunt's show. I know Tom Horn is all worked up about it, but I think he makes the mistake of not realizing that DARPA has a psyops branch, which is constantly announcing scifi applications that never come to fruition. On my list of worries, TH is pretty much near the bottom.

    me: I dont think it is 'off=topic' when discussing about the New Age and the influence of that myth, and fundi christianity--I already posted Christian transhumanism--did you read it? I was trying to show that the 'whose really in power' trip is a sham also. The DREAm they BOTH share is in power. It is coming from the same cut-off-from-nature root. This is what Monica Sjoo goes into in her book, and it shouldn't be dismissed

    checkout Transhumanism

  30. "Yes, ignore "teachings" and immerse yourself in "warnings." That will create a healthy worldview."

    it seems to me that the warnings is all part of the herd mentality - and the unfortunate "sheep" and "shepard" meme.

    Awesome series, Chris! Can't wait for the next installment.

  31. Michael- Interesting that they moved on from the New Age threat to the Gay threat and now to the Islamic threat. Without fear, they'd have nothing. Unfortunately, all Christian denominations suffer by association.

    AdamI- Yeah, a lot of this is coming from Kurweil. And a lot of scientists think it's all hokum- a substitute religion for a mad scientist terrified of death.

    Wotie- OK, next Google up "Leo Taxil Hoax".

    Justuss- Very, very heavy. Thank you very much.

    Syon- Who are you and what's your interest in this story? Weiss offered multiple links as corroboration- all you link to is an empty blog.

    Muzu- Yeah, like I said- Transhumanism is theoretical at this point. Let's return to the topic when there are actual applications out there- then we can get into it.

    Sydney- Thank you, brother.

  32. I do hope you're right Chris. I don't like the sound of devil worshippers running thing.

  33. Before I get into my post, I want to introduce myself as an educated Athiest in his early 30s. I'm also very educated about religions around the world through university classes as well as self study.

    There is a a lot of truth in this article about modern Christian evangelism. Since the 80's as a child I have been subjected to this New Age propaganda. However as I grew older, I began to research this stuff and found nothing 'dangerous' as would be labeled from the propaganda.

    I think in this case, there is a lot of fear mongering among the evangelicals. Historically, anything that poses a threat to a particular religion is treated as heresy. This is the simple case now. I'm not even sure that New Age was ever really a movement. According to the most liberal thought from the Christian church's perspective, these New Age practices simply eliminate the need to for one to 'be in touch' with God to resolve their problems. They are secular in nature, and not deemed appropriate by the church. So if I seek out accupuncture as a treatment for illness, now I am supporting Satan?

    With my Athiestic beliefs, none of this really matters. Religion was created for three purposes in ancient history. Firstly, humans needed to have purpose and make sense of their surroundings which they could not explain. Well, the best solution for that is religion or God. God explains everything. Secondly, religion was created to quash man's own fear of death. Thirdly, ancient man needed a set of moral and social values to live by. The simple existence of religion resolves all three of these things. It's also a tool to instill fear, create war, segregate the global community, and also to manipulate the believers into supporting the church's own agendas.

    Not sure that I believe in a NWO either, however I will agree that the richest of people desire more wealth and power. This fact has remained unchanged throughout the history of civilization, and will continue regardless of what religions or movements are popular at that time.

  34. Loving this series you've started. I read that Groothuis book when I was a mere lamb--and it scared the bejeezus outta me! Which is probably a good thing--hey, these Christians actually drove me away from their side and to the "dark side!" Lucky for me.

    I'm not sure that I agree with your own conspiracy theory that you claim was behind all the anti-New Age stuff. I just think these Evangelicals sincerely believe the Devil is under every rock and behind every "new" thing, whatever it is. The even distrust other Christians. I'm not sure how they explain how it is Christianity survived 2,000 years without the help of Evangelicals. Sure, some made money, but I think it's a very basic power grab based in fear; any time something gets people to thinking, they freak out.

