Huffington Post brings us Obama, Hillary and...the Sun? Am I missing something here?

This is not the first time the HuffPost has inserted this kind of symbolism, either...


  1. Rofl @ the link. Subtlety indeed.

  2. It looks like a sure sign of Sun set/Set(?). Maybe it's the dialectic on display? Either way, it's gonna be pulling (bulling) for the Sun kings.

  3. Chris,

    I hope all is well. I read in one of your posts recently that you felt that something was afoot. I just want to let you know that I agree. There is some electric air in the wind. I can't put my finger on it but there's something. The unseen power's-that-be are up to something. This news about rice prices and high fuel costs is certainly some kind of set-up but I don't know for what.

    Anyway, lots of blips on the radar screen.


  4. Don't know if u picked up on the 17 wives in Texas, polygamy thang
    O Sole Mio

  5. Lot of 17s in the new, Ferris- David Blaine does the Osiris bit underwater for 17 minutes- hmm, that deserves a post.

    Beanie- wazzup with IMCT? Frigging Mickey Mouse server...

  6. Obviously an American made product. -dc

  7. OH WTF...17 has been standing out or rather "staring me in the face" the past two days and now I see this post and now that makes 3 days! Ouch! I've been spotting 17 in just about everything, and now 55 is doing it too. Odd.

    Wow, great catch Chris!