On the Grassy Knowles

I'll be chatting with my main man, the mighty Vyzygoth, tonight at 10 EST. Go to Beyond the Grassy Knoll for more info...


  1. hey chris i was tryin to find an email address for you on your page but couldn't, but i know i emailed you before and still cant find it in my addresses or old mail

  2. Anyone who needs to speak off the record just leave a comment marked "private." I will read it and delete it. I apologize in advance but I don't have any time for correspondence.

  3. Great show last night, Chris!

    I listened to most of it. It was a first for me to call in and so you got to hear my southern accent! Great to chat with you!

    Your blog has loads of great information and I hope many more folks check it out. Your work is original and the latest series on the election has been really eye-opening. I think the common background of the election was another great avenue for many more people to understand the esoteric things going around us. The truth is out there- right under our noses!

    Appreciate all you do here!


  4. Thanks, Soapie. Yeah, boy, talking for two hours is a lot of work. I was exhausted afterwards. But thanks for calling in!

  5. I am hearing your Vyzygoth show and you discussed the Pat Robertson Lion's Paw pose. I believe that I saw something similar during a trip I made to Jordan last August. The headline had the king of Jordan with a curious pose, a hidden hand or lion's paw;

    Here it is:

    The pic was for this story:

    I wrote to "his Majesty's" website and here it what I posed:
    FEEDBACK: http://www.kingabdullah.jo/homepage.php

    "I have been to Jordan on two occasions this summer and have had a very enjoyable stay in your country. I am also very impressed with your monarchy and HM King Abdullah. I was struck by the King's hospitality and skill as a pilot when he flew a film documentary crew in a military helicopter to Wadi Rum a few years ago.

    Yesterday, before I left Jordan, I saw the photograph of HM King Abdullah with the French President in the Jordan Times regarding the nuclear deal with that country. I saw that His Majesty had his left hand in a Masonic Lion's Paw gesture. I could not find what level mason that he is in any portion of your website. Where could I find biographical information on the King's masonic affiliations and his degrees?"
    Thank you.
    I suspect he is a member of the Grand Orient Lodge. No response was forthcoming.