    Anyway, I'm intrigued. Keep writing!

  35. Interesting series Chris.

    I tend to agree whit the statement that a lot of the conspiracy theories are the conspiracy. It's something I have had on my mind for quite some time.

    What also seems verry peculiar is the whorship kind of way most conspiracy theories treat the accused evil doer(s).

    To my own experience most people don't pay attention to conspiracy culture, same goes for the UFO topic. Most folks I've talked with about these topics got verry irritated in a few seconds flat. They don't care and they don't want to hear anything about it.

    I wonder how much of the conspiracy lore is projection of the conspiracy theorist him/herself. To what degree do personal anxieties and prejudices play a rol in the theories of the conspiracy minded. Not to say that there are no conspiracies.

    It seems like no conspiracy theorist largely agrees with another one, the different theories/perspectives are rampant. Same goes for the paranoia and accusations of being a disinfo/cia etc.. agent.

    Maybey it's like Robert Anton Wilson said 'they don't have any humor'.

    Keep 'em coming, verry interesting series!

  36. The stars move the ages progress. New age is nothing more.You have quite a lot xtians waiting with bated breath to explain their madness. All religion is based on the stars. The Vatican (mother church) wants to replace nous with dogma. Sometimes I hope that all Secret Sun(star) readers would go out at night and view the stars, and contemplate their existance without dogma and tomfoolery. Listen, and embrace both sides of the coin. Chris you have opened up a hornets nest,every xtian from Culp creek to Boston will give you their mind about the evil new age. Shineforth brave souls! Dennis

  37. Sorry Chris but I am going to have to have another rant on your post...
    Fear is bad for your health agreed. The wheel of emotions (that shows which emotions are considered as sin and the exact way it effects health - due to bad energy) shows that fear is not good at all. Surely being able to confront and overcome fears is needed here, not hiding from them in a fluffy blanket. Communicating with others is (I think) rather worthwhile especially when there are conspirators about that are planning on taking over the world (new age - new world - new world order - one world government) its not that petty a thing you know. I have read 1984 and watched the film and that way of life is not for me thanks. If the truth frightens you - great your alive - and it should because it effects us. How you deal with that fear is what really matters. We are not educated on how to deal with emotions at all are we. Just avoid is easier. Not everything in life is pleasant - we do not always have to have a 'good' time. That is not how backbones are made now is it?

    I like Lord Monkton I hope he isn't just a conspiracy too.

  38. Texe Marrs cover art looks like an homage to Lady Gaga...

  39. 1. "Who are you...": A human being. More specifically, I am a graduate student specializing in 18th Century English Lit. My dissertation topic is a study of the concept of degeneration, with a focus on Swift, Pope, Benjamin Franklin, Gibbon, and Edmund Burke.

    2. "what's your interest in this story?": I normally read this blog for the light that it casts on the more gnostic tinged aspects of the work of Jack Kirby (your articles on Kirby have prompted me to reassess my previously low evaluation of his late 70s work at MARVEL). The rather bold claims of this story aroused my interest.

    3. "Weiss offered multiple links as corroboration": Actually, in regards to the number of Christians in China, he offered only two, and I don't think that most people would count two links as "multiple." Furthermore, the nature of the two links does not exactly inspire confidence in his prowess as a journalist:

    A. 100 million Christians in China: this figure was derived from the CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Company, a very, very dubious source for information on just about any subject.

    B. 40 million Christians in China: Weiss' lower figure was derived from a BBC report. However, the study that arrived at those numbers was not done by the BBC. The study was done by the East China Normal University in Shanghai. The BBC report stated that "their methodology was not made clear,...", and that the 40 million figure was at odds with a figure of 16 million that was derived from a 2005 survey. Finally, the BBC also stated that the study was based on a sample pool of only 4,500 people, a very low number for such a populous country.Weiss, as a journalist, should have been more careful in reporting this figure.

