Funnybook Face-Off: ¿Quién es más Sexy?

As some of you may know, my favorite cartoonist these days is "Bashful" Bruce Timm, who designed all of the characters for the Batman, Superman and Justice League cartoons. It breaks my heart he's so busy doing animation (he produces DC's direct-to-video line), because we're seeing less and less of his own art circulating these days. One thing Mr. Timm has down is sexy. The man is the absolute master of the sexy superheroine pin-up.

Frank "Mucho Macho" Miller's a busy guy lately, too. After packing 'em in with his he-man hits, Sin City and 300, now he's doing The Spirit, which hits the big screen on Christmas Day.

So since Mr. Miller and Mr. Timm are both famous for bringing comic book aesthetics to the mainstream- and both are famous for rendering the female form- why don't we take a poll and see who's really bringing the sexy back to the funnybook pages?

Speaking of Sin City, here's a trio of fatal femmes from the cover of A Dame To Kill For#5. I couldn't find Timm doing the same characters, so here's his take on TV stars, The Birds of Prey; the Huntress, the Black Canary and Oracle. ¿Quién es más Sexy? (Click images to enlarge).

Back off, here comes Elektra! Timm also tackles the naughty ninja, who Miller created in 1979.

Speaking of Black Canary, here's Miller's sketch for Dark Knight 2 vs. Timm's classic Canary. That little bird looks ready to hit the sack. Wanna tuck her in?

A real "Prince" of a gal- Diana Prince, that is! Another DK2 sketch vs Timm's Carterian version.

Catwoman- Rockin' the Julie Newmar on this one. And how about those feet? Call me a weirdo, but I think tiny feet are hot.

¿Cuál Super-Chica es más Sexy?

Last, but not least: Is that a pistol in her holster or is she just happy to see us? I bet she gets lots of mail from lovesick cowpokes! And there's BT's Sin City tribute, with his take on the Jessica Alba character. So, what are you waiting for? Log in and cast your vote!

I always feel like I should be doing more comics-related stuff 'round these parts. Too often, I've left that aspect of the Secret Sun kind of dangling; I guess I got hung up on a bunch of other junk. But have no fear, there are more comics-oriented posts in the pipeline.

Next up for our contestants: Bruce Timm is producing the new Wonder Woman DVD and Fearless Frank is sticking it to Osama in Holy Terror, Batman!


  1. So, Frank Miller is not gay friendly but loves a girl that wears a strap on? Hmm.

  2. OK, I'll vote. Miller's girls look like drag queens: big hands, big feet, big muscles. Timm's girls look like real girls, or at least idealized real girls. Timm wins hands down.

    (I suspect Miller has a few issues to deal with. Nice "sword" Electra.)

    Cheers, Michael

  3. I think the Bruce guy draws a girl from the perspective of a man that actually lives with one(Woman) and has a love life with one. While Franky draws em like, well........I guess the opposite of what I said above. Yeah......both are really good in their own ways, but the Bruce guy seems to nail the subtitles.....I meant subtleties.... of the feminine energy.

  4. You got that right, has sexy down pact, loved his Wonder Woman too!

  5. You lost me on this one, Chris. Have you ever seen the CSI (LV) episode where they find a dead guy on the train tracks and he has a deformed waist? It turns out he was a Civil War nut, and he wore a corset to make his waist very tiny, rearranging bones and organs in the process. Especially that's what the Canary pic looked like. If you met a REAL woman that looked like any of those pics, you'd think she was a freak. They don't look sexy to me, more like aliens. *shakes head* I guess I don't get it. Maybe I'm too tactile and not visual enough. I like my sex to be fleshy.

    -Morning Angel

  6. Hurt, pain and agony! Frank Miller, get thee to a shrink!

    That Black Canary pic is too painful. THAT is a frikkin' guy! Were the guys at DC snickering to themselves, laughing about what twisted crap they were dishing out to the unthinking public?

    Frank Miller has gone around the bend. It is ironic -- a guy in his position could hire a ghost to clean things up and make his art look presentable, just like Gary Trudeau. But the stuff looks so awful that it must be drawn by him. Any ghost turning in work that bad would be fired.

    I guess the repressed fag-hater just needs to express himself.

    BTW, Bruce Timm is AWESOME.

    Joe Linsner

  7. Further to what I just wrote about reincarnation, I don't get the obsession with the media stereotype of how a sexy female - or male for that matter! - is meant to look.

    I hardly ever agree with either. They like women that just look like they are trying too hard to be looked at, and that is a total put-off; I'm not bi I'm hetero, but I can feel the emanations and they disgust me.
    And sexy and porn for women who are hetero - is just as bad! They are NOT attractive at all.

    I was mulling this over the other night because Scenes From A Marriage was on - and that has some very sexy feeling parts; just in how they look at one another for example. Usually when people are interacting closely onscreen in what is meant to be sexual or romantic I find it really ugly - the last thing I makes me feel is turned on, it's just so fake - but they aren't actually doing anything, cause it isn't porno.

