For Zeke

In memoriam...


  1. Alas, I didn't know Zeke personally, but I do know that he was clearly loved. And even if just through the many wonderful stories I have heard about the man, I am able to see he made quite an impact and will be dearly missed. These remembrances will no doubt serve to keep his memory alive in the hearts of those who loved him best. What more can one ask for in life or death than to be remembered so fondly by our surviving friends and family?

    And what a very lovely gesture to select that song in particular.

    My sincere condolences,


  2. This this someone you're close to, Chris?

    You have my condolennces, my friend.
    "Don't say goodbye. Say Good Journey. It is an old Eternian saying. Live the journey, for every destination is but a doorway to another."
    --from 'Masters of the Universe' film

  3. Zeke was someone very close to Joe and Eva and ran the shipping for This is obviously very hard for them and Zeke's family. Rest in peace, brother.

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