    4. "all you link to is an empty blog":Sadly true.I keep on meaning to start posting on my work in 18th Century Lit, but I never seem to get around to it.Having said that, I'm not quite sure how that is relevant to Weiss' sloppy journalism.Indeed, my critique of his article largely consisted of looking at his sources.

  40. The interview would have quite interesting, were it not for the fact that Michael Baigent was the one being interviewed. Frankly, after reading the comedy of errors that was HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, I'm not inclined to trust Baigent on any topic.

  41. Sorry, that should have read "would have been quite interesting...." I do need to proof read my postings more carefully.

  42. That's all well and good Syon, but you are missing the forest for the trees. The point here is that the Chinese government is not only tolerating churches, it's actually underwriting them on a large scale. This is part of a huge trend all across the global south, in which virtual theocracies are being created with the help of the US elites. And all of this after 40 years of "One World New Age Religion" propaganda from the religious right. You don't seem to be familiar with the history of any of this which is understandable given your age. But any free-thinking person should find these trends extremely troubling.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. What I was trying to say was - that this is a website that I think you will appreciate Chris - of topic by rather odd I came across it a while ago and still haven't made sense of it...

    Is it gaming or real?

  45. I seem to recall that Aleister Crowley counted himself among those ripped off by Alice Bailey. It seems he was a ghost writer of her book on Astrology and he was never properly paid or credited for his efforts.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. chris, nice return on the lucifer serve frm wot.. on the taxil hoax..(golf clap, grin!)

    i just happen to hav two nice links for the subj..


  48. Today I had to go to the hospital to have 5! back teeth out and whiles waiting to be knocked out I found a copy of the Quran translated into English. Never seen that before.
    I opened it up and there in front of me was the word Nazi. Then St John!
    I wrote down the Nazi it coz I really would like to understand why it appears in the Quran.
    It said this...

    An Nazi At, or those who tear in the name of Allah.
    1) By the (angels)
    who tear out (the souls of the wicked)
    By those who gently draw out (the souls of the blessed),...

    After being on here yesterday and talking about the subjects we were it was a tad spooky. Especially odd is the fact that if you take a look at reality there is a huge battle between Christianity and Islam. Islam is actually winning the race to obtain worldwide domination I think.
    The roots of the black ploughman I somehow linked back to Babylon a few months ago. Babylon is in Iraq along the long lost Noahs Ark and the army and NATO with their flying horse logo - pegusas. The Holy Grail's roots are Islamic when you really dig deep. I hope someone can explain why Nazi appears in the Quran. Islam and Nazi = strict way of life. Who else has tried to or tries to impose that upon people? Upon the whole world in fact? Anyone? Not to my knowledge.
    Then I have heard lots of people saying that Islam will be the new religion of the world. We have gangs of Islamic fanatics (on telly showing riots between black and Asians) claiming that they will take over Britain. You have George Galloway with his heart set on introducing Islam to the British. What's that all about?
    Then I think back to a re-occurring dream/nightmare that I have had for years and years which involves (what I now know to be Asian Islamic supporters and Allah believers wearing black balaclavas) running riot in the street where I live with misheties. The sky is full of helicopters and smoke. The shops are all abandoned.
    Huge riots are taking place and I get onto a flying horse and see what it going on from the air. I know that they are Asian Islamic supporters and Allah believers wearing black balaclavas because I have seen them recently rioting in London. It made me cry. The town that I live in looks and smells more and more like it does in the dreams that I had as time goes by - that also makes me cry. I have nothing against Islam or Asians I would just like to make that clear.
    But I don't really want to be one - I like my life. Respect though. So why is Nazi in the Quran? Anyone?

  49. And just one more thing sorry but who does actually attend 'The Church of Satan'? And how come there is such a thing? Or is there?

    Wiki often is full of poo.
    But I thinks this is possibly not the case here...

    All a tad spooky hey. Now that IS what I call worshipping Satan/Lucifer.
    They talk about how you can become a flippin warewolf for Fing sake.
    Just thought I would share that with you guys that think Satanism is all a load of poo.
    By the way when I came round from my anaesthetic today the first thing I said was - is this reality?
    I blame you Chris - look what you have done to me man!

  50. all religions seem to be upgrades of each other , across geography and time..
    upgrades in the sense that they are human cattle herding and milking technologies..
    when there is transition ..this new ageism seems to be a bridge to the next upgrade...
    eg: hinduism is at its present state evolved from sanathana dharma...
    the vedas is a scientific book which talks about the SCIENCE of wind, fire, sun etc...
    the word for god, DEVA, is etymologically synonymous with the word SUBJECT or SCIENCE.
    in the puranas the DEVA took on an anthropomorphic form we know now as GODS...
    the caste system was a division of labour system that came up from the science of organising society but due to certain powers need to extract energy from the populace morphed into a compartmentalised CASTE system..
    one such DEVA(subject) worshipped in India is CHATAN (Satan) Deva ..the sankrit sloga associated with this deva (subject ) is Chatan MAHA maya..or Chatan the great illusion
    ..the science of the great illusion ..(MYSTERY BABYLON) this is an age old science of neuro linguistic programming today in practice as freemasonry , controlled by the vatican. it knows how to manipulate the pineal gland and that is the basis of its existence ...and that of any other religion..
    the science of the GREAT illsuion ..the one needed to extract energy from human cattle
    an arabic inscription (!) on a rock in nevada dated 900 AD (!) describes the same sanskrit sloga
    Saiytan MAHA maya..
    so traders/masons in amerika before columbus practicing chatan worship..
    chatan takes the form of kutti chatan or infant chatan in kerala , worshipped for gains of material wealth..
    it is the precursor to infant jesus (666) held on hte left hand of the black madonna or kali ma..
    ..templar idols
    but it is not theft they use to extract energy but contract law of the seas..and they always leave remedy ..
    and the great illusion they use to make us blind to this remedy..
    this is what the evangelist have encoded in their RE_LEGION as well as the NEW AGERS ..they dont know it but they hold the same seeds to planting the next upgrade of the commercial extraction of human energy
    as J_HOVA the illuminati soundbox proclaims : ON TO THE NEXT ONE
    utube: ON TO THE NEXT ONE

  51. Thanks for this post, blogger! without you, life would be less fun... I had some good laughs, not only due to your teenage vocabulary, argument tactics and anger, but also to parts like this:
    "Meaning there's no centralized structure. How do you build a "one world religion" out of a movement that is by definition disorganized, diverse, fragmentary, and decentralized?
    Answer? You don't."

    How about the V from Vendetta movie? V is his own god but preaches a lot to others... and there comes his army in the end. But what new ager actually wants to see that? to admit that they are all the same, all clones, all following one leader... so what is changed from those religion forms you hate so much? NOTHING. Just a new one ("empowering" man to believe he is in control) replacing the old ones. What's this blog post? HATEFUL PROPAGANDA. If you want to expose them, be different than them....!

  52. "The Theosophists - who were already falling apart by the turn of the century - were far more influential than Bailey's various groups and there is no evidence that Bailey had anything near the following that Blavatsky did. It certainly is tiny- and rapidly shrinking- today"?

    World Core Curriculum Manual
    By Robert Muller ("the Philosopher" and "Prophet of Hope" of the United Nations)

    ID Numbers

    Open Library OL25420926M
    OCLC/WorldCat 17345643

    From the Preface: "The underlying philosophy upon which The Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul (published by Lucis Publishing Company, 113 University Place, 11th floor, New York, N.Y. USA 10083) and the teachings of M. Morya as given in the Agni Yoga Series Books (published by Agni Yoga Society, Inc., 319 West 107th Street, New York, N.Y. USA 10025)."

    2 TIM 2:7 Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.

  53. So what? Get a life and stop pretending to be afraid of things that don't matter. If you're afraid of the Lucis Trust you really are a coward.

  54. ROM 8:35-39 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.