That Other Space Show...

See also the BBC story, which is even more fascinating.


  1. Hello CK,

    From the Youtube clip :From about 1:02-1:06

    1:02 notice that light hanging from the ceiling. Also note the angle.

    1:04 it starts to look even more interesting.

    I also like how everyone was holding hands and walking round and round and round.....


  2. No plume,no plume? Kinetic bomb must of hit a hardened ET site? No plume, no problem. NASA. Dennis

  3. Come on guys! They need two weeks to "analyze" the data before they can drop us some "tangible" information. Good to see the interest is pretty much exclusive to our blog seen. Not enough people care. But hey, can you blame them?

    (N ever A S traight A nswer)

    One thing Ive been thinking about is the actual depth of the lunar soil. If they were expecting a larger plume then it would be my assumption that the actual depth of soil must be substantially lower than though. Plus the fuzzy pictures may have become fuzzy due to intense reverberations. AKA bell tone.

    Just my two pence