Freemasonry Making Comeback in LA?

The LA Times is on the case. Secret Sun readers are not surprised.

Money quote: "Yeah, I think it's going to become hip and chic to be a Mason," Zulu said. "And that could be a dangerous thing."


  1. Oh great, just what we need... Poser Freemasons.

  2. lol i made a vid on this a couple days ago...

  3. *snorts* lol

    I guess Scientology needs some competition. I feel like a "revival" of sorts is due.

  4. Yep. Exactly what we need.


    'Cause what we got otherwise ain't much, just a bunch of racist old guys eating day-old donuts and stale decaf coffee, pretending to be a noble society of defenders of freedom.

    Oh, sorry. Was that out loud?

    I meant, 'cause what we got otherwise ain't much, just a bunch of rich, powerful businessmen controlled by Zionist forces of evil, bent on controlling the world.

    No, that's not right, either. Let me try again.

    Those North Hollywood Freemasons have made some cool flicks. Check out "Who's On First: The Movie."

    Widow's Son

  5. There's actually an interesting opportunity here- these LA guys don't strike me as the types who'd put up with the corny old Grandpa Masonry that we've seen for the past 30 years or so, and seem too hip to buy into the corrupt, circle-jerk kind of Masonry we see in Britain and in the southern US states.

    Maybe these LA guys are reading some of the more esoteric material and are going to bring things back to first principles. Freemasonry has been dying because in practice it has become boring and incestuous and corrupted. The guys from the 17th and 18th Century wouldn't even recognize what it's become, never mind the original Egyptian Masons.

  6. Agreed, Christopher.

    While these newer, "hip" Masons will bring a touch of Hollywood to tired old Masonry, maybe that's exactly what it needs — a revitalization, a remake of an old classic.

    Much, if not most, of present-day Masonry is a mockery of what it once was and should be, and the Old Guard will not and does not want to change from the 1950's style that Masonry became after WWII. It's gonna take some "flash" to jumpstart Masonry back into a direction that its founders and forefathers would recognize.

    Already, we're seeing it, not only in these California lodges, but popping up in many places across North America and the world. Unfortunately, the old guys (and not-so-old Sons of the Old Guys) are still playing Whack-a-Mole every time a retro-progressive Mason or lodge of Masons pops up... but like Whack-a-Mole, eventually there will be too many of us to whack, and we'll see more and more positive changes in Freemasonry.

    Widow's Son

  7. hmmm, well these comments are certainly illuminating.
    i'm not into knee jerk hatred of any organization, but wishing for the masonry of the 17th and 18th century? you can keep those "forefathers" as far as i'm concerned.

  8. Hold on there, partner- I'm not wishing for anything. I'm not a Freemason nor do I intend on becoming one. But I'd rather have a Masonry that's about something other than a bunch of cops or bureaucrats or whatever scratching each other's backs. If these guys like Burnie are putting something more esoteric out there that challenges the status quo, I say more power to 'em.

  9. I suppose it could have benefits, but overall it's entirely the wrong direction to think in terms of a type of pack mentality or groupmind. I think that the main reason the original Masons don't do the Mason thing anymore is because it became the equivalent of Frat houses and sororities, and / or highly questionable occult practices that are all about egomania.

    A little bit like in that movie Teenwolf, when his dad tells him not to use it to be this popular center-of-attention guy; and he doesn't listen.
    Whether it's outward glamour or that kind of behind-the-scenes glamour that's going on, the problem is the pursuit of glamour. The need for the beholder and the beheld is against all principals of proper oneness.

    But hey, you can tell people this all day long and they won't listen....'the camera is the Ark; don't look directly into the camera!' - & then it eats their souls, cause they seek it out and look in it.