Synchromystic Media Blitz

Lots of audio-visual activity in the Synchrosphere this week....

Jake Kotze does his first video in I don't know how long. This video is not narrated in Jake's inimitable style, but features a song from British pop group All Saints. Here's the synopsis:
Synchromystic video unveiling the emerging human subtle body (see Alex Grey paintings for more details). The vivified and realized, aureola, halo and chakras of the Stars.
Always interesting stuff. Jake has a wonderful knack for catching the icons/triggers in our new ritualized pop culture.

Jake's partner-in-crime Steve Willner has started a new podcast called Balmy Weather, apparently a riposte to Aeolus' Stormy Weather. Steve is a very capable media wizard, so this is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Speaking of Aeolus, he has his last post and podcast up, which I mentioned on the Satellite. I hope people are not concerned- this is a self-induced alchemical transcending, presaging a new birth after a time spent in the purifying waters of the Omniversal Mind. Neil Kramer of The Cleaver fame takes part in the ultimate Storm, and links to it on his own site.

Also, don't forget that Henrik conducted a live show with Michael Tsarion on the ancient Brotherhood network and the second part of the archived show is up now.

I've overbooked myself on a host of different projects (that will be announced in time here) but I may start an occasional podcast or videoblog in the Summer. I don't want the Secret Sun to get stale, so I may pursue something along those lines.

All you Synchromystics and Psychonauts out there, let me know what you're blogging on or reading lately in the comments sections. Don't forget to include hotlinks.


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Hello good fella,

    I've been reading "The Long Road Home" Dark Tower Marvel compilation.

    I'm also reading Lost Star of Myth and Time, I found references to it @ and they resonated nicely, so I picked it up.

    Also, I came across this scene the other day and I feel it resonates on many levels. See Blackdogstars cracked egg post, Jakes Red C etc. It's a crude metaphor, but an always timely one. I love how it starts out w/ "Life goes on" I put it on my facebook as "Tao of Capone" and noticed that could be read toc. As in tick,tock. I guess we're in tock. But alas, life goes on...:-)

    Thanks for the great work.


  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Hello again,

    Here are some links, sorry 'bout that

    And I forgot to add this as well :


  3. Awesome, Toothy. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Obama and commander Lock. Transcending logic. Harry Lennix is from Chicago too, (wink Jake).

    Link and Zee: (Harold Perrineau's relationship to Oz, no place like home!)


    The purpose of flowers:

    Myth- to facilitate an experience of being alive.

    God power. Creative principle.

    Going outside (forever).

    The serpent sheds his skin and is reborn. The moon sheds its shadow. I am the way and life.

    John and Jesus. The feminine path. Being lead, trusting. Not being overtaken. Insane. Obsession!

    need for validation. Hmm.

    Where is Obama going?

  5. I just got the Gnostic Gospels, Valis, some books by Casteneda and Jung. I also got your book and Aeolus' book.

  6. Tek-Gnostics seems to be syncing with James Ratte… Posted a key excerpt from VALIS in preparation of a Black Iron Prison Breakout! Don’t forget… The Empire Never Ended!

    Shine on you crazy diamonds!!!

  7. I always knew I'd find someone teaching this stuff online. Chris you should be adjunct as well somewhere! Let it load and Check it out.....

  8. I've been working a little on my own meager blog-ling, and reading a lot of The Copycat Effect, Celtic Rebel, Pseudo-Occult Media, Black Dog Star, The Blob, Aferrismoon, ALIEN project, and StrangEye (and of course your blogs). I've also been writing music, reading random news feeds and enjoying the flow of synchronicity.

    I'm trying to cut down on commenting so much as I sometimes receive what I interpret as "negative psychic feedback" from expressing raw opinion, just trying to lessen those feelings of going completely over the edge... Nothing personal in the least, if anything it's me judging myself as usual.

    Never heard Tangerine Dream before, I'll probably check out some of their stuff.

  9. Phil Valentine (kemetic scientist) on the theory that Obama is the son of Malcolm X:

  10. Awesome- thanks for the feedback guys.

    Tommy- it seems everyone is very much on edge lately. I know what you are dealing with, which is why I try to be very careful not to let my emotions bleed over too much.

    We all have a lot to deal with, it's important to generate positive, constructive energy for each other, since there's no shortage of the rest of it.

  11. Hey there Chris. I've been up to my usual spiel, dunno you may be interested in a Disney post I just did though making Freemasonic connections (they made Three Little Pigs in 1933 [the fairy tale is quite analogous to Freemasonry (they are brothers, and builders/masons and there's three of them, see the post)], Walt being in the Order of DeMolay, Disneyland's Masonic Club, club 33 etc) and other things (Alice in Wonderland inspired early work). Interesting to see White Rabbits at the end of Knowing too. Nice work, though some of the synchromystic stuff you link to in this post admittedly goes over my head a little and seems to be somewhat up in cloud cuckoo land, I'm probably just spiritually bankrupt or something ;p

    Thanks Chris, can't wait to see Knowing looks like it's full of interesting things (read your post in full once I've seen the film), The Day the Earth Stood Still was a big disappointment for me too and The Quiet Earth is wonderful imo glad you mentioned it (have you posted on it before/plan to?).

    Keep it up.

  12. Cheers, Ben. Yeah that Three Little Pigs story definitely seems to be of Masonic origin.

    That looks like an awesome post- I'll dig into that later for sure.

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  14. I believe that beyond the meditations and beyond old interpretations there is in waiting(mush like the old grail knight in Last Crusade), a thing wanting be seen. And in that moment, where the real physical realm crosses over into the non physical(which on some blogs people believe is impossible), is the next leap for this planet and it's people. The movie, What The Bleep deals with abstract and often over looked topics of the worlds (mis)understandings of the field and quantum physics itself. Here are a few videos and their times which I thing bring the science of synchronicity into view. We must look at the brain and it's abilities to recreate chemicals that always replicate past experiences. As the lyrics from a Tool song(Track 15 on Aenema) say,"Prying open my third eye." What the Bleep goes into this with it's talks about the hypothalamus. But beyond that there is a physical nature to the interpretation of the quantum field. In that the observer makes the reality what it is. This is where symbols can hold or lose their meanings. And in that sense, to into the abstract, the land of the fool as you say in your most recent must almost adopt a Douglas Adams view of the universe, put your boots and shades on and dive into the abstractions. This is where comics have saved us. I mean this is where comics and our imagination are close to becoming, for lack of a better world, one. Or a vast radical sweeping change of conscious thought(that started on caves and led us to comics)! Here are a few videos which begin the other side of the synchronicity phenomenon, that is the science side of it and how it will effect people past 2012 and beyond:

    1. Start at beginning and play through the 2:01

    2. Start at 3:50 and go to 6:50 & 7:45 to end.

    3. Start to finish

    I like this site because it is, for me at least, a lot like hip hop. It takes samplings of the the culture, counter culture and anything in the scope of the media to form a collage or mirror of what is used and discarded. And in doing so, by studying the scrap pile and the things which are in the edifice, we see the builders intent, theme, and tone. By diving then into the sub atomic world we see into the new symbols which hold not only the edifice together, but also the symbols themselves.

  15. Reading several by Rudolf Steiner and watching some DS9 and Voyager episodes in the time I can find.


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