Must See TV: Entheogenautics

Here's another fascinating, absolute must-see video- entitled "Ancient Astronauts," it's actually an exploration on the links between shamanism, entheogens, and ancient mysteries, and not so much extraterrestrials. Of course, regular readers of this blog know that I don't separate these phenomena- in fact I believe they are all intimately linked. Figuring out how is becoming my obsession.

As powerful as shamanic and visionary experience is, there are still many questions it leaves unanswered. In my mind, study of the shamanic experience and the alien question are all part of the same continuum, and shouldn't be seen as contradictory or mutually exclusive. I think that it's visionary experience itself that puts us on the path to discovering greater mysteries outside ourselves (and inside - see Francis Crick) and our biosphere. I also believe that technology and consciousness are not mutually exclusive either, but in fact are straining towards a synthesis.

UPDATE: I posted this on the Solar Satellite (aka Siberia) but check out Aeolus Kephas laying it down with Henrik. The sooner the better...


  1. singularity like a mo'fo'

  2. pygmy6:57 AM

    I spent some time in Peru, and one of the young shamans-in-training, who was a very impressive, serious botanist and full blooded Indian told me that he often saw UFO's in a certain field after drinking the mother vine. Also, the paintings of Pablo Amaringo, shaman turned artist, often include UFO's in the imagery. These are never threatening, or dominating entities, just there, from what I can tell. And the reality that these folks live as a resut of their visions is stranger than your philosophy Horatio. They also have, may I add, In my experience, small egos and big hearts.

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Great post and interesting video. I agree with you that all of these things are connected. I'm not sure what your experience is with entheogens, but I have had some VERY strange experiences with psilocybin. The interesting thing is that, at a high enough dose, these experiences are predictable and repeatable. They can also be fairly terrifying-- just the sheer strangeness. I had one experience where I definitely felt as though I was in the presence of an alien intelligence. Not necessarily extraterrestrial-- although it might have been-- but alien as in TOTALLY OTHER. Also, I didn't feel like I was hallucinating... it felt real. Very very odd.

  4. Harun FonniC12:01 PM

    Your Obessions are like totally mirroring my own. Ofcourse, how you perceive your words by explaining your thoughts to something blatently amazing. :) Also, is there an EnD? I think not.

    I was also in Peru couple of years ago..and drank from the DiviNe AyaHuasCa(Twice). Whilst on it, I cant really put it all to words, though lets just say I made contact with something Unknown. Not to mention when I asked the Shaman about the Annunaki, he confirmed Graciously. I even assimilated information which I seemed to be geting from the unknown Entities. The Shaman had a few small figure Statues which looked virtually identical to the Sumerian ones..depicting their Gods(Enki, Enlil and Anu).
    Oh Egypt is the Father, Peru is the mother and Tibet is the child. :)

    On LSD, again out of my mates who took it..I seemed to have Channel things. Hard thing is..understanding something which is an ongoing path/journey to knowing what he have been LED(by Higher guidance through Synchronicity...?) to know.

    I am totally addicted to know..

    Love Secret SuN.


  5. I'm glad you guys dug this. Oddly enough I developed a severe allergy to molds and fungi, so I can't deal with those substances anymore. I can't drink alcohol or smoke pot either, since both have large trace amounts of fungi as well. I used to get nasty infections every time I went out drinking. All of this developed in my 20s, which is all part of this weird script I'm unwittingly playing out in my life.

    I promise I will catch up on the comments this weekend- thanks to everyone for checking in and I'm glad you guys are digging this invaluable information.

  6. Great video! I recently attended a shamanic workshop where we discussed extraterrestrials as well as the various properties of sound to induce altered states and affect the body. Now, I'm quite skeptical of most things, but I guess I detected sufficient "truth" underlying it all to keep me interested. I find this video and its conclusions much more palatable than theories about extraterrestrials. And rather than diminish shamanic experience, this video enhances it even more.

  7. pygmy -

    "small egos and big hearts" is true of every Peruvian I've met :)

  8. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Alot of people seem to experience ringing tones in their ears. From whatever source these may be, is it possible that the tones could be functioning to produce a kind of binaural beat that might induce an altered state of conciousness, especially when asleep?

  9. Chris,

    Having a whole lot of Native American in my blood and from talks with more closely Native-linked relatives, I agree that the shamanic experience is not exclusive from the apparent consciousness evolution or awakening we are experiencing.

    You wrote:
    "I also believe that technology and consciousness are not mutually exclusive either, but in fact are straining towards a synthesis."

    But isn't this synthesis of man and technology what we all fear? Examples: Terminator, Matrix, all A.I. and machines becoming self-aware and destroying the detritus human mind and body.

    I also consider that our evolution might be forward toward more human rather than toward tech and machine. Might we have been machine in our evolutionary past just awakening or re-learning humanism?

    I can't shake the Time mag Person of the Year 2006: a computer monitor with the word "You" beneath it. It insisted that the cover meant our attachment to the internet. I often wonder if it wasn't trying to tell us that we are that final synthesis of technology and consciousness...a thinking or self-aware "computer" in search of lost humanity.

    How will scientists excavating our society in 2000 years note us? As a technologically sound society? None of the AAT and archeological vids I've seen have demonstrated such a society in our past...maybe that's trying to tell us something. i.e. that a tech/consciousness synthesized society has never existed.

  10. Anonymous9:38 AM

    "But isn't this synthesis of man and technology what we all fear?"

    We? I'm not sure we're all afraid of the synthesis-- in fact some of us think it might be a good thing. Why must it automatically be bad?

    People are always pining for our "lost" humanity... what you mean the humanity that drops jellied gasoline on children? Or the one that builds death factories that run 24/7 and still can't keep up.
    Or maybe it's the one that dropped atom bombs on our fellow humans.

    I look around and it ain't machines and computers that are killing people. It's humans.

  11. Thanks for the reply, Anonymous 9:38 AM. I shouldn't have wrote "we" and I certainly wasn't specifying "who". I meant all the media and movies that highlight fear of machines becoming self-aware... you know, all the stuff discussed here and elsewhere in this genre.

    I'm not afraid of anything outside my reality, except maybe mankind's failure. I'm a scientist (chemist) and welcome technology in all aspects of our lives.

    What I question is humanity's future as synthesis with technology or the un-real. Technology is "faith" placed in inanimate constituents: metals and chemicals. It's the original "alchemy" and we can never make it "real" or thinking or feeling. Nor can we impart technology with "life." Nothing that we can examine archeologically indicates that any civilization ever has. Unless of course, the Creator or Source of our current existence is evidencing such through us.

    I personally advocate humanity's spiritual evolution to stop all the horrors like those you mention and more.



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