    Most of it to me seems like it's the same demi-urge manufacturing the same people over and over again, and trying to program everyone else into thinking they are attractive too.
    It's like if you go into a sex shop and they all have the same things on sale that are meant to be sexy, but none of them are.

  8. Morning Angel - you're right, sex is tactile though! You don't take someone to bed to look at them......though I would say that a big part of deciding who you want to take to bed does include going over in your mind if you want to see that face during sex.

    I think a lot of this culture has fetishes mixed up with what sex is. Fetishes are thoughtforms primarily, they're associations and links made in the mind and have nothing to do with the body.

    They're just not primal and they don't seem to realise it's about joining Earth and Sky. I don't think they have those kinds of depths, it's more like they are just following instructions.
    Dare I say it: they all seem Too White. I mean that as in completely un-natural and away from what being a human is all about.

  9. I'm very sorry I lost you, Mornie. Maybe anyone "lost" needs to look a little harder. Mark my words, A lot of times jerking knees can block our vision, so we miss the greater truths we're not looking for.

    Cartooning is about simplifying and exaggerating reality to reveal the greater truth within. So look beneath first appearances if you want true understanding. Cartoon drawingss can be great truth-tellers. I remember hearing someone once say if you want to understand America look at the comics pages.

  10. To quote Austin Powers- "that's a man, baby."

    The trio is played by various incarnations of Pamela Anderson (drag queen). Elecktra is hiding her adam's apple but revealing "her" sword. Black Canary is played by Mick Jagger. Wonder Woman is played by Paul Stanley. Super Girl is played by Ellen Degeneris.

  11. Why don't you change the superman sheets on your bed?

  12. I think "Superman Underoos" would have been funnier- and a lot more effective.

    I frickin' hate Superman, though. Always have.

  13. All this musing on the female form recently gave me a bit of a 'eureka' moment: if you look at a woman's hips down to her pubis, you get an inverted triangle. Same with a man, only more visibly pronounced. When you make the beast with two backs, what you're really doing is a symbolic representation of the Star of David, where the party on top meshes their 'triangle' with that of the party on the bottom.

    This evokes the whole 'cleaving unto one another' imagery and if the man is the party on top, then you have a symbolic representation of the Benben stone - the 'seed' from the sky, or in this case the fellow on top. Maybe I've been reading your blog too much Chris, but when it all came to me it suddenly made perfect sense.

  14. You know, I think I have two adams apples; and one day I read an internet site (I forget the name, it's a really big site, by a woman who has a photo of herself with her two adams apples - and she says it's something to do with those old bloodlines.
    So that could well be true, as my recent family history is meant to include some old royal blood.
    I certainly don't have any male body parts, so the adams apple thing for me has always been another one of those lies They use to mind-control people into putting folks into labelled boxes.

    About the star of david thing - that works when applied to the merkabah star-tetrahedrons too, cause the orientation of the male and female ones are such that they join seamlessly together when the two people are face to face.

  15. Chris wrote: "Cartooning is about simplifying and exaggerating reality to reveal the greater truth within. So look beneath first appearances if you want true understanding."

    I get that, Chris. I guess I just don't find it sexy in an Oolala kind of way.

    Zupa wrote: "They're just not primal and they don't seem to realise it's about joining Earth and Sky. I don't think they have those kinds of depths, it's more like they are just following instructions."

    This is probably my hang-up with cartoon sexpots. I don't "feel" the ooze. Caricaturing sexual organs "feels" antithetical to what I really want--messiness.

    (I should stop now, before I reveal any more of my primal urges!!!)

    Don't feel bad, Chris, that I don't jive with your sexy girls. I'm female, after all, although I go google-eyed over sexy girls, too. Women, though, are sexually attracted in different ways than men, not necessarily visual. Smell is really important. For me, touch and taste. So...I'm not downgrading your perception of these images as sexy, I just don't share the perception. I believe you do, though, and probably a lot of others! Apparently, eh, or they wouldn't sell.

    -Morning Angel --shutting up now.

  16. Thanks for sending me over Chris - I hadn't seen this post - and the choice is easy.
    Mr Timm takes it hands down!!; - Of course the sheer exuberance and joy that radiates from Timm's lines is an impossibility for Mr I'm-Drawing-With-My-Fist. Although I can appreciate the nod to Jim Mooney with the Supergirl rendering - the rest are kinda scary. Timm's Black Canaryshould have a whole comic book built around it!
    and wow - I never knew so many folks shared my suspicions about Miller - guess that just means i will trust my intuition more. I followed your Osama story link and the quote ""Emotionally, it's really raw," Miller told the WonderCon audience. "Imagine the powerful rage when someone crosses the passion between a man and a woman or a man and his city." " made me giggle because he made the same lover-substitution in The Spirit movie. No woman . . . - the hero is having a relationship with . . . . his city - lol - all those thrusting architectural erections - Mr Miller you need a cold